Friday, September 21, 2007

Perfect Picks

My Olly girls are back with their picks. It is quite apparent that they have not heard of half of these football players until they read their names of the cue cards. Does that really matter? Not at all.

If you are relying on them for gambling advice, you are more Fd than OJ's kids. A memo to the people writing the material for these lovely ladies, Picking Carson Palmer for the fantasy tip of the week is completely moronic. You are just adding more bleach to Olly Girls' already blond hair/image.

Palmer just put up 6 Tds and 400 yards last week and had one of the biggest fantasy games for a QB in the past 5 years. OF COURSE players are going to start him. Now, if you want me to fly out to Cali to tell them that, Sign Me Up. I am starting to like some of this new Pac Ten Poon.
Watch the whole video, great surprise ending full of whip cream. word, Mac G.

Emmy Nominations

This is great and the Daily Show won the award.

Stroke that Funk Mc Lovin

I finally saw Superbad last night and yes, it is freaking hysterical! I know that I am a few weeks late but my booze and football habits are hard to control to carve out any time for a flick. I think this movie set the all time penis joke record. Now, I know why I keep finding dick drawings all over my pad too. My roommate, the Russenator, better not have some lunchbox treasure chest of penis illustrations that he is not telling me about.

Everyone is funny in this movie and the one liners are classic but my favorite character was by far Fogel or McLovin. He pretty much carries the second half of the movie. I had way too many high school flashbacks in this movie. My fake ID in high school was money too, until the Feds confiscated it in a fake ID sting. Oh well, another story for another time. And, Screw you Uncle Sam for changing the drinking laws from 18 to 21. All it does is make kids drink and drive and abuse alcohol more. Hey 18-20 year olds out there, Mac G still cares about your right to booze. If you can die, vote, gamble, you sure as hell should be able to drink a scotch or 20.

Anyway, here is another link list. I have some more pimp videos that I plan on posting soon. After the past sPoonfull week, Mac G's World audience might be in the teens now. Giddy Up.

  • Say Goodbye to Rosenblatt stadium, the home of the College World Series in Omaha. It looks like NCAA is forcing the City to build them a new stadium or face the possibility of losing the CWS. Here are the recommendations from the NCAA for the new stadium. Mayor Fahey of Omaha is all about building a new downtown stadium and I think it is an excellent idea. The Blatt has history but it is a dump. I like the city leaders are being progressive. The success of the QWest center, which will host 2 rounds of NCAA March Madness next spring, proves investing into public projects benefits the community by encouraging development resulting in a increased tax base.
  • My man Mark Cuban was spotted in the bleachers at Wrigley this week. Check out the photos and this did not throw any water on the Cuban Cubs ownership rumors. I think it is pretty cool to see a billionaire in the bleachers. I had my first bleacher experience over labor day weekend and the place is insane. No one really knows that a game is going on and it is a total tailgating atmosphere. Purely Awesome. Miss SoBell and I ended up befriended 3 hot girls from Dallas sitting next to us and I watched for innings these Dbags around us try their weak game on them. My favorite story was witnessing this tool invite one of girls to his Yacht on Lake Michigan and then busting him taking his wedding ring off right in front of us. It was pathetic. I ended up trying to hook my buddies up by serving these girls up afterwards at High Tops in Wrigleyville on a tee but they whiffed like Soriano on a 0-2 slider away. Oh, Check out Cuban's Blog too. Dude is a maniac! I love him.
  • My Boy Awful Announcing breaks down the Bill Simmons Podcast with Erin Andrews. I would have asked her about her recent super skinny physique, crappy rumors of her hooking up with the Dirty Badgers' Head Coach and what married athletes have hit on her. They got their Chowderhead on with each other instead. Great.
  • Speaking of the Wisconsin Dirty Badgers, School officials will be breathalyzing underage students with prior alcohol offenses when entering Saturday's home game against Iowa. The Show and Blow policy will make these students blow .000 to be allowed into the game. When did the Nazi regime return to power in Madtown? Last time I checked, the college revolved around kids ages 18-22 and without them, the university would not exist. You tell me the percentage of all fans in attendance that would be to blow a .000 for a 7pm kick? 15 percent? Lower? Thanks to Big Ten Tailgate for the link.
  • I was sent a link by Notorious DEK with more pictures of the infamous Allison Stokke. The 2007 high school internet version of FSU Cowgirl Jenn Sterger. Stokke is 7 or 8, however, the "face looks good but your body's not ready."
  • Has anyone heard Tom Brady weigh on this Bellicheat video scandal yet? I want to know what he has to say and without subpoena, I am sure will not. I just read today in Profootball talk(Scroll down)that the NFL is ready to sweep the investigation under the table. I think there could more layers of this story to unravel and I hope someone in the media takes up the challenge. Hint, Hint, ESPN. The Pats are good but please stop with this 16-0 talk, it is only going to be WEEK 3!!
  • When something bad happens to you this weekend, follow my lead and blame a Ad. for everything. It seems to be the only reason for everything that is currently wrong with our country. Enjoy the weekend. Happy Poon Hunting. Word, Mac G.
Goodbye Blatt
NCAA Demands new yardfor CWS
Cuban in Bleachers at Wrigley
Cuban's Blog
Sports Guys chats with Erin Andrews
Dirty Badger's Show and Blow Policy
ProFootball Talk
Allison Stokke Pictures

Mac Gs World

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Crank Dat Soulja Boy

I am not a big fan of Texas and recently their football players can not stay out of the police blotter but this dance is pretty dope.

"Book Em, Crunk Horns!"

Thanks to my Brahs at Brahsome for the tip.

Mac Gs World

Golf Club for Sale

This hilarious Golf Ebay ad was emailed to me from my buddy, Rado Joe. It seems the seller is pretty pissed at his ex-girl for ruining his passion for golf. And for her getting fat, real FAT. You can read the whole funny rant here. Check out a snippet.

Im selling this club because I finally left my fatass girlfriend who hated the fact that I loved to play golf. I bought this for her when hybrids first came out which was approximately 5 years ago or when she was 115 pounds lighter. She stopped playing golf soon after I introduced her to the game and decided she would rather eat cookies and tacos as a sport.

When she decided to start playing again she realized that her hands were to swollen to grip the club properly from all the meat around her knuckles. In addition, she couldnt figure out why she could not make a shoulder turn anymore. Truth be told, her titts got so big and droopy that she had to use my Sun Mountain push cart to haul them when we played (the cart has since buckled from the overloaded weight capacity).


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Band Of Horses

One of the best new bands that I have seen in 07 has been "Band of Horses." They sound like Wilco with a Southern Rock Jam Band influence. Pure and Simple, Dudes are rock stars and their stock is rising rapidly.

Band Of Horses are set to release their Phil Ek produced sophomore album, Cease To Begin through Sub Pop on October 9. Following the release the Horses will tour heavily through North America starting on October 14 in Atlanta. While touring the band will make stops at "Late Show with David Letterman" (October 18) and "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" (November 5).

Take a listen on their MySpace page. The songs, "Funeral" and the "Great Salt Lake" are two of their top singles from the their last album, "Everything All the Time."

More Details on Band of Horses from JamBase.
Link to Preorder CD and it comes with free a Koozie, HOLLA!
Fall Tour Dates and Locations

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Back to the Mac G Attack

I apologize to my 10 MGsW Homeys for my lack of posts recently. I am still knee deep in Poon and it is very hard to keep my head above this deadly Poon water. I did not take seriously the "swim at your own risk" Poon warnings. I can finally take some breaths and here are some links from around the series of tubes.

Agent Zero is my MAN! Gil has a new blog up about his plans to come out with 20 new Gil20 sneakers and drop unique pairs in different cities when he plays. Be sure to check out some of his older blogs where he just CRUSHES Richard Jefferson for giving money to Arizona in order for them to name a practice court after him and how Arenas is the best recent pro Wildcat.

In another post, he details of how he fought with his girlfriend/baby mama and how he had to sleep at the gym for a week. It is very funny and do not take his love advice. I heart Big Game Gil Arenas.

LT or LDT has his truck up for sale on Ebay. No word if Norv Turner will find a way to sabotage the auction. (100% Injury Rate)

Here is an excellent coverage of the Austin City Limits music festival held last weekend. I know I missed out on a memorable trip and instead watched my college team's get pulverized. Recaps include: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Coverage of the Fire, and More ACL links, Here and Here. (Hidden Track)

Mac G is a registered DC voter, which means I have no representation in Congress. ZIPPO! NADA! Total BS. Even though DC has more population than Wyoming and is one of the most powerful cities in the FN world, I have no Senators or Representative.

Do you think the people who live London, Moscow, Tokyo or Mexico City have no voting rights in their legislative branches of government? No Way. DC voters/citizens pay federal taxes but their only representative, Eleanor Holmes Norton, has no vote in the House so she is pretty much useless. I will save my lengthy 2,000 word manifesto on this topic for another time.

Today, bipartisan legislation reached the Senate to give DC a representative in the House and create a seat for Utah as well. This was to balance out the political fall out. DC should have 2 Senators as well and be considered a state but for now, I will take the lone bone the good old Nanny US congress was throwing my fellow DC residents' way.

In true obstructionist form, Senate Republican minority leader, Mitch McConnell, placed a filibuster threat on the bill. This required a minimum 60 votes to overcome the filibuster(called cloture) and it fell short by 3 votes.

The DC Voting rights bill would have passed the Senate if called to the floor and this is the same type of maneuvering which prevents the war from ending.
Here is the Live Blog, Sen. Byrd's non vote bitch move, the conclusion of what now?

A Florida student was tasered at Q&A with John Kerry. Check the video out. (More Credible)

I watched a great movie documentary over the weekend, Iraq for Sale. I have placed the trailer down below and it sheds more light on the most under reported story of the current war, aside from Saudi nationals killing over half of our US troops, is the lack of true oversight on the US contractors in Iraq.

If I can ever start swimming past the poon, I have a huge post in the works on all of these consultants milking our tax dollars, with little results and the major privatization of this war.

One of the most controversial contractors is Blackwater, a private US security company who operates in Iraq on government contracts with the state department. The same day I was watching this video, Blackwater came under criticism for having a fire fight in the Iraqi streets by killing 10 civilians, injuring 13.

The Iraqi government is pissed, wants them out of the country and an Iraqi judge requests for them to stand trial in Iraq. The problem is that contractors may be immune from prosecution under a measure conceived by the US-led Coalition Provisional Authority not long after the March 2003 invasion. US citizens can only be held trial in the US and not Iraq. I am sure this news should help spur more "progress" reports for the Iraqi people. Read more from Talking Points Memo.

I am going to buy this book about Blackwater by Jeremy Schaill.
Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army

Monday, September 17, 2007

It is a POON Outbreak!

Mac G's World is drowning in Poon.

The memory of SECPOON will live on with Poon of the SEC. Check out the first installment and bookmark that bitch.

There are more new Poon sites cropping up on the series of tubes.

ACC Poon
Pac 10 Poon
Big 10 Poon
Big East Poon

All this great Poon makes a loss feel just a tad bit better and the endless argument over a college football playoff system now seems less important. I love Poon.

Happy Munday Poon Lovers.

The Power of the Poon
Poon of the SEC
ACC Poon
Pac 10 Poon
Big 10 Poon
Big East Poon
Black Poon Friday

Mac Gs World

Only Highlight from the Emmy Awards

I have no idea if the Emmy Award's show was entertaining or not(I was busy watching the Bellicheat Pats crush the Lightning Bolts) but these 3 dudes surely can keep most people watching. Words that come to mind are "Truthiness with a broken wrist, Or NAMBLA and I love Lamp." Enjoy.

Thanks to Think Progress and Just Jarred for the Video.

The Olly Girls with Perfect Picks

Mac G's World has pimped the Sunset Tan show on the E channel earlier this summer. The hot smoking hot Olly girls(Molly&Holly) are hilarious and the only reason that I still have the show on my tivo.

Nick, a cast member of the show, is an annoying 22 year old know it all and his whiney ass makes me want to punch him through my TV. His drama with his rich stuck up girlfriend is almost as nauseating as 6 of the 7 current members of the Sydney Real World cast. Isaac is the only cool sane one that MTV has chillin down under.

Back to the sparkling Olly girls, it turns out that they have started their own video NFL segment called Perfect Picks on this website, KUSH TV. I just found this out because Molly and I are Myspace BFFs.

I am still looking for their Week 2 picks but here are 2 clips, the Preseason Preview and Week One picks.

Perfects Picks will definitely a be a weekly feature on Mac G's World. Happy Munday!

Olly Girls showing rules on tackle football and where do I sign up for this tackling drill?

Perfect Picks
Olly Girls
Sunset Tan

Mac Gs World