Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lohan's Favorite Movie: Herbie, Fully Loaded

Lindsay Lohan was able to make it on the Tonight show after all. Enjoy.

"Disco Stu Does Not Advertise"

The Summer list of movies that Mac G needs to check out is compiling up quickly(Sicko, Talk to Me, Transformers). Add the Simpson's movie to the Mac G must see movie catalog.

Here is a hilarious blog post from the Feed comparing the individual characters in the Simpson's to a person in sports.

Carl – Gilbert Arenas. Because Carl’s the coolest cat in Springfield.

Rev. Lovejoy – Mike Krzyzewski. A fitting choice to portray Springfield’s most sanctimonious character.

Smithers – Chris Berman. Aids and abets his master in any way he can. Also, both are into leather.

Ned Flanders – Tony Dungy. Footlong hot dogs make each of them uncomfortable.

Two of my favorite characters on the Simpson's are Disco Stu and Duffman.
I love these quotes.

"Disco Stu likes disco music."

"Disco Stu got hooked on the white stuff in the seventies."

Titania: You said if I slept with you, I wouldn't have to touch the drunk!
Duffman: Duff Man says a lot of things! Oooh yeah!!!

Barney: I can't, I'm the designated driver!
Duffman: Yeah that's swell, Duff wholeheartedly supports the designated driver program. Now! Who wants to Party!

Duffman: New feelings brewing inside Duffman... What... WOULD JESUS DO?!

The Simpson's Sports Movie
Duffman, OH YEAH!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"YO, YO, This is Your Boy, Double J"

The ending is GRRRRRRRREAT!

Liar, Liar, Pants on FIRE

I would expect a better performance from the top law official in our country. Actually, I would settle for Attorney General Gonzo to actually TELL THE TRUTH!! He is either incompetent, an idiot or both. "Executive Privilege, Pleading the 5th, Partisan Politics, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH."

Would someone in the Justice Department or the White House PLEASE just answer these questions.

  • Who put the 8 US attorney's on the fired list?
  • Why were they put on this list?
  • Was the White House directly involved?
  • If so, who in the White House made the final decision and why?
Over the past 2 years the White House has argued that their secret domestic illegal spying program on law abiding systems was OKAY on the basis that only the terrorists should have something to hide. CIVIL RIGHTS BE DAMNED!!

Now, the same Administration will not let their aides answer questions or provide pertinent direct information into a Congressional investigation into why 8 US attorney's were fired. If they have nothing to hide or were not involved, why not provide proof that you are innocent? This contradicts the same rationale provided to back up their spying programs.

I know this administration favorite words other than terror or Al Queda, is "Cherry Pick."

Do not forget it was the White House, who created this mess and investigation by firing these attorneys in the first place. The main GOP talking point of "Clinton did it," is total misleading BS. President Clinton did replace all of his US attorneys in 1993 but ALL Presidents pick their own US Attorneys at the start of their terms. However, no President had ever fired this many in the middle of their terms of service before and it is totally unprecedented.

Do not forget it was the White House who changed their rationale for the firings over and over. It almost worked as the national press fell asleep and stellar blog Talking Points Memo kept the story alive by its top notch reader driven investigation.

Do not forget it was the White House who publicly smeared these life long Republican appointed lawyers, causing them to speak out repeatedly. They came up with Loyal Bushie Rating system, not Congress.

It is up to the White House to prove to Congress and the American people that they were not directly involved in these firings on pure political grounds. Not the other way around. Instead, their staffs hide behind convenient lost emails and bunker down over executive privilege. Their shady behavior fuels the belief that something wrong and unethical happened.

I wish the truth would come out and this story would be over. I highly doubt it. I predict that the Bush team will run the clock out in the Courts and we will only find out the real truth in the future by reading one of the bazillion books to come out about this corrupt administration.

This video hurts too much to watch. Our Fd up Govt at work. No wonder we can not end a horrendous occupation in Iraq, fix social security or provide cheaper health care to everyone.

US Attorneys Time Line
UPDATE: Not Only is Gonzo a moron, He straight up perjured himself, which is lying on the stand!

"How Does Haterade Really Taste?"

I have never liked Stephon Marbury on the basketball court. All of this teams seem to get better once he leaves(TWolves, Nets,Suns), his ego always rubbed me the wrong way after he left KG and I partially blamed him for Team USA's 2004 Olympic failure in Greece.

However, I am starting to warm up to Stephon. Off the court, Starbury has been bringing it lately. He came out with a line of basketball shoes that retail for only 15 dollars a pair, which has been a huge cost savior for middle and lower income families. His shoes help release some of the financial burden and pressure of paying 150-200 dollars for the "in" pair of basketball shoes. He seems to really care about where he came from and is highly involved in his community.

Starbury has been hosting a TV show called, "Stars on Stars," which has received positive reviews and he was downright hilarious in this recent TV interview.

Agent Zero better watch his back because Starbury has been straight up Blogging for the NYPost. I have no clue what he is talking about most of the time, nerveless, they have been highly entertaining and insightful. He caused a media stir by declaring on a blog post his desire to retire playing hoops in Italy after winning a title for the Knicks.

He goes after MJ and rips on Lebron. Here are some my favorite comments from his blog.

  • The tour is going great. While we were in Virginia and B-more, we went to the Barry Farms streetball tournament in DC. It was crazy.The kid 720 with the crazy hops was there and dudes like "AO'' who used to be down with And 1. They were all rockin' Starbury gear. Starbury is locking down the streetball game too. I forgot to tell you that when Mayor Bloomberg left the meeting with me, he was wearing $14.98 Starburys.
  • After that we went to Venice. We strolled with the "Gondola man'' singing and pushing the boat. They told me 400 people take classes to steer them and only 100 people pass. I fell in love with wifey all over again. We took the boat to the casino. Everything is on water. You have to take taxi boats. It was set-up like the movie Casino Royale, one of my favorite flicks. We ended our trip to Rome. We went to Pentium and the Coloseum. The high note was our visit to the Sistine Chapel. It is incredible. You walk in one door and out the other and you become free in mind, body and spirit. That's when I knew I was free. I flew home a free man and my life got turned around.
  • That's why I want to go back to Italy after winning the championship with the Knicks.
  • My whole life I have wanted to do what Michael Jordan has done on the basketball court. But just on the basketball court. I have not tried to be like him off the court. I have a different vision for who I want to be off the court and the life I want to create to help change the world.
  • There is nothing greater than to be able to touch people, especially kids cause their spirits are a true reflection of God. The kids today said they don't never see LeBron or any athletes come around.
    That made me smile. That's why we're there.
  • You want to make me the clown…I’m not the dude on the ESPYs, getting carried on a throne. I’m not him. I’m the good guy, not the bad guy. I don’t want to be carried on the throne…I just want to walk among the people.
    I can only love y'all for hating me. But transfer hate into love, then you can help others.
  • I do have one admission. I am high, high off of life.
    I drink life’s happy water which is bottled at the divine source.
    It goes down much smoother than "haterade.''. How does "haterade'' really taste?
Starbury Blogs

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Lil Jon: Terminal Bling

Strung Out on Hollywood and Vine

Marcus Allen Gets No Love From Penthouse Pet

Somewhere Reggie Bush and OJ are chuckling at this story. From the ALWAYS reputable NY Post

KIMBERLY Williams, the June 2007 Penthouse Pet, has never met football legend Marcus Allen - and she wants to keep it that way. After talking on the phone for a few weeks, "he seemed like a really nice guy. But . . . I quickly found out that this is not a guy I want to know," the pin-up told Steppin' Out magazine's Chauncé Hayden. Kimberly was creeped out that Allen is a regular at the Playboy Mansion, and that his MySpace page is filled with girlfriends thanking him for "lunch." "So I started to pull away from him just to protect myself. But he calls me over 15 times a day! . . . He started to send me these terrible text messages. 'Where the hell are you, Kimberly!' . . . It's really scary . . . Things got really bad after I did the Howard Stern show. He got very upset that I got nude on the show. Hello! I'm a Penthouse Pet . . . I told him he needed to calm down . . . But he got even angrier." Allen's lawyer, Larry Stein, told Page Six: "It's the other way around. She's the one pursuing him. She started sending him pictures of herself with no clothes on. She's trying to get publicity."
So Marcus gets blown off publicly before he ever meets this girl? I do smell a publicity stunt and WELL DONE Kimberly. I have already found your myspace page and we are Myspace BFF now. I can not wait for your SPAM Bulletins!

The NYPost ran their gossip blurb with a picture of an actress with the same name. Too bad because the real Kimberly has far better pictures/jugs. (NSFW)

The millionaire dollar question remaining is the url location of Marcus Allen's myspace page. I can not get my dad to use email or the Internet and Marcus is pimping hos on myspace? I wish I could only be so cool at 47.

Kimberly has 13K MySpace friends and Marcus could still be one of them. Mac G is calling his loyal 6 readers to help him locate this juicy site. REGULATORS, MOUNT UP!

NY Post Blurb
Wrong Kimberly Williams
Kimberly William's MySpace
The Big Lead Post
Marcus is OLD


It looks like Hollywood's number one party girl is in a little hot water, actually DEEP, Boiling aqua!

Law enforcement now says Lohan was stopped after cops got a call of a vehicle being chased by another vehicle. The chasing vehicle was being driven by Lohan.

Lohan was driving a white Denali. She was chasing a Cadillac Escalade.

She was initially suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol. A field sobriety test was conducted and she was subsequently arrested for DUI.

At the station, a search of her person was conducted, and cocaine was found in her pants pocket.

A breath test was conducted and her blood alcohol was between .12 and .13.

Lohan was driving on a suspended license and a 2nd DUI is a felony in Cali. Reports have her chasing the mother of her personal assistant, who freaked out and called 911, which led to her getting pulled over.

She has canceled tonight's scheduled appearance on the Leno show to promote her new movie. I guess her new alcohol anklet did not stop her from getting BOMBED and driving recklessly on a Monday night!

All famous people or rich people, listen up, HIRE a DRIVER or a LIMO!

Lohan likes car chases, ON Booze and Blow!
No Lame Jokes with Jay
Lohan's new Bod and Booze Anklet
Lohan's DUMB A$$ San Andreas Grand Theft Auto Joy Ride
Updates: Check out TMZ and Perez Hilton
Betting Update: Lohan claims to bag Beckham by December

Monday, July 23, 2007

Mac G Mundays

Mac G is back from the Crazy Big Apple. My trip is summed up in 2 words: Braindead and Broke. I will write a recap later of my pointless thoughts about NYC.
Mac Gs World blew up over the weekend with our friends at the The Big Lead linking to our video on Tommie Fraizer's rapping. Check it out.