Friday, May 08, 2009

Link Whores

  • For those lucky duckies burdened with Washington Nationals fandom, here is an essential survival guide for following the 2009 season. I am well over due to sneak in a 1/5 of wickey into the stadium and it is good to know that having a baby will make it easier to hide beers in the diaper bag. Fire Jim Bowden
  • Speaking of the Nats, they broke the Dodgers undefeated streak last night by overcoming a 6 run first inning deficit for the win. The biggest news was the Kenny Powers look alike and washed up vet, Ron Villone showed during the game and ended up with the win. I hope he celebrated the win at Sha Booms! NBC Washington
  • Jordan Brewster's F me Eyes will give you a quick jolt on this Friday. The Beer Goggler
  • Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace loves to play with her lovely fun bags. Hollywood Tuna
  • After centuries and centuries of being crapped on, humans with African blood do seem to making some gradual headway in the world. Long Live the Message
  • For all of the LOST fans out there, Todd VanDerWerff never disappoints in his recaps. The House Next Door
  • I am always bitching that Corporations limit technology to protect their profit margins (RIAA) and should be using technological advances to expand their market shares. Consumers become happy and loyal paying customers. This is an amazing detailed account of why online renting of movies/tv shows is hamstrung by Hollywood studios. My streaming Netflix service is awesome and makes owning physical DVDs obsolete but the current selections suck ass. Slate
  • Kelly and Andy had a dance off on last night's episode of the Office.
  • This link is for all of those trapped in cube world and listening to BS from your manager. Examiner
  • Who does not love a good coed undie run? Always Stripping U (ASU) delivers the goodies. Busted Coverage
  • Hey guys, next time you feel the urge to rub one out while driving, at least pull over. Tasty Booze

Pictures from Skeet on Mischa and Tumblricious

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Cupid Shuffle

The looming scenario of my life long sports idol Brett Favre lining up under center for the hated Viqueens is eating at my soul. Even in my bests attempts at Favre fandom irrationality, I can not defend this move at all.

I needed a pick me up and this song has been in my head lately so I quickly fired up the Internet machine to locate some cheerleaders/girlees getting their Cupid Shuffle on. Yeah, do not worry, I am well aware that Hell already has a reserved (hot?) seat for my dirty old bastard ass.

These girls can not dance at all but who was focused on the routine?