Friday, March 21, 2008

2 Girls, 1 Cop

I have a love/hate relationship with law enforcement, mostly hate as result from being on the receiving end of their oppressive tactics in Iowa,Nebraska and Virginia.

Here is a sure fire way to improve my opinion of cops.

Plus, this video is described on You Tube: St patrick's day parade 3 this was the best part i got everyone kicked out of the party but before that i cop helped me do a keg stand


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Bush Wants to Play Soldier

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"Can We Still Play the Tape of that Crazy Fn Pastor Guy?"

The job as a writer for The Daily Show (Hint, Hint) seems effortless to come up with new segments when the 24 hour news channels basically exist. These blabbering media types constantly serve up material with their vapid shallow "analysis" and try to speculate on answering questions that no one knows the answers to. The scripts pretty much write themselves.

Here is an insightful post about the media's obsession with hammering away at Obama over his minister's own personal opinions.

Check out this hilarious parody post on how Ann Coulter would have live blogged the Gettysburg Address.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Link Whores

  • Girls Gone Wild Grease ball was about to pay Spitzer's hooker a cool mil for a video until he went into his vault and found he already had one on file. SHOCKER! Busted Coverage
  • I will admit that I watched Sex&the City and some of the earlier seasons were actually entertaining until they gave my favorite character Samantha cancer. All the bitching got old and Mr. Big was the biggest tool ever. Well, uptight Charlotte has a real life sex tape out there and man it looks like D rate porn. She needs to hit an ab buster too. Brahsome
  • Former Hawkeye WR CJ Jones was partying with some hotties during Super Bowl week and it turns out one was 17. She was modeling a Trump Vodka party and now everyone is pissed at the "Donald." Don Chavez
  • My latest post on Epic Carnival about the Florida Marlins cheerleaders, the Mermaids. Epic Carnival.
  • This Australian model would be unstoppable at the game Twister. On 205th
  • Sarah Jessica Parker was just nominated as most Un Sexy woman by Maxim and predictably, she is pissed. Blog of Hilarity
  • My cousin told me about a month ago that Des Moines Iowa had 50 inches of snow for the winter and I felt bad for him. It could be worse, you could live in Ottawa where they have 200 inches of snow so far. Cuzoogle
  • The Rumor College website Juicy Campus is getting attacked by the New Jersey AG. CO-ED Magazine
  • CBS is making Sportscrack dizzy and angry with F Bombs outburst. I do not blame him and all sporting events should be broadcast in HD. Sportscrack
  • 2/3 of Americans think GWBush is awful at his job and I can only think of 2 equivalents in sports. Lions GM Matt Millen and Knicks Coach/GM Isiah Thomas. Zeke loves to use GW's minions favorite word, "progress." The Legend of Cecilio Guante
  • Uber QB Recruit Terrell Pryor's silent auction finally ended and Ohio State boosters won with an undisclosed bid. This kid is talented but he seems like a cocky prick who could be in for a serious awakening at the college level. With that said, he will still run all over my Hawks. I guarantee it. Uncle Rico's Time Machine
  • Top 10 things to say to your boss when he sneaks behind you while you are watching the live stream on CBS. The World of Isaac
  • British babe Saskia Howard-Clarke will never drown ever with these impressive floating device. Repeat after me, "MOTORBOAT!" Hottest Girls of MySpace
  • Funny motivational posters and the Church one is great. Tasty Booze
  • March madness is back in Omaha at their sweet semi new Qwest arena. Tree's Trunk

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Olly Girl's March Madness Picks

Uncle Joey is a Dbag but I still can not stop ogling the Olly girls.

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Brotherly Love for AI

At times the American sports culture seems dominated by too much negativity, inflated hype or invigorating greed. Whether it is the media's relentless gotcha style of journalism, ESPN's Disney based corporate agenda, or sports fans continually being bled of their paychecks to support billionaires' rising prices, many can be left to wonder where the bright stories are in sports.

Further disheartening is only teams that win it all are considered successful and the rest are labeled losers or worst, chokers. It makes me wonder why I follow sports so intently and passionately when the most toxic aspects appear to surface more often than the positives.

The highlights of last night's Nuggets/76er game reminded me of my prideful love of sports and dimmed my burgeoning pessimistic outlook.

I have been a huge Allen Iverson fan ever since his Hoya days and his return trip to Philly last night as a Nugget was an awesome emotional event.

The notorious fickle Philly crowd gave a standing ovation to the All Time 76er great during pregame introductions and AI was truly touched by the tremendous show of respectful class.

Iverson blew kisses to the crowd repeatedly and pounded his chest to show his love for Philly fans. He embraced his former coach Mo Cheeks and before tip off, Iverson kneeled down, kissing the center circle. His game shoes were embroidered with "THXPHILA."

AI reflected afterwards:

“It almost got to me,” Iverson acknowledged. “It made me feel good. It made me feel appreciated. I didn't actually have tears in my eyes, but they were burning. At one point I had to hold my head up so they wouldn't fall."

AI ended up with 32 points, 8 dimes and 3 steals. He missed a game winning shot at the end and the 76ers won 115-113.

“I dreamed it up a certain way, and it was better than that,” Iverson said. “Everything was perfect but one thing, and that was not winning the game.”

Slam Magazine in person account

Video of Pre Game Intros
Iverson Georgetown Highlights
Nuggets/76ers RecapBox Score of Game
Click on NBA Daily, March 19th

(Pictures Courtesy of Getty Images)

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dancing with a FSU Cowgirl

CJ Perry is a member of Jenn Sterger's FSU Cowgirl Nation. She loves college football.

She has impressive flexibility and dance moves.

Oh, CJ can scream too.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Link Whores

  • Stacy Keibler will get your day started in the right way. Hottie Hunter
  • I went to the US Tennis Open in 2005 and yelled "Maria" over and over. I was that guy and these pictures prove why I made a correct decision. Busted Coverage
  • Move over Allison Stokke because you have STIFF competition in pole vaulting hotness. Fan IQ
  • The band Pavement is totally underrated. Brahsome
  • Hilarious music video that will make you want a glass of milk. Tasty Booze
  • Tiger paused from his domination of the PGA to drop 65 mil on a new phat crib. On 205th
  • Video of the Twister rocking the Georgia Dome during the SEC tournament. Loser With Socks
  • Trip down memory lane of March Madness tourney buzzer beaters and Northwestern State will haunt me for eternity. Epic Carnival
  • WWE Diva Maria Kanellis will be on the cover of the April 2008 edition of Playboy Magazine. Bright Black Internet
  • I need to create a blog just for tennis babes because Maria Kirilenko is smoking. CO-ED Magazine
  • DMX is on some crazy pills but I could never tell that to his face. Holy Taco
  • Being a Nebraskan and a life long visitor of the College Word Series, I agree that it is time to bulldoze the Blatt and build a new stadium downtown. Dirty Laundry
  • I have strayed away from politics on this blog and I have few new political sites brewing which I will be debuting very soon. However, it is hard not to link to one of the most refreshing speeches in modern political history. Barack Obama created a positive out of negative by delivering his speech on the history of race in America. The haters will still hate no matter what Barack says as it is in their vested interest to hate and I feel bad for them because it was hard not to be touched by Obama's reflective candor. I suggest starting at the 15 minute mark for the short version. Obama always exceeds my expectations and I have never seen anything like him in my life following politics. Glenn Greenwald admired Obama raising American political discourse to a much needed higher level and feels it is his number one strength as a presidential candidate. Juan Cole uses Obama's historical speech to discuss the problems of race in Detroit.

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Pinch for Green All Week

Since I am a dirty Mic with a drinking problem, I do not want the St. Partick's Day holiday to end. Neither do these fine lassies.

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Barack the Shamrock

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Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patty's Day in the NBA

Several NBA teams honored St. Patrick's Day on Monday night by breaking out different unis than usual. Chicago, Toronto, New York, and Boston all sported green styled jerseys. Irish Eyes are smiling on the following picture gallery.

The Wizards and Hawks did not wear any different type of uniform but check out the hot cougar in the background. ROAR!
Her outfit and boots just scream "shamrock me." Too late to shoot more Car Bombs?

(Thanks to Getty Images for the Pictures)

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Happy St. Patty's Day

MMMMMM, Lunch.

MMMMM, Dessert.

More Car Bomb Dessert. YUM, YUM.

Happy Get Drunk and Be Irish Day!

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Block Party

Impressive Chris Paul to Tyson Chandler alley oops are common place in New Orleans Hornets' games. On Sunday, the Pistons Jason Maxiell decided that he had enough of these dunks by unveiling a hammer spike block.

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