Wednesday, September 30, 2009

America: Target America

I will give the conservative media credit for even passing even my own imagination on their hypocritical freak outs over the 9 month old Obama presidency. Cue the scary "indoctrination".......

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America: Target America
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This columnist is advocating for a potential military coup to take out our U.S. civilian leadership and some jack ass published a Facebook poll about killing Obama so maybe Fox News pundits are on to something!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Link Whores

  • The bikini return of hot sideline reporter, Ines Sainz Epic Carnival
  • The Raiders are treating former MVP Rich Gannon like crap because he is one of few players left that still actually cares about their abysmal NFL organization. The Sports Pig's Blog
  • Seeing Florida State female coeds embrace Jenn Sterger's Cowgirl tradition is a beautiful development. Busted Coverage
  • Kim Kardishan must have her ass on the super juice. Holy Smokes Batman! Don Chavez
  • I might have to quit my day job if men can make 15K for a woody. Blog of Hilarity
  • Tree House sells for 12K? Asylum
  • Even with an injured groin, Chargers DE Shawn Merriman has been very active on Twitter. Gunaxin
  • The Angles clinched the AL West last night and honored their fallen teammate in a special way. Stupid Sports Blog
  • Get ready for Mike/Mike slobbering over Jon Bon Jovi like cougar fan girls because Arena Ball is back!! Deadspin