Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Bday America

Happy July 4th! Have a great weekend and go get crunk!

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"It's All Rumor"

My legendary man crush Brett Favre is back in the news with speculation he wants to unretire and return to the Packers. I am getting called out for a response in the sports blog world and by my friends. Honestly, I have no idea what to feel at all. I spent the whole off season mourning his retirement and preparing myself for the "Mullet with a Bullet" era to begin.

It is like you spent a good chunk of time mentally getting over an ex-girlfriend after years of her threatening to leave you and then to have her jump back in your life to request another whirl. The sex was GREAT and her body was dynamite so it is tempting to hop back in the saddle.

If my choices are to watch number 4 for Packers or another team, it is a no brainer. I could never deal with him playing for another squad. Packers GM, Ted Thompson and Favre have never had a good relationship. This comeback news does put Thompson in a no win situation.

Favre can still play, he is a known commodity compared to Rodgers and this Packers team is stacked for a title run. I do not believe the "distraction" angle of this story at all either and most current Packers would love to have Favre back.

I am still as emotionally confused as the baby of the transgender man will be someday soon.

Favre most likely will stay retired but I will don the Favre jersey again in heartbeat if needed this fall.

I am an easy FudgePacker slut.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sonics Doom

I have no personal attachment to the Seattle Supersonics other than loving to play NBA Jam with Shawn Kemp and Detlef Schremp. Also, I enjoyed watching the "Glove" aka Gary Payton play lock down d and talk trash during his Sonics career.

There is no sane reason that an American city with 3.2 million area residents and a 41 years history of fervent fan support should lose their basketball franchise to a city with 1.2 million area residents and no track record of fan attendance other than a short run where the numbers were inflated due to cheap ticket prices.

Once again the fans take one on the chin in order for greed to win out. This is the dark dirty reality of professional sports and I have not seen such a rape job since MLB's gutting of the Montreal Expos and the NFL allowed Art Modell's to snooker the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore.

I hope disgruntled Seattle fans refrain from taking their anger out on the citizens of Oklahoma and Oklahoma City. They did nothing wrong in this situation and should be genuinely elated to finally have a major sports team in their community. I was doing cartwheels when DC was rewarded a baseball team.
Side Note: (This nAAts excitement is now utter disgust as Jim Bowden is the worst GM in baseball with a horrible record and somehow still has a job because he wears kneepads while blowing the owner's son. Bowden probably is unable to get much for his fellatio performances since the Lerner family ownership is a bunch of tight asses. )

Supersonics fan scorn should be directed towards three evil greedy henchmen: Clay Bennett, Howard Schultz, and David Stern,

Bennett is a lying sack of crap as he never had any intentions of keeping the Sonics in Seattle and was plotting to move the squad before he even purchased the team. Any comments spewed by Bennett to the contrary are utter falsehoods like Scott McClellan White House press conferences.

Mr Starfuks founder, Schultz had every opportunity to shove his own enormous wealth into this team and not crush the soul of Seattle citizens. Every rationale observer knew Bennett had no desire of keeping the team in Seattle, especially with how positively Bennett's home Oklahoma City had supported the New Orleans Hornets after the Katrina disaster but somehow billionaire Schultz put the fate of the franchise into a Seattle outsider like Bennett and he was straight up duped.

No wonder Starfuks stocked has tanked and Schultz has been unable to turn things around since coming back to run the company in January. His magic touch is gone and his judgement is seriously flawed. Schultz can shove his PR recovery driven stunt lawsuit to save face up his 5 dollar latte ass.

No matter what happens, Schultz's legacy to me will not be just coffee extraordinaire but being the business man who was tricked by a slickster and cost his Seattle community their beloved basketball team.

I saved the last wicked leech for last, NBA Commish Stern. I watched this video awhile back how Stern placed all the blame on Seattle pols for not approving hundreds of millions of dollars to build the Sonics a new arena or for major upgrades of the Soncis existing Key arena. F U. To ask the tax payers to ponie up exorbitant sums of money so billionaires can make huge profits in this struggling economy is completely asinine.

Gas is 4 bucks and rising, US infrastructure is crumbling and needs 1.5 trillion dollars investment to save off disaster, health care costs are out of control, millions of Americans are losing their homes with bad loans, Wall Street and Major US Banks are still stinging from hawking shady worthless mortgage securities, American wages are stagnant, and the annual trillion dollar military industrial complex continues to suck a hole in the federal budget by providing hardly any economic benefit for our spending but a multi trillion dollar NBA enterprise needs expensive luxury boxes on the tax payers tab for one of their team's or else?

Seriously, F U David Stern and your extortionist tactics. The NBA has no plans to expand or come back to Seattle at all so stop publicly lying to look good in the media.

You cover up for your dirty cheating refs like a Catholic Cardinal and now you smugly rip the hearts out of the same fans who helped lined your pockets for 41 years by devotedly promoting your basketball product.

Some gratitude and do not try to play us real NBA fans for fools, the Seattle Supersonic are over forever.

Here is Stern gushing about Key Arena just 13 year ago.

I am sure some Seattle pols probably could use some criticism but I obviously do not follow Seattle politics closely enough. Bennett and the NBA appeared to work them over in this "settlement" of the lease. I would have made them play out the final 2 years and who cares about keeping the colors and name of a franchise that will never happen again. DC still owned the rights to Senators name and good use that was to them for 40 years.

I will pour some High Life out in your honor, Sonics fan. I might even root for the Seasquawks this season when they do not play the Pack.
word, Mac G.

Seattle basketball is over
Sonics reach settlement with city of Seattle

UPDATE: I would love to play poker with Seattle Mayor Nickels and I found a great post about his lack of negotiating testicles.
Here is another insightful post about the dirty disingenuous behavior of Bennett.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Lend Me Your Ears and I'll Sing You a Song

This Joe Cocker mashup video from his 1969 Woodstock performance is another reminder why Youtube has changed our world for the better. Too bad John McCain has never ever used a computer and can not enjoy in the video's hilarity.

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Video made by Jared Pike

Monday, June 30, 2008

Panic Grabbed My Legs and Pulled Me in

I just got back from a trip out to Denver for a music concert at Red Rocks. I have been to the venue before but it is truly one of the best out door arenas in America. The Amphitheater is basically in a Rock. It has great sound, unbelievable views of Mtns/Denver skyline, hassle free security, no gestapo ushers, general admission seating, and just an overall cool vibe. Even a crappy band (insert Coldplay joke here) would be tolerable at the "Rocks." Rado Brah!

I forgot to mention the 3 day Dance party thrown by Widespread Panic. Uber Killa.
No pulled muscles but the brain is mush, face still partially melted and large pieces of charcoal feel stuck in my lungs.

Panic's run marked their 32 straight sell out show at Red Rocks, which is a record and the Denver Mayor honored the band by proclaiming last Friday,"Widespread Panic Day" in the City and County of Denver.

This post already took almost a hour to create so I am done, however, here are a few pictures to sum up my vacation.

Red Rocks
Widespread Panic
The Kings of Red Rock