Saturday, December 22, 2007

Efffn Los Angeles-USC/UCLA Rivalry

This video has it all and could be the best thing that I have seen on You Tube since the infamous slow motion pooner fight clip from the Arizona/Oregon game last month.

Host Brett Konner explores the USC/UCLA rivalry by asking fans simple questions of why they like their team and dislike the other school. He breaks their comments down into 4 categories: Pro USC, Anti USC, Pro UCLA and Anti UCLA.

The witty voice over, clever story line and funny graphics are way too impressive to be swimming in the amateur laced waters of You Tube.

My other observations include:

  • USC&UCLA have hot stuck up poon. They are probably book smart but they both appear challenged with common sense and no shocker there.
  • UCLA has preppy Dbags, who think Clueless is still a popular movie in the 00s. USC fans double as Raiders fans and are equally as frightening.
  • Notorious DEK brought this up but what is up all the videos of Pac 10 dudes passing out at their tailgates? Pac 10 fan needs to sack up by pounding more red bulls or get a better dealer. Ask headband Bruin fan in this clip, he might know a guy.
Check out the video to see what all of my blabbing is about.

Friday, December 21, 2007

WVU Fan Burning More Than Couches

West Virginia Mountaineer fan is pissed about Rich Rodriguez leaving to Michigan. I mean, REALLY, Really, Pissed.

If our government pisses on the Bill of Rights by tapping our phones without warrants and makes criminals out of Dorito munching potheads, where are they with the following type of nut jobs? Homeland Security what?

The craziest people, who will do harm to our citizens on more occasions, live in THIS country. The Una bomber, Timothy McVeigh, Anthrax Mailers, Angry troubled kids killing innocent people with guns, and on and on.

Check out the message left by WVU fan on a Michigan message board.

Here is one West Virginia that hopes several things transpire over the next couple of years.

1.. I hope all of, alumni, boosters, faculty and the families of all of you....die the most horrible death possible. I hope your wives, daughters, sisters, and mothers are anally assaulted and murdered and you never find their bodies.

2. I hope all of your children are raped and murdered by a 300lb. pedophile.

3. I hope each of you catch cancer and waste away in front of your families....only to die a painful and horrible death.

Finally....I hope your pi$ant University has a psycho visit, ala VT.....only this guy kills about 1000 of you punks.

Here's hoping you all catch herpes.....
Screw each and every one of you.

Tis the Season- Mac G Endorsements

Since Tis the holiday season, I wanted to spread some Mac G goodwill. When I am not I posting You Tube clips of drunk people or scantily dressed women, I do write on this blog(remember that?) and I pimp out things that I enjoy. Movies, Music, TV shows,Beer, Sports Teams, etc.

Currently, I make very little(none)money on this blog so my personal recommendations are not mirages to shill for purely monetary gain.

Before Mac G's World sells out(Where you at Jack Daniels?)and thus loses valuable street/blogger cred, I wanted to highlight the magnificent work of some buddies.

Over the next few weeks, I will also "endorse" my favorite writers, musicians, DVDs, and whatever other random thing pops into my head.

The Inaugural Mac G endorsement is to my boy D at DEEZ DECKS. He hand-paints custom skateboard decks and they are fabulous pieces of art.

I have 2 decks, the Marley one pictured above and a board with the 6 original members of Widespread Panic, up at my own place. D has this art form mastered and they make great gifts for any occasion.

All decks are reasonably priced and easy to set up in your pad.

Have you tried to get a poster framed recently? Be prepared to bend over and grab your ankles upon entry at those framing stores. It cost me 250 bones to get three posters framed at Michaels awhile back and this was with the supposed 50% off too.

All you need is a hammer and a few nails as the decks come with holes that you can safely pound through into your wall. You could also balance it with one nail and some wire. Bam, Donedee.

D's fly work has a music theme to it but he is multi talented to all types of design. I think my next 2 board requests are Gilbert Arenas and Barack Obama.

Check out a few of his pieces down below and they are also available at his My Space profile and pictures.

If you do not have a My Space account, and need more pictures, email

Merry Homas

Now these are the type of tailgating videos that I would like to display on Mac Gs World.

Link Whores

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Picture of the Day-Let's Hug it Out

I feel in the holiday spirit with this Picture of the Day. Actually, my brain is moving at Jets QB Chad Pennington warp speed. Super SLOW. Too much eggnog last night.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stripper Tailgating

Things are pretty slow around here if I am showing another "talent challenged" stripper tailgate video. The ladies at the Pink Pony, my favorite spot in the ATL, are much more attractive.
I will give her an A for amateur effort.

Soccer Scrums

I am not a violent person.

I feel every human possess a self interest to get along rather than to constantly fight. It is easier and less stressful for all of us in our every day lives.

I subscribe to the Gandhi/MLK belief system of solving problems through peaceful actions and dialogue.

"Pass me the warm butter and put down the guns unless absolutely necessary."

I believe that you accomplish more by using honey than vinegar.

Or by chugging whiskey and using condoms. :)

However, I still find entertainment in watching other people brawl in sporting contests, especially when I am not the one on the receiving end of these vicious slide tackles or powerful haymakers.

Happy Humpday

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Raiders Tailgate

Why skip a Raiders tailgate to attend a low rate gentleman's club when you can bring the nasty strippers to the game? Be sure to NOT watch this video while chewing or drinking anything this morning. Seriously, these Raiders fruglys have scared me for life.

Link Whores

Monday, December 17, 2007

Carl Hates the Mitchell Report

Notorious DEK finds Carl latest ranting about the Mitchell Report. I disagree with Carl about the Yanks not injecting PEDs into their buttocks but I do agree that Senator Mitchell's conflict of interest with Red Sox is considerable and he never should have been the man in charge of the report.

Powderpuff Puff Football Pow Wow

My boy JSmooth just sent me this great video of Powder Puff Football. I initially thought it would be a bunch of hot chicks in lingerie running around, "attempting" to tackle each other. I sure was mistaken.

While there are no skimpy hot underwear shots, the contents are still pretty entertaining and this game is no candy ass grabbing but a full on bizatch battle.

I see more fight out of these girls than most of the college teams that I followed this fall. The close line tackles are my favorite. No word if we can blame this tackling technique on Cowboys safety Roy Williams or not.

I found two other impressive Powder Puff Clips.

"Move bitch, get out the way, Get out the way bitch, get out the way!"

"OH NO! The fight's out I'ma 'bout to punch yo...lights out!"

For the record and my personal safety from these impressive Powderpuff players, I do not mean to call any of you ladies "bitches." It is Bizatch and my horrible attempt at slang humor.

Oh, if you do not like the lyrics to Luda's song, contact Bill O'Reilly. Once he is done attacking the attack on Christmas, I am sure he will find time to fuel some more outrage against his favorite whipping boy in Luda.

Shake It

  • Did you not think I was going to post the video of the Jessica Simpson lovefest during the Cowboys home loss to the Eagles? You must be new to this blog.
  • I hope Joe Buck was able to cure his hard on by rubbing one out last night. Geez, Simmer Down Old Man.
  • Did you expect anything else from a network owned by Rupert Murdoch?
  • I did love Fox catching Jessica shaking her mammaries for a split second, then playing it over and over. Nice Work.
  • When reached for comment, Nick Lachey responded to Romo with, "Have fun with listening to her mindless dribble, Her Dad sucks, Nice Game Tony, Go Eagles!"