Friday, March 07, 2008

Langerado Music Festival

Check out this link to view streaming live coverage of the Langerado Music Festival in Florida this weekend.

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Pac 10 Champs Cheer Poon

While staying up late last night polishing off my weekly allowance of 3 Buck Chuck from Trader Joe's, I witnessed the UCLA/Stanford basketball game. The Bruins were able to grab 2 huge offensive rebounds in the final minute and benefit from a questionable foul call to put away the Cardinals in overtime.

The Bruins victory clinched the Pac 10 championship and gave me an excuse to show off some smoking hot Bruin cheer poon. I would post more pictures but my computer will over heat.

More pictures can be found at the Insomniac's Lounge

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Picture of the Day

Last season Nats pitcher Mike Bacsik gave up Bonds record home run and he is not embarrassed by this notorious feat but actually relishing in his "fame." Check out how he was signing baseballs in Spring Training.

I like Bacsik's sense of humor and humility. Although it seems very cheesey to be wanting to pimp yourself out for giving up a HR.

I guess when you give up 141 hits, 26 HRs in 118 innings, sporting a fat 5.11 ERA with opponents batting .397 in 2007, Bacsik needs to embrace ALL recognition even if it is negative.

Oh, the Nats just cut him.

HT to Capitol Punishment via Nationals Inquisition.

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Link Whores

  • Men everywhere have wondered this for awhile, what happened to Jenna Jameson? Tasty Booze
  • No man will ever look into the "queen of eroticism's" eyes ever. On 205th
  • This weekend's music lineup is pretty tight. Brahsome
  • My latest post on Epic about whether or not you foul when up 3 in the last seconds. It appears no one cares and I am a basketball nerd. Epic Carnival.
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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Spank Bank Date

Check out this funny music video made in response to a craigslist ad about a woman witnessing a guy rubbing one out in his car and then wanted to go on a date with him. This takes those "I saw you" ads to a whole another level.

It could be lube at first sight.


Details Blog Link

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Flair Bartending

The quote of the weekend was from an article that I read about Moe Harris. He runs a bartending school in Northern Virginia and peforms"Flair Bartending." Harris thinks Tom Cruise and TGI Friday's have ruined the public perception of Flair bartending.

Check out Moe in action.

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Picture of the Day: My Morning Commute

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Link Whores

  • Ray Lewis might be getting in some UFC fights. Construda
  • MLB is following the same greed patterns of the NFL with their product. Deuce of Davenport
  • Cubs OF Felix Pie twisted his testicle and check out more weird sports injuries. Fan IQThe Birdmans back in the NBA. Time to get your bird calls ready in Nawlins. The Realests
  • Kate Hudson has an amazing ass and it might cut glass. On 205th
  • Girl wants for a man to take charge in the bedroom and gives details on Craigslist. Blog of Hilarity
  • Robert Plant turned down 200 million to do a Led Zeppelin tour. Brahsome
  • General Cock Bob Knight already is being a prick and refusing to answer questions about Indiana basketball, while getting ready to be hoops analyst for ESPN. Maybe he will quit them too. Epic Carnival
  • Learn how to shoot nude pictures with a camera. Cuzoogle

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The Mullet with a Bullet

I am still in Favre mourning but I am looking forward to seeing what Aaron Rodgers aka, "The Mullet with a Bullet" can do with this young talented Packer offense in 2008. Go Pack Go!

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Ticket Madness for Nats Opening Day

Single game tickets went on sale for the Washington Nationals opening day in their brand new baseball stadium. According to the DCist, tickets went quickly and scalpers were fast up on Craig's List ready to flip the duckets for huge profits.

I missed out on the online Internet waiting room fun as I am a part shareholder in 2 season tickets Our seats are in left field, one section to the left of the bullpen and 4 rows up on the aisle for quick beer/bathroom runs. I am just pumped for the season and to watch a decent team in a real ballpark.

Check out this sarcastic Craig's list ad, which mocks the clueless people looking for face value seats to Opening Day.

HELP ME...I need great seats to the best game of the season at face value because....

( Please check as many as you need )

I'm ....
____ A disable Vet
____ A single parent of ___ kids
____ On a fixed income
____ Returning Iraq War Vet
____ A true Nationals fan
____ Unemployed

and I'm ....
____ Going to my first professional game
____ Taking my (disable/veteran) Dad to his first game
____ Taking my (kid/poor alcoholic abusive neighbor's kid) to his first game
____ Taking my ______ who is a returning Iraq War Vet
____ Too cheap to pay what the tickets are worth

Therefore you should help fund my day out and take money out of your pocket for my benefit.

I could not possibly enjoy baseball or my first pro baseball experience during a normal game, like a Thursday against the Marlins. It MUST be the only really great game of the season.

I am a true (ONE GAME) fan, and therefore only want great tickets to the best game of the season. I will not go to see the Nationals just to see the Nationals.

I will only pay face value, because it is face value...which I believe is
___ NOT the price of an average seat to an average game
___ NOT dependent on the game
___ NOT the bonus for being a season ticket holder
___ NOT the reward for also paying face value to NINE Marlins games each year
___ NOT any different for FRONT ROW or 25th Row.

And while you're at it.....I need face value tickets for
_____ Lakers @ Wizards
_____ Cowboys @ Redskins
_____ Penguins @ Capitals
_____ LA Galaxy @ DC United

All morons can apply within

And while we're at it....the 3/29 Exhibition game came free with season ticket packages. Since you didn't pay for them....I'll take them for FREE Too.

And for those of you that won a lottery or a new car....since you didn't pay for those either...I'll take them for FREE too.

Sarcastic Craig's list ad
Nats' tickets go quickly

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Number 4 Says Goodbye

I am speechless and emotional as one of my favorite athletes of all time decided to hang it up for good.

Well number 4, it has been a helluva ride ever since that 1992 comeback win against the Bengals. You single handily turned the storied Packer franchise around from the laughingstock it had dwindled to in the 1980s and created a whole generation of avid Cheeseheads nationwide.

For all those Favre haters out there who care less about the Packers and have constantly complained about his retirement plans or interceptions, eat a fat dick. Are you happy now?

Marino, Elway or Montana were never treated this way at the end of their careers. I hope Brady and Peyton are able to go out on their own terms as well without the abuse by opponents' fans.

Favre can take some redemption from the doubters out of the improbable 2007 Packers' successful season.

Number 4 leaves the game with his fastball, his pride and every meaningful NFL passing record.

In August 2013, I will be sure to think about the haters when I am sporting my Favre jersey in Canton, Ohio.

This sounds weird but watching number 4 on fall Sundays has been the one constant in my life for 16 years and I just have two words: thank you.

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Monday, March 03, 2008

Stokke's Cover Busted

Back in December Big Ten Tailgate was forced to change their site's name because the Big 10 Conference would rather use their high priced legal attack dogs to threatened a little blog than figure out a solution to the Big Ten Network/Cable companies feud.

Why bother trying to provide your product to your loyal consumers when you need to flex your borderline copyright muscle on a site that writes about hot chicks and tailgating? Pathetic.

The Big Ten Conference could use some of the positive grassroots sports coverage provided by Big Ten Tailgate.

Ohio State is the SEC's BCS bitch, Michigan lost to a D1AA team, Indy coach Kelvin Sampson had to quit in embarrassing fashion, and Sparty Hoops Coach Tom Izzo is publicly calling out the Big 10 Network.

The Big 10 had a miserable bowl season and the bottom of the Big 10 basketball league is as bad as I have ever seen it.

It sure would appear that honchos at the Big 10 Conference office would have bigger issues to be worrying about than a tongue and butt cheek sports blog.

Nerveless, Big Ten Tailgate persevered and was reborn as Busted Coverage. The name has never been more fitting as BC busted wide open the latest whereabouts of one Alison Stokke. Stokke, one of the internet stalking sensations of 2007, is now pole vaulting at Cal Berkeley.

Busted Coverage is better than ever and keeps bringing it on a daily basis. So screw you Big 10 conference CEO Jim Delany; Karma is a bitch.

I am wondering if the Busted Coverage's Cal Berkeley spy providing Stokke's picture is the same person eliminating some of the Berkeley tree protesters' shelter.

Stokke is back on the tubes

Big 10 Conference and cable companies can not solve their greed fight. As always, fans lose out.
Big 10 tailgate had to fold sites name after Big 10 conference's legal threats.
Izzo thinks Big Ten Network has been PR nightmare
Berkeley tree squatters lose some of their tree house.

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TSA Gangstaz

This video is dedicated to the water bottle/lighter/tweezer loving TSA workers. I understand that every time you enter an American airport, be prepared to bend over and take the high hard one. Today's flying experience is a minefield of anguish and disappointment.

I am still bitterly bent about the TSA schmuck who confiscated my bottle of Tennessee hot sauce at the Nashville airport because it was one ounce above the "limit." Do not mess with a man's hot sauce and I should have countered with some Mac G gangsta.

Props to The Disciples of Kaleb Krump

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Dirty Digger

I severely miscalculated the mesmerizing powers of Digger Phelps' highlighter/tie combo. This Jayhawk cheerpooner obviously fell victim to its clever color coordination hypnosis.

HT: Awful Announcing/ The Big Lead

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Quote of the Weekend

“When the economy is good, people like to get hammered. When the economy is bad, people like to get hammered.”

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Link Whores

  • Dude wins free beer for life and is a snob about it. Tasty Booze
  • One of the best LBS ever at Nebraska, Trev Alberts, has a nickname for himself. Brahsome
  • Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden, movie trailer. Cuzoogle