Thursday, October 27, 2005


Can Mike Sherman be fired? He is the biggest Pu$$Y, I dont want him as the Packer's head coach anymore. He should have been fired once he didnt go for a short 4th and one against the Eagles in that playoff game. He had the best offensive line in the game and instead of icing the game, the Packers punted in the endzone, net gain, 18 yards. 4th and 26 play, and well, the rest is history.

Similar situation, On Sunday, minute left, 3rd and 2, packers are ready to score go ahead TD, Favre is on fire, just converted 2 3rd downs on short crossing routes, he or OC Rossum call a shotgun handoff draw to Tony Fisher, HORRIBLE!!! then kick a FG, tie game. Packers D just let them go out of bounds with 2 secs, Im still Fn pissed, Seriously, F Sherman, he is not going to take the Packers to the top, so good riddens, what sux to? is that Packes are wasting Favre right now, He is playing as well I have seen him play in 5 years, Unless people drop passes, make penalites, run the wrong routes, or call bad plays, which seems to happen alot this year. I was sold on Sherman the day he suspended Antonio Freeman for the last game of the regular season, with the Packes facing a must win game against the Bucs to make the playoffs and the Packers still won. Freeman was being a BITCH and Sherman put the team before his whiny malcontent A$$, I loved it.

Sherman had rallied the team to strong finishes and division titles but had failed as a GM and in the playoffs. His big contracts to Hunt, Joe Johnson(injury) were huge mistakes and his drafting of Jamal Reynolds with the 10th pick was a complete bust. will not hold him accountable for the Mike McKenize/hold out/ debacle, even though maybe McKenzie was right about keeping the DB coach that he wanted. Jury is still out on high CBs Carrol and Thomas, but results are mixed at best.

The Packers stripped the GM duties away from him this season and new GM Ted Thompson did reknew his contract for 2 seasons in Sept. However, Im done with him, time to pull the plug. I held out for this long, NFL has always stood for NOT FOR LONG, Coaches, players, All Stars, come and go, every season, One year Kordell Stewart finishes 2nd in the MVP voting and is starting in the AFC championship game, the next he is being replaced by XFLer Tommy Maddox, and now he is 3rd string for the Ravens. Lavar Arrington goes from Pro Bowl LB to not being able to get in the game(I have heard WAAAAYYY too much on this topic, living in this city will kill ya) Jamal Lewis almost breaks ALL time rushing record 2 years ago, then spends this offseason in a orange jumper and now after a bad start, people are clammering for Chestor Taylor to get more carries!! Point being, this happens all the time, serious turnover in the NFL.

Now the normal excuse would be the rash of injuries the Packers have faced this season, and its out of control. You cant even make it up, no team has gone through this, and I know its party of the game, but its downright laughable. People were cracking jokes last week about it, and this was before Ahman went down for the season. I mean, I dont even want to play Madden with the Packers cuz it just wont be the same running the score up with Favre to Javon Walker TDs. Why we are on this topic, I will go over their Offense depth chart, please remember that the Packers Defense was the big question mark coming into the season.


WR-Walker, out for season, knee injury first game
WR-Driver, He is on fire, looked unstoppable against Viqueens
WR-Ferguson, Hurt, out for a month, maybe more
WR-Murphy, Out for season with Kneck injury, 4th game of the season
WR-Chatman, good player, about 5 foot 3, but can get open and Favre has confidence in him
WR-?? Just signed some guy Named Taco Wallace,

RB-Ahman, out for season, torn quad
RB-Davenport-Out for season, broken foot
RB-Fisher, banged up, but is the main option
RB-??? Rashard Lee and Walter Williams, who? exactly

TE-Franks, missed most of the season with knee/hip injuries
TE-Martin-Honestly I cant keep these 2 TEs straight but both have had acrobatic catches
TE-LEE- guy has had some acorbatic catches

Alright No one cares about the Packers 3rd string TEs but me, I know. Here is the point, Packers are Fd, God hate us with all these Hurricanes and he sure does not like the Packers for some reason, I guess after 13 straight 500 or better season, it was bound to happen, No other team has been that consistent. It almost made me forget the Bart Starr/Lindy Infante/Tim Harris/Brent Fullwood years. Growing up, the Pack just got Bitch Slapped by the Bears, I hated it. Anyway, I missed the Saints game, so I have now watched every minute of, 14, 2, 1,3,3, point losses, Packers should and could be 5-1, or 4-2, but instead are 1-5, facing the hardest part of their schedule(at Cincy, Pitt, at Atl, at Philly) YIKES!! Favre alone can pull out at least 4 victories and he should be left it.

If I see Rodgers playin with this make shift/sh*# talent and Favre sitting at the end of the season, I will cry and then fly to Lambeau to beat some A$$!! Packers will not be able to beat USC or Texas with Rodgers in. Speaking of the Trojans, REGGIE BUSH!! I love him, guy is walking L1/R1 Madden move. Did you see his punt return last weekend? Are you serious? He even thru in the Gallop triangle move at the end of that run, I have never seen anything like it. Alright, if you made it thru this post, Congrats, your prize is nothing. MGsW

Carjacking or Conspiracy?

"I got shot three times and my album comes out Nov. 22," Giles said

That could be the quote of the year so far:

First there was Biggie/Tupac, then JayZ/Nas, now Fifty Cent/Game have beef, Move over its JayZ/Cam'ron? Basically, Killa Cam (Sweet nickname, Killa "fill in the blank" is pretty much money, Killa Playa, Killa Killa, Killa Crusher and so on, Now that I think about it, Blank "Killa" can be fly too, Ghostface Killa, Krazee-Eyes Killa, Masta Killa) was trying to enjoy the Puff Daddy's party at H20, his entourage was 30 deep and were not following the NBA's new dress code. They couldn't get in, so the 30 deep took off.(who rolls 30 deep? Who organizes this? It took me forever to get 10 guys over to my place for a fantasy draft, how do you get 3 times that just to roll around? They must be on his payroll.)

Killa Cam's was in his royal blue 2006 Lamborghini and wearing 200K in jewelry. Wow, talk about some bling, 200K? Personally, I thought gold and silver chains went out in the early 90s, then again what do I know, Im a white kid from the Midwest, not a NYC rapper. One side note that reminds me IM white, I cant rap or jump, I wish I could, but I just cant. SUX. I still can hoop it though, that is until my back went out and now Im deathly afraid of hurting my knees(KNOCK, KNOCK)

Killa Cam was pimping on NY AVE, his entourage stuck in traffic. Some dudes in a SUV pulled up, pulled a gun demanded his car, Killa refused, they opened fire and took off. Some Feds took off after them and they wrecked their SUV around 6th and U, getting away. Supposedly this is car jacking, but Police officials are skeptical.

The actions of the gunman and the proximity of Giles's friends are among the reasons police do not believe carjacking was the motive, investigators said.

"If you are going to carjack a car, you don't shoot first. You try to get the driver out of the car," said one police official, speaking on condition of anonymity because the case is under investigation. "You also wouldn't do that in front of people."

The carjackers were sloppy and left a cell phone in the car, which Im sure will lead police eventually to the shooters. I guess the owner of the SUV was contacted and his response was that he lent the car to a friend. Hmmmm, I let my friends borrow my truck(the Danger Ranger, or Ranger of Love, take your pick which moniker you want to use) from time to time, to haul stuff or run errands. I dont recall when I ask them for it back, them every saying, "Sorry dude, had to leave it, we jacked this guy and the cops were after us." Plus, If you own an expensive expedition, do you let friends who might wreck it, drive drunk, or carry guns, drive it around? HELL NO! I couldnt even get my Uncles to let me drive their little ski speed boat to the other side of the Lake this summer at Lake of the Ozarks. Granted, I never really asked cuz I knew their answer and we were planning on boozing it up at the Horny Toads. Back on topic

So could this have anything to do with Killa's Beef with Jay Z? Which I was unaware about until reading this article, Hell, I have never heard of this rapper either, and I love Hip Hop. Also, does this now bring notoriety to Killa's new CD in some twisted way like it did to "Fitty" when he was shot? How bout "Fitty's" new movie? How bad is that going to be? YIKES, about as bad as Jailbreak, Attack of the Bats, or the Freddie Prinze/Brian Austin Greene show( I was just thinking about googling for the show's title, but seriously, does it really matter what the name of the trainwreck is?) One of the only negative things about the NFL ticket is the endless promos on Fox and CBS about their garbage shows, it drives you Batty!! No that wasnt a promo for CBS Sunday nite movie, then again, maybe it was and I have been brainwashed with subliminal messages all day, every Sabbath. hmmmm

I have gotten off topic again, but in short, no one seems to know what "really" happen to Killa, but the bottom line is this: "I got shot 3 times and my album comes out Nov.22"

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