Friday, December 08, 2006

My Slur will be PUNK not K Gay

Joey Porter is nuts and one BAD MoFo. I would not want to talk trash to him at all. Of course, self proclaimed Mr. Soldier, prima dona, K2 decided to start beef with Joey. Not only was that dumb, later in the game, he took a very cheap shot at Pitt LB James Farrior. It was one of the punk bitch hits I had seen in awhile(Not including Haynesworth foot drop). Game was over, total blowout, play was 20 yards away, a few seconds after the whistle, Winslow blindsided Farrior. I thought it was poetic justice that on the very next play, Farrior rocked KGgay and he dropped the ball. Farrior and Porter just started Yaking right in his face. I LOVED IT. KGay never looked like a bigger punk then right there. TO and Moss get alot of bad press as numero uno NFL enemy but Kgay has my vote for biggest classless bitch in the NFL. Still not my all time number one, Warren Sapp. His hit and behavior towards Chad Clifton a few years back will be hard to be topped. Clifton was in the emergency room and Sapps answer was that he deserved it. whatever punk, nice career decision in Oakland fat man.

Joeys gonna get fined and I never approve of homophobic slurs, but KGay is a bitch!!

More Proof that NO One Cares About the NHL

My Red Headed white El Guapo friend just showed me this A vote for Rory campaign. It is unbelievable. A bunch of dorks/geeks/Canadians that need to stop belching out "hoser" quotes all day, leave their igloos and actually go out looking for some poon. Instead, they decide that some hockey bum named Rory should start in the NHL All Star game. Guess what they have accomplished? He is one of the leading vote getters. I would write more, like paragraphs comparing it to other sports(Adonayl Foyle starting in NBA All Star game or Robert Fick being the NL's starting catcher) or saying its some travesty, but honestly, I am lazy and I do no really care. Im my view of the true American Sports fan, the NHL has lowered itself to just a nod above the MLS. Happy Friday Fockers!!

CNNSI Article

Vote For Rory