Friday, February 29, 2008

Bush's Senioritis

Happy Leap Day

I had a few goals when I moved to the nations 's capitol awhile back. I wanted to be a press secretary for a member of Congress, sleep with one of the Bush twins(preferably in the White House) and party at the Real Word Crib if the show ever made it to DC.

Almost 4 years ago, there were vicious rumors that a Real World House was selected in the heart of Adams Morgan, one of the major DC bar areas, but they turned up false.

The Real World DC rumor is back and it appears to have some real legs this time. The show is trying to cast activist and politically minded people, which brings DC to mind as a location.

I hope they realize most of these people are either cookie cutter elitist snobs, political nerds, or frugly weirdos. Hell, I am a dork, weird, and an adopted east coast elitist, wonder if they could wave the age requirement?

If the Real World ends up filming in DC, I will stalk the cast members until I get back to their pimp pad to rage it down, Mac G Style.

My man at TV Tan Line would be stoaked and my teenage cousins would think that I am the coolest relative ever.

Happy Leap Day FOCKERS!

Props to TV Tan Line for the Real World SYDNEY screen grabs

The Real World Coming to DC?

Mac Gs World

Juno Writer is a Hawkeye

I attended the University of Iowa in Iowa City for 4 and 1/2 years. I squeezed every bit of fun of that crazy college town and during my reign, I was a major member of the party "scene."

I am not really proud of that fact but hell, I still escaped IC with a Journalism/Poly Sci degree and most of my brain cells. I ended up with enough membrane to ramble on this blog, which however is a very low bar accomplishment.

My addictions developed in college unfortunately still came with me once I left Iowa but hey, you take the good with the bad and deal with it. I learned a hard lesson early that buying rounds of Tequila shots is not a frugal endeavor in the "real world' and specials like "dollar you call it or 2 dollar Steins," are complete foreign phrases in 99% of all other drinking establishment cultures.

Hell, what is the point of this post? The Academy Award for best original screenplay went to Diablo Cody for writing the movie "Juno." It turns out Diablo, who's real name is Brook Busey-Hunt, attended Iowa at the same time as myself.

I have an eery feeling that we have met before and I can not place it, see my aforementioned fuzzy memory. We either shared some classes, a coffee at the Java house or a bathroom stall at an after hours party. Maybe we conversed at Dolls, the ex-local gentleman's club, while she was studying up for one of her future literary topics.

Diablo ended up in the Twin Cities working at a seedy strip club. She chronicled her experience in the book, Candy Girl: A Year in The Life of an Unlikely Stripper.

She has a cool blog called Pussy Ranch, a guest column for EW, a Showtime pilot working with Steven Spielberg and now an Oscar. Diablo has leaked semi nude photos on the web.

Who says it does not pay to strip? Go Hawks!

And if you are wondering, Yes and sober.
The video of her appearance on the Dave Letterman show about her book is pretty hilarious.

Diablo Cody's Wikipedia Page

Her Racy Photos
Diablo Cody's MySpace Page
Video of Her Appearance on Letterman

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Me Encanta Cheerleaders

No words needed.

Mac Gs World

Colbert Rocks

Stephen Colbert came up with the clever famous phrase, "reality has a well-known liberal bias."

On his show last night, Colbert interviewed former Bush Admin paid press liar, Tony Snow. Colbert's question to Snow sums up quite well the "trust the government" line of argument spewed daily from GW and his GOP minions over illegally spying on law abiding citizens.

"Is there any other aspects of what the government does that we as Americans would be better off not knowing?"

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Link Whores

  • Agent Zero updates his injury rehab and rates the NBA trading deadline. He might provide more insight than all 1o of the blow hards covering the NBA for ESPN. Agent Zero: The Blog File
  • Here is a 2008 moment for ya, a site where college students posts juicy rumors about other students,For example, " Witch Bitch of ASU" or Biggest Tits on campus." All the details can be found at the Brahsome.
  • The ACC has the most players in the NBA, with the Big East a close second. Simon on Sports
  • UK fans tracked down Patrick Patterson's facebook to find out if he was really going pro. Intentional Foul
  • One time I was arrested at an Iowa football game. Total BS. MD 20/20 was being passed around the student section, cop said it was mine, wrote me up a fine. On my way out of Kinnick, I mumbled ass hole under my breath, one pig heard me, and I ended up in the stadium holding cell next to some uber drunk dude acting like a chimp climbing the walls. My final destiny was an escort to the county slammer and an orange jumper. I wish I made this story up and it is not as cool as these drunk fan escapades. Busted Coverage
  • Check out my latest post on Just Say No Sports videos. Epic Carnival
  • Kneck Beard is back competing with Sex Cannon for the Bears QB job. Fan IQ
  • Great breakdown of all time comedy cinematic greats. Caddyshack in my number one. Hey, Wang, LET's DANCE! Dirty Laundry
  • Tree was in Memphis, working the big game and he provides a picture gallery. Tree's Trunk
  • It appears Super Recruit QB Terrelle Pryor is a major Dbag. Bleacher Report
  • Bridget Moynahan puts her Baby Daddy in place. On 205th
  • Who could forget Antonella Barba? Miss 07 American Idol contestant loved to show skin and kiss girls. Hottest Girls of MySpace
  • Starfuks shut down for 3 hours and Americans probably had with drawls. Holy Taco
  • I can never look at Raptors player Jorge Garbajosa the same again. Cuzoogle
  • Jennifer Love Hewit is fat and ugly, proving my theory that there are hotter girls in your supermarket than the celebs on the magazine covers in them. Blog of Hilarity
  • All time sexy teachers that like to bang young boys. Coed Magazine
  • Kevin Faulk got busted with 4 joints in his pocket going in to a Lil Wayne concert. Rookie Mistake, put those is your sock or cigarette pack.Construda

Mac Gs World

American Idol Sucks

I try not to mention America Idol much because I do not care too much for the show and it sure does not need my help in the publicity department.

I caught a few of these male "performances" Tuesday night and this show continues to ruin US pop culture. Americans are glued to this glorified karaoke contest which is judged by a smart ass Brit, a drunk washed up pop star and an overweight "Dawg." I could list all the reason it sucks but why bother?

Two things caught my attention on last night's show. Paula Abdul truly is a waste of space and how she is called a "judge" is beyond me. She just stutters, mumbles, and talks in random circles.

Half the time it appears she wants to blow every guy on stage, even the gay ones. I would label Paula a train wreck but it would be an insult to Amtrak and Union Pacific workers.

Here is an example of her miserable professional insight. It was 70s theme last night and Dbag Ryan Seacrest asked Paula why the 70s were such a great time for music. Go to 4:48 of this video for her response

"There were some great songs that came out of the 70s, some great songs." This chick makes a boat load of money for this type of analysis? Some drunk at a bar could mumble more deep thought than her and his payment would only be shots of Jameson.

One more point, did anyone catch Ricki Martin Junior? If you want a good laugh, check out Jason Yeager's closing move. Go to 2:45 of this video.

Was that a new type of Lawn mower move? I am still perplexed and highly amused. I will give Simon props for putting this dude in his place.

Mac Gs World

Obama, Mohawks, Heisman Poses, Oden

This Democratic Presidential nomination race is clearly over and a big unprecedented upset win for Obama. He took the Democratic Clinton machine head on and came out the victor.

Since the media still needs a storyline to sell corporate ads and the Clintons to slap around, the "horse race" continues on.

Do you expect the media to start covering boring stories like Turkey troops killing Kurds in Iraqi territory or the daily carnage in the ClusterFuk known as Iraq?

Please, talking heads have the 20th democratic debate to breakdown and declare a mythical winner on "points."

I am a political junkie with a poly sci degree and I can not stomach this crap anymore. I have no idea how voters with luke warm interest can take it.

I am sorry, back to the horse race!

Obama has more money, greater enthusiasm among his supporters and higher poll numbers. He keeps winning all types of states and most importantly, Obama has an advantage in pledged/super delegates.

Senator Hillary Clinton has put her slim chances( or should I be a MSM pundit and say, FIREWALL) in the March 4th primaries Texas and Ohio, hoping wins there can restart her campaign. She would need victories in Texas and Ohio by large margins,10-20 points, in each state to close the gap and this is not going to happen.

Even if she squeaks out a win in Texas, the delegate count will basically be a wash and a potential victory in Ohio would be almost meaningless in terms of net delegates because Obama could offset some of her advantage by gains in Vermont and Rhode Island.

I would stop listening to any pundit on TV until after the polls close on next Tuesday. Anything they say is pure speculation, usually wrong and total fluff that will make you dumber.

Here are few other reasons why Obama has things wrapped up in Texas and Ohio anyway. Obama met with Texas football coach Mack Brown and some of this players, resulting in this classic Heisman pose.

This sure beats John Kerry wearing a goofy space suit or calling my Packers' home, "Lambert Field."

Portland Blazers Center and ex Ohio State standout, Greg Oden endorsed Obama on his blog. Obama is an avid basketball fan and still runs in pick up games.

My new goal in life is to play in a hoops game with Obama to see how scrappy he is in the paint. My original DC goal was to have sex with Jenna Bush, claim mission accomplish and leave town. Hmmm, my priorities sure seem to have changed. As usual, I blame monogamy.

Anyway, Oden spoke with our future president on the phone and Obama razzed him about his new Mohawk haircut.

Iraq's Fd in the A

2008 Prez Democratic Delegate Count
Obama throws up Heisman pose with Longhorns
Oden endorses Obama on his blog

Mac Gs World

Storm the Court!!

I watched Vanderbilt upset newly minted number one Tennessee last night. The Commodores outplayed the Vols and deserved the victory on their home court. Vandy stud Shan Foster is a baller.

My problem was with the Vandy student body and their lack of a celebration afterwards on the court. They allowed 10 rent a cops stop a potential student party mob of a thousand. This is the ESPN highlights of the game and pay attention to the student section.

Here is the another post game video and notice the low number of cops with their weak barricade.

Vandy just beat the number one team in the country, an in state rival, and this is how the students celebrate? Lame.

College fans are usually criticized for unjustly spilling on to the court when a victory does not warrant such outward revelry. Not the other way around.

There is a reason that two of the best college hoops blogs are called Storming the Floor and Rush the Court.

Take note Vandy fan, this is how a student body storms the court after defeating a highly ranked team at home. Oklahoma State beat number 5 KU in Stillwater on Saturday and mayhem ensues immediately.

My favorite part is the long haired dude in an Okie State jersey with his hat on backwards, sprinting to half court and trying the chest jump bump on a Cowboys player. Awesome

Jeff Spicoli would have been proud.

The Sporting Blog saw the same weak celebratory effort out of the Commodores.

UPDATE: The Big Lead has a link to an article referring to Vanderbilt getting fined 2 times for their fans rushing onto the court. Still Very Lame.

Mac Gs World

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Morning Spank Bank

I apologize for promoting the whole Kimmel/Silverman/Affleck/Damon comedy drama. It is funny but I can only take so much of Damon, Affleck, and Kimmel.

This is especially problematically when the lyrics keep forcing me to think of those overrated Dbags in sexual positions.

Now Silverman is my girl and I would share some good cheese with her any day.

Here are some hot videos of Rachel Bilson, you know, a girl that you might actually want to F. Oh, you are welcome.

Mac Gs World

Im Fn Seth Rogen

A NSFW video courtesy of the Notorious DEK.

Here is the Sarah Silverman video Rogen parodied.

Jimmy Kimmel gets back at Silverman's infidelity.

Mac Gs World


I do not post much about the Wizards and I usually save my rantings for the best Wizards blog on the planet, Bullets Forever.

Lately, it has been pretty depressing rooting for the Wizards. I rail on Coach Eddie Jordan's sub patterns and harp about the deficiencies of the players on the court.

However, the bottom line is playing an NBA schedule without your 2 best players is not a recipe for success and this team will be prone to severe setbacks until they return.

This amazing road upset last night in New Orleans was a much needed victory for anyone who follows the Zards. Wizards announcer Steve Buckhantz has another memorable call.

Mac Gs World

Monday, February 25, 2008

Link Whores

  • There is a college class to learn how to cultivate cannabis. (Tasty Booze)
  • Tempe 12 has unbelievable hot chicks and I am still awaiting for an invite to one of their campus shoots. (Busted Coverage)
  • Vols fans are pumped about their big hoops win over Memphis and celebrated by burning things. My college roommates burned an extra dresser of ours once in the backyard while I was away for the weekend. The Fire Department was called because the flame was so big. I was pissed that somehow we would get billed by the city and I was not apart of the pyro fun. (Loser With Socks)
  • I have never understood the need for Joe Lunardi or the sports media's obsession over bubble teams, who will be lucky to win a game in the tourney anyway. (Epic Carnival)
  • Stephen A. Smith LOVES CHEESY DOODLES! DID YOU HEAR HIM? (Brahsome)
  • Gary Busey ate some fresh veggies, washed it down with shroom tea and hit the red carpet. (Cuzoogle)
  • Vegas has released their odds to win the World Series and my favorite teams still suck. (Sportscrack)
  • I am getting pumped for the new Nats stadium to open up next month. My seats are 3rd row from the wall in straight away left field. I plan on attending at least 20 games, pounding tuns of booze at the new bar in dead center, and yelling at the bum Austin Kearns relentlessly. (Deuce of Davenport)

"I Got a Gold Chain, Im on Cocaine"

Check out my favorite new rapper: Dirt Nasty.

NFL Draft Combine

The NFL Draft combine coverage on the NFL network always sucks me in. It is pretty creepy that I enjoy watching 20 something males running, jumping, and lifting weights in tights.

This gawking homophobic behavior is probably prohibited in some states by a backwards arcane law like the Texas one outlawing the purchase of vibrators.

Nonetheless, I am compelled to keep tunning in and I spent considerable time over the weekend glued to the NFL Channel.

My favorite part is listening to Arizona Weight training coach and combine spotter, John Tott, pump up the players during the bench press lifts.

Check Coach Tott out in rare form and here is his pep talk.

If I could train with Coach Tott, I would be posting ripped shirtless self portraits on my MySpace account in no time.

RB Darren McFadden(Dmac) blazed to a bad ass 40 time and should have solidified his spot as the number one RB in the draft. NFL Network draft Analyst Mike Mayock disagrees and ranks Illinois Raysheed Mendnahall over DMac. Mayock believes DMac fumbles too much, has character issues and is not strong enough in the lower body.

I could not disagree more with his assessment. If I remember correctly, pundits questioned Adrian Peterson for being injury prone, lack of receiving skills and his upright running style. Apete slid to 7 and then he ripped off one of the best rookie RB seasons in NFL history.

I see the same nitpicks on DMac. He dominated the best conference in America (SEC) and gashed the BCS champs LSU. DMac played in a gimmick offense, where he was lined up as a QB in the shotgun. He is hands down the best RB and might even be the top overall player.

Although DMac needs to use some of his future wealth to buy some rubbers.

The Blog Construda attended the combine and the NFL networks' Adam Schefter was pulling a Chris Berman on his camera crew.

Another favorite highlight this weekend was watching Schefter catch a football and run down the field for an apparent make believe touchdown. His stated dismay was the end zone being void of goal posts so he was unable to spike the ball over them.

I was unable to locate this hilarious video. Damn NFL Youtube Ban.

Spies Like EA

Erin Andrews, or just EA since we are tight in the internet stalker type of way, tried out a St. Pattys Day outfit on Saturday night in Memphis.

Here is EA from last week at Indiana during the Gameday show and we hope she puts these baggy jeans back in her closet. With a great pooper like hers, EA should only be wearing tight jeans or spandex pants.

Link Whores

  • Busted Coverage uncovers a crazy St. Patty's Day party in Champaign, Illinois. They must have read me ripping on their campus. Iowa City still blows them away and Madtown is the only Big 10 school comparable.
  • On 205th highlights the obvious that no one cares about Linsey Lohan the actress. America is more entertained with Lohan, the coke blowing trainwreck whore with big cans.
  • Brahsome digs into the mysterious GSpot.
  • Epic Carnival lists top 10 ways for other PGA golfers to compete with Tiger.
  • Blog of Hilarity finds out that Jessica Simpson's movie that tanked in America is rolling in the Ukraine. Papa Simpson's power has no bounds.
  • Cuzoogle makes me feel old as the baby on the Nevermind Album cover is 17.
  • Attuworld provides a lesson on Guinness drinking.
  • Coed Magazine posts about 9 dudes getting arrested at a Frat Party in Boulder.
  • The Put Down describes his ex-job as a Adult Video Store clerk. UM, Awesome.
  • Holy Taco posts about fans honor Harry Carry's passing by drinking a big ass beer.
  • Details Magazine wonders if having too much girth on a dude's G Unit is the key to happiness. CEOs of Penis pump makers seem to think this is true.
  • Blog Pig lists the lineup for the T in the Park music festival