Friday, March 07, 2008

Link Whores

  • Men everywhere have wondered this for awhile, what happened to Jenna Jameson? Tasty Booze
  • No man will ever look into the "queen of eroticism's" eyes ever. On 205th
  • This weekend's music lineup is pretty tight. Brahsome
  • My latest post on Epic about whether or not you foul when up 3 in the last seconds. It appears no one cares and I am a basketball nerd. Epic Carnival.
  • Creepy or Sexy on Posh Spice? Tough one but nothing polishing off a sixer can not solve! Holy Taco
  • Kim Kardishan has serious cottage cheese and Reggie Bush could be in 300. Dude is ripped! DrunkenStepfather
  • It is easier digging up a fossil then locating a man in a relationship getting consistent blow jobs but women still bitch about men not pulling their weight around the house. Blog of Hilarity
  • A Boner sighting from Growing Pains. Cuzoogle

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Dirtylaundry said...

I'm not saying I'm one to sell my soul, but damn where the hell do I buy MY Philadelphia Eagles jersey? As far as she knows, I've been following them since Jaworski was quarterback (I said "following", not "liking").

Thank you for finding Boner, the mind often drifts to where he went.