Thursday, August 27, 2009

UK Sports Commercials>US Sports Commercials

I wish America had more humorous sports promos like this one and as always, I blame the Puritans.


Link Whores-Mac G Apology Edition

Picture HT: TV Tan Line

  • I consulted several talented graphic design professionals and their consensus opinion was that Washington Wizards logo has to be some joke. Nope, it is pathetically real. NBC Washington 

  • Craigslist is one unique company and this is a solid read. Wired

  • Apple could soon be offering cameras on its iPod classic, nano, and touch. Electronista

  • Due to the tough economic climate caused by the malfeasance of greedy banksters, prices for beer and steaks are going up. Costs of cigarettes were already dramatically increased earlier this year because of new taxes. What is next target for males, Weed? The Washington Independent

  • I was disappointed that Kansas State and Iowa State did not make the list of America’s 25 Douchiest Colleges. I have spent many of miserable nights attempting to party in both of those manure laced lame excuses for college towns. This list is blatant example of page view whoring because you have to click through each 25 individual pages. Putting the George W Bush Administration's farm system of loyal Bushies, otherwise known as Bob Jones University, at number 6 made up for their whoring.

  • The 1985 Iowa Hawkeyes were one of the definitive sports teams of my adolescence and their Rose Bowl team was led by Heisman runner up QB Chuck Long. It is lousy that the football program has not retired Long's number 16. Possibly their football/athletic department are too busy covering up players' sexual assaults and shaking down fans for gobs of money to watch their Tecmo Bowl vanilla offense every fall. One historic upset victory over Penn State and the best Hawkeye offensive season ever by Shonn Greene in 2008 does not give me amnesia of what happened to this poor young female.  Black Heart Gold Pants

  • A list of Division basketball coaches on Twitter. Peter Robert Casey

  • Ed Hardy hand sanitizer is perfect for Jon Gosselin. Tasty Booze

  • Japaneese kids are more likely to pop their virgin cherries if they skip breakfast. Blog of Hilarity

  • Anna Kournikova is still slinging sex appeal and now Kswiss products. Don Chavez

  • Natty digs up videos dedicated to participating in the Mile High Club. Uncoached

  • Utah teacher paid a 15 year old for sex and the state of Florida will soon raise its game so not to be nudged from the top spot of "female teachers sexually preying on young boys" stories. The Sports Pig's Blog

  • Shaq dons pink speedo bottoms. NESW Sports

  • Men across America will soon swoon when this hot Arizona State cheerleader throws out her shocker pitchfork symbols during Sundevils' games. Busted Coverage

  • Leryn Franco, the world's favorite Paraguayan pole vaulter from the 08 Olympic games, participated in a steamy bikini photo shoot. On 205th

  • If the Sports media world had a TV show like Saturday Night Live, Rick Pitino's bizarre press conference yesterday would be ripe for a clever comedic parody. The Sporting Blog

  • This is a very useful tech cheat sheet to use on today's elder generation. Yep Yep

I apologize deeply to my loyal readership for my lack of posts over the past several months. I am tackling some major personal issues that have left me with a serious case of bloggers block.

In June, my loyal pet of 10 years became tragically ill and I had to put him down after months of futilely (And Expensively!) searching for the cause of his health complications. Then the following month, my beloved fiancĂ© Miss So Belle abandoned me to move far away and live with her parents in an attempt to chase some other life without me. 

To rub in the salt deep, my favorite sports player of all time, Brett Favre, decided to spit in the face of my 16 years of fan loyalty to play for the hated enemy, Viqueens. 

I never want to bore anyone with the mundane details of my life but I felt the need to address my sucky blogging. I have seriously contemplated just erasing my whole Mac G online presence from the series of tubes and maybe someday I will just say fuk it all.

My old man asked me recently how many fantasy football teams that I planned on having this year and my answer of 5 stirred a stern response from him. He lectured me that I should focus my energies on other productive things and I countered that I need the squads to deal with life’s shitty poker hands.

So for now, I will continue to use this blog as a creative outlet and I hope in the meantime continue to entertain a few peeps with my rants, humorous vids/pix and of course, mad poon. 

Word, Mac G