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Congratulations to bad ass Nebraska Defensive Lineman Ndamukong SUH for winning the Outland Trophy, Chuck Bednarik Award, Bronko Nagurski Award and the Vince Lombardi/Rotary Award.

The more impressive accomplishment was breaking through the offensive player bias barrier and securing an invite to the Heisman Trophy presentation.

According the site Stiff Arm Trophy, Suh, Mark Ingram and Toby Gerhart are separated by a few points to win the prestigious trophy.

I want to pat myself on the back for pounding the SUH for Heisman trophy meme on Twitter for over 3 months and looks like my hard work paid off.

Well, Suh bitch slapping Texas Oline and tossing QB Dolt McCoy around like a rag doll may have helped Suh's cause as well. :)

Congratulations Suh, you led your offensively inept Nebraska team to a FG away from a Big 12 championship and you deserve every honor thrown your way.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

VY Resurrected

Sunday's NFL games were pretty blah but the most riveting finish was watching Vince Young leading the Titans on a 99 yard game winning drive over the Cardinals. Here is a video recap of the clutch drive.

I ran into Young at a casino in New Orleans last April while there for my buddies bachelor party over Jazz Fest Musical festival. I was wearing Iowa Hawkeye beads that I just purchased on Bourbon Street and I yelled "Sup VY." Young instantly noticed my Hawkeyes paraphernalia and told me that his boy is former Iowa QB Drew Tate. They both hail from Texas.

I asked if I could get my picture with him and VY was ready to pose when one of his entourage boys said no. I had totally forgotten that I was in the middle of a Casino lobby and no photograph evidence was probably a wise move.

VY was very engaging to some random drunk white guy like myself when he really did not not need to be at all. I came away with a positive experience in our brief encounter and I hate the Texas Longhorns too.

It seems silly but as a believer in karma, I feel VY is getting his just due now.

HT: Josh Q. Public

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Link Whores

  • MTV is finally making a Guido Reality TV show. Animal
  • My man Cajun Boy absolutely nails down the sociological characteristics of this generations Guidos. Cajun Boy in the City
  • The new video game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, set all time record with 300 million dollar of sales in 24 hours. CNET
  • Will 'Paranormal Activity' Teach The Movie Industry A Lesson? Tech Dirt
  • The obituary of blogging in favor of micro blogging (Twitter) might have been premature. Tech Crunch
  • Will Leitch highlights the year 2001. Deadspin
  • Former Atlanta Hawks cheerleader makes a porn. Don Chavez
  • Miranda Kerr is going to debut a diamond bra along with her butterfly lingerie during next week's Victoria Secret fashion show on CBS. Tasty Booze
  • Ron Artest Slings the Crazy on Jimmy Kimmel. Brahsome
  • The creation of a Jimmy Clausen got his ass beat parody video has to be rock bottom for Notre Dame fans. Busted Coverage
Picture Credit: 9GAG-"Miss the 90's?"

Friday, November 20, 2009

United We Serve

Throwing the football around with NFL stars Drew Brees, DeMarcus Ware, and Troy Polamalu along with President Obama on the South Lawn is pretty damn cool.

The Prez even grabs a smooth pick from Brees and he should have bowed afterwards in celebration just to set Fox News into a frenzy.

Did you FEEL the exercise indoctrination of the children?

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Picture of the Day

So this is not the Showbiz Pizza Party that I remember as a little kid.

HT: The Notorious DEK

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Quote of the Day

Iowa Linebacker Pat Angerer has a solid comeback dare to the national pundits like Mark May, Lou Holtz and Terry Bradshaw hating on Iowa's 9-0 record,

"It doesn’t really matter....I’m pretty sure I can beat up most of those guys anyway.”
9-0 is 9-0 and the point of a football contest is to beat the other team. Iowa has not lost a game in over a calendar year but somehow they are begging for national respect after eventually covering the spread against Indiana last Saturday. I do not have the energy to break down everything because there is still a bunch of football to be played but who the hell thinks Boise State/Cincinnati/TCU would run the table at Madison, East Lansing, and Happy Valley in the same season?

There is no doubt that Iowa has warts and they been a benefactor of fortunate bounces at times. However, this 2009 team has always made the money plays when the game is on the line and they should get credit for making them.

I will take winning ugly over losing pretty and I am pretty sure most college football fans would like their team to be 9-0. It feels much better than following the Cornhuskers wreckage in Lincoln.

While the 2009 Hawkeyes have caused serious heart/liver damage amongst us fans, I am still buckled in for the historic ride.

Stanzi Magic, Believe it.

Picture HT: Hawkeye Lounge

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Like Agent Zero, The Basketball Jones is Back

My favorite NBA podcast, The Basketball Jones, is back for another NBA season. Here is a video montage of last year with these hilarious and basketball savvy Canadians.

J.E. Skeets is the editor of Yahoo's dope basketball blog Ball Don't Lie and here is his Twitter feed. Other host is Tas Melas and here is his Twitter feed.
Jason Doyle is the show's producer.

Monday, October 26, 2009

All Day>William Gay

Purple Jesus just made a fool out of Steelers DB William Gay.

HT: You Been Blinded

Stanzi Magic

I was yelling “Stanzi Magic” continually throughout the final drive and stewed anxiously during these final 2 seconds to see if my premonition was about to hit pay dirt.


The exact text message to my Hawkeye boyz: “Stanzi Magic, hawkeyes are destined, its so real that it seems made up.”

When you place this sporting event in a big picture thinking context, it seems silly that a play amongst 19-21 year old males could have such an emotional impact on your daily life. To an irrational and passionate Hawkeye/Husker fan like myself, the Hawkeye victory saved what could have been the worst college football day ever and positively changed the outlook of my life in the Fall of 2009.

After Nebraska suffered another demoralizing home upset defeat at the hands of a gritty undermanned Iowa State Cyclone squad, Iowa’s BCS/Rose Bowl chances going up in flames would have been a double whammy soul crusher. It would have taken me weeks to recover and I am not afraid to admit this flaw of mine. Hell, the Brett Favre Vikings ordeal has scarred me in ways that I am not comfortable in talking about yet. (My cat dying, my fiancĂ© leaving me, and my all time sports hero playing for the hated enemy are almost on the similar level of personal despair.) Yes, I am weird/crazy MoFo.

The Stanzi/McNutt combination will go down as one of the top plays in Hawkeye history and might just be the defining moment of a special season.

On Sunday morning, I woke up from my alcohol-induced slumber and immediately pondered if that play really transpired. These types of things do not happen to us Hawkeye fans and we wait around for bad things to happen for good reason, which is based on past repetitive disappointments. (Distinct losses that I witnessed in person over and over and over still traumatize me to this day. I was so close for this heartbreaking hoops defeat that you can almost see me in St. Patty’s Day gear) This devastation has bred quite a severe case of pessimistic cynicism in myself and some of my fellow Hawkeye brahs/brahettes.

However, this play did happen, Iowa is 8-0 for the first time ever, Hawkeyes has won 12 in a row dating back to last season, computers really do have them ranked number one, their BCS ranking is 4 and a Rose Bowl berth seems in reach. The national media is finally taking notice that Iowa is now a legitimate national championship contender.

My initial mass text on Sunday summarizes the feelings of gradual but bewildered acceptance of what is transpiring to Hawkeye nation.

“Did the sports gods really shine on the Hawkeyes? 5 wins from a national title? Holy Fucking Shit!”

Stanzi Magic, Believe It.

McNutt It.

HT for Video: Black Heart Gold Pants

Friday, October 23, 2009

"See You In My Nightmares"

Kanye West & Spike Jonze - We Were Once A Fairytale


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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Dark Knight Kills Christmas

The amount of Christian Bale/Batman humor jabs in this video is pure comedic genius.

HT:The Daily What

Friday, October 09, 2009

The House of Suh

Nebraska DL Ndamukong Suh completely dominated in the Huskers' 27-12 huge road victory over Missouri last night. I will have much more on Suh and strongly arguing how it is complete bullshit that being one of if not the best defensive college football player in the country somehow does not guarantee him any real shot at winning the Heisman trophy.

This is my new favorite hash tag on Twitter. #suhforheisman

I have been blowing up on Twitter today and tweeting some dope smak to deserving peeps associated with the Missouri Tigers. I provided a slight rat a tat tat to Chase Daniel.

The infamous blogger Huskerh8er and his now defunct blog ripping the Nebraska football program got his Mac G beat down over and over and over and over.

Huskerh8er spent years running a Missouri centric site dedicated solely to tearing apart Husker nation. I actually agreed with some of his assessments and enjoyed his writing style but if you are going to play that game, expect some serious blow back when your team craps the bed like it did last night. This is how sports fandom works and I am not going to let up until he publicly eats crow.

Huskerh8er's "Missouri sucks so does Nebraksa crap" or calling Nebraska fans gomers or hicks is not going to fly. When Chase Daniel sliced up Nebraska's D the past few years, I swallowed the painful Tigers syrup and never played the easy "Rednecks in Ozarks card." Man up Huskerh8er, I am awaiting a real response.

Mizzou's starting QB Blaine "I see Suh people" Gabbert has been a tweet target of mine as well (here and here) for his piss poor play against the Skers. Go give Gabbert your tweet condolences for sucking on national TV more than Nebraska's subpar QB and he is lucky that he did not have at least 5 picks.

I am not bitter over Gabbert decommitting to Nebraksa because teenagers are apt and allowed to change their minds but karma is still kind of a bitch.

My boy Matt at Sportscrack has a new dope "House of Spears" Suh Tshirt.

Go Get Yourself a T Shirt.


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Hawkeye Burns UM Wolvermuts

I do not post many forward emails because they are either distasteful/unfunny jokes, dirty porn or distorted rants declaring that President Obama is the anti Christ.

However, I made an exception for this one.

A recent graduate of Iowa moved to Dearborn, Michigan when shelanded a great job with a company located there. After becoming a citizen of Michigan, she felt almost as if she had betrayed her Iowa background and ancestry. She had an apartment with a Michigan address, and she winced whenever she looked at her Michigan driver's license. When it came time to register her vehicle she had an idea. She'd get personalized plates and make things right.

The personalized license plate for her car arrived, and she beamed as she installed them. She was so proud she sent an instant message to her father right away. He too was a proud Iowa alumnus.

'Daddy,' she typed. 'I'm so excited! I got new, personalized plates for my Mini today. They're University of Michigan plates!'

'WHAT?' he replied, 'You have to be joking!'

'Nope, I'm totally serious. Let me send you the image.'

Her father couldn't stop laughing after he viewed the picture of her car.

"Betraying your Iowa ancestry" is a little too much Iowa pride for my tastes but I am thoroughly impressed with how she rolls now.

Personally, I would worked into mocking the hand on the plates because every Michigander that I have ever met loves to point out their hometown to each other on their hand. A tip for all those single dudes or philanders out there, poking fun at this weird hand obsession works great as an ice breaker in convos with women from Michigan.

The Movie Trailer: Tebow Gets Hit

Cajun Boy in the City

Monday, October 05, 2009

Levi Johnston Gets Crackin' with Wonderful Pistachios

The Emergence of Baby Daddy Levi Johnston on to the national celebrity scene has been pretty amusing to witness. Free Market Fundamentalists are definitely conflicted in watching the Alaskan Hockey Cock Gangsta get paid solely for knocking up the daughter of their "Family Values" hypocrite hero.

Paramount Farms has made a wise decision because I am sure this Pistachio nuts ad video is already burning up the tubes.

HT: The Daily What

Link Whores

  • The Washington Capitals beat up on the Boston Bruins in their season opener but the real excitement was going on in the Bruins' stands. 2 Girls, zero cups, one boob show. Barstool Sports
  • Aubrey O’Day Is Obviously Still Upset About Those Nude Photos. Don Chavez
  • Orioles manager Dave Trembley still has a job even after the O's players quit during the second half of the season. Bugs and Cranks
  • My comment on this Wizards blog post sums up my pessimistic feelings on Andray Blatche finally becoming a consistent NBA contributor. Truth About It
  • Tyrannical Redskins owner Daniel Snyder is now confiscating brown paper grocery bags from fans entering home games and any fans that got their sacks through and attempted to put them on were swarmed by security immediately. My suggestion would be to stop giving Snyder money but Skins fans are too loyal and Snyder knows it. Washington City Paper
  • "Blind Lawyer Sues Hooker" is my favorite headline of October. Asylum
  • 30 Rock hottie, Katrina Bowden, shows off her bikini bod. The Beer Goggler
  • Milk Industry could be shedding their "Got Milk" campaign and going in this new weird advertising direction.
  • I am totally embarrassed to be associate with this awful rapper because of my Caucasian skin. Blog of Hilarity
  • Kate Beckinsale wins Sexiest woman award. On 205th
  • What non Notre Dame fan is not tired of Lou Holtz's act? It is clear that he provides little analysis and his insights/predictions are demonstrably wrong. The Wiz of Odds
  • The top story line of the 2009 NFL season so far is the high number of god awful teams. Hell, the Lions are not even the worst one either. The Big Picture
  • "The Catch" has earned a lifetime pass with most Husker fans but from my personal experiences with knowing this guy a little bit, he is still a complete Dbag. This commercial makes the case for me. The Wiz of Odds
  • Sparty interrupted a potential Michigan/Iowa undefeated clash this Saturday night by pulling off the thrilling OT upset in East Lansing and Isaac has great pictures of the game. The World of Isaac
  • Doug breaks down a match up between Hooters and Dick's Sporting goods in this clever blog post. Hey Jenny Slater
  • LSU Freak highlights the bitch slap in slow motion art form that Saints put on rookie QB Mark Sanchez yesterday. The Sporting Blog
  • No one gives Kyle Orton, aka Neck Beard, much respect in this league and some of it is justified from his glorified wickey/party persona but NB just keeps winning NFL games. Kissing Suzy Kolber
  • Tigers OF Miguel Cabrera gets tanked with White Sox and wife calls the cops on his drunk ass at 6am. Mouth Piece Sports
  • Rodney Harrison tells Tom Brady to take his skirt off. Awful Announcing
  • This Flutie Magic attire must have propelled the Bears to the offensive explosion over the Lions yesterday. Straight Cash Homey

Picture HTs:

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

America: Target America

I will give the conservative media credit for even passing even my own imagination on their hypocritical freak outs over the 9 month old Obama presidency. Cue the scary "indoctrination".......

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
America: Target America
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political HumorRon Paul Interview

This columnist is advocating for a potential military coup to take out our U.S. civilian leadership and some jack ass published a Facebook poll about killing Obama so maybe Fox News pundits are on to something!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Link Whores

  • The bikini return of hot sideline reporter, Ines Sainz Epic Carnival
  • The Raiders are treating former MVP Rich Gannon like crap because he is one of few players left that still actually cares about their abysmal NFL organization. The Sports Pig's Blog
  • Seeing Florida State female coeds embrace Jenn Sterger's Cowgirl tradition is a beautiful development. Busted Coverage
  • Kim Kardishan must have her ass on the super juice. Holy Smokes Batman! Don Chavez
  • I might have to quit my day job if men can make 15K for a woody. Blog of Hilarity
  • Tree House sells for 12K? Asylum
  • Even with an injured groin, Chargers DE Shawn Merriman has been very active on Twitter. Gunaxin
  • The Angles clinched the AL West last night and honored their fallen teammate in a special way. Stupid Sports Blog
  • Get ready for Mike/Mike slobbering over Jon Bon Jovi like cougar fan girls because Arena Ball is back!! Deadspin

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Boiling Frogs

This video sums it all up on Glenn Beck's carnival act.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Scenes of the Weekend

See if you can locate former UDub basketball stars and current NBA ballers Nate Robinson and Spencer Hawes celebrating Washington's monumental upset over USC.

HT: Twitter

The Cowboys new stadium is an impressive fortress with a massive Jumbotron but the Cowboy Cheerleaders cage dancing might be the best perk for male attendees.

HT: Yahoo Sports Shutdown Corner

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mad Men Massholes

The TV show Mad Men is combined with crass behavior of Chowderhead Massholes to make a hilarious Funny or Die video.

HT: The Notorious DEK

Monday, September 14, 2009


After listening to Gus Johnson call Brandon Stokley's miraculous game winning catch live, I am convinced Johnson would have died doing the Kordell Stewart/Michael Westbrook Hail Mary game in Ann Arbor or Scott Frost/Matt Davison Mizzou play.

Kanye=Ass, Representative Joe Wilson=Hole

Both Kanye West and Congressman Joe Wilson acted like complete ass holes in highly public TV events over the past week so this meant online video mashups were inevitable.

HT: Indecision Forever

Friday, September 11, 2009

Wii Resort Swordplay

The Wii sports gaming experience in America is getting hilariously intense as this older dude battles it out in sword fighting.

HT: Blog of Hilarity

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Birther Movement Finally Makes Sense

HT: Balloon Juice

As Starbury's World Turns

We are all just spectators in Starbury's whacky world. Love is Love.

HT: NESW Sports

Monday, August 31, 2009

Link Whores

Pix HT: I Am A Savage

  • The mother of Edgerrin James's 4 children died in April and Edge is focused on filling the void for his kids. Yahoo Sports

  • Joe Posnanski writes up a terrific piece on Kansas Royals minor league pitcher Disco Hayes defying the odds with his slow fast ball and side arm delivery. KC Star

  • For the 5 Royals fans left in the country, Posnanski provides 3361 words of stellar in depth analysis of the 2009 team's shittiness. Joe Posnanski's blog 

  • Lebowskifest is coming to the DC area on its US tour. Lebowskifest

  • Vizio is making a name for itself in the competitive High Def TV market. NY Times

  • Mark Chmura jersey sighting in Arizona. I never thought Favre could drop to the same level in my eyes as the ass hypocritical ass hole Chewy. Straight Cash Homey

  • Simon is confused to why the Tampa Rays dealt Scott Kazmir and no other team blocked the trade either. Simon on Sports

  • This video takes the term corner kick to a whole new meaning in soccer. Yes, these flags do make men in committed relationships very jealous. Sportscrack

  • I agree with Isaac that I somehow still watch Entourage even though the terrible plot lines and piss poor acting constantly leave me unfulfilled. This Ashley character is as blah as Kevin Connolly's thespian chops. The World of Isaac

  • Brian Boitano has parlayed his ice skating career and South Park song fame into a cooking show on the Food Network. Huggin Harold Reynolds

  • Mums the word from Minka Kelly on whether reports that she has locked down serial player Derek Jeter with an engagement. Moon Dog Sports

  • Mad Men brought out some taboo racial humor from the "good ole days." Asylum

  • In the spirit of Joey McIntyre from a past generation, Zac Efron ruins another hard core gangster.

  • There is some sophomoric editing on Urban Meyer's wikipedia page. Losers With Socks

  • Lucy Pinder is guaranteed to jolt up your Munday. On 205th

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UK Sports Commercials>US Sports Commercials

I wish America had more humorous sports promos like this one and as always, I blame the Puritans.


Link Whores-Mac G Apology Edition

Picture HT: TV Tan Line

  • I consulted several talented graphic design professionals and their consensus opinion was that Washington Wizards logo has to be some joke. Nope, it is pathetically real. NBC Washington 

  • Craigslist is one unique company and this is a solid read. Wired

  • Apple could soon be offering cameras on its iPod classic, nano, and touch. Electronista

  • Due to the tough economic climate caused by the malfeasance of greedy banksters, prices for beer and steaks are going up. Costs of cigarettes were already dramatically increased earlier this year because of new taxes. What is next target for males, Weed? The Washington Independent

  • I was disappointed that Kansas State and Iowa State did not make the list of America’s 25 Douchiest Colleges. I have spent many of miserable nights attempting to party in both of those manure laced lame excuses for college towns. This list is blatant example of page view whoring because you have to click through each 25 individual pages. Putting the George W Bush Administration's farm system of loyal Bushies, otherwise known as Bob Jones University, at number 6 made up for their whoring.

  • The 1985 Iowa Hawkeyes were one of the definitive sports teams of my adolescence and their Rose Bowl team was led by Heisman runner up QB Chuck Long. It is lousy that the football program has not retired Long's number 16. Possibly their football/athletic department are too busy covering up players' sexual assaults and shaking down fans for gobs of money to watch their Tecmo Bowl vanilla offense every fall. One historic upset victory over Penn State and the best Hawkeye offensive season ever by Shonn Greene in 2008 does not give me amnesia of what happened to this poor young female.  Black Heart Gold Pants

  • A list of Division basketball coaches on Twitter. Peter Robert Casey

  • Ed Hardy hand sanitizer is perfect for Jon Gosselin. Tasty Booze

  • Japaneese kids are more likely to pop their virgin cherries if they skip breakfast. Blog of Hilarity

  • Anna Kournikova is still slinging sex appeal and now Kswiss products. Don Chavez

  • Natty digs up videos dedicated to participating in the Mile High Club. Uncoached

  • Utah teacher paid a 15 year old for sex and the state of Florida will soon raise its game so not to be nudged from the top spot of "female teachers sexually preying on young boys" stories. The Sports Pig's Blog

  • Shaq dons pink speedo bottoms. NESW Sports

  • Men across America will soon swoon when this hot Arizona State cheerleader throws out her shocker pitchfork symbols during Sundevils' games. Busted Coverage

  • Leryn Franco, the world's favorite Paraguayan pole vaulter from the 08 Olympic games, participated in a steamy bikini photo shoot. On 205th

  • If the Sports media world had a TV show like Saturday Night Live, Rick Pitino's bizarre press conference yesterday would be ripe for a clever comedic parody. The Sporting Blog

  • This is a very useful tech cheat sheet to use on today's elder generation. Yep Yep

I apologize deeply to my loyal readership for my lack of posts over the past several months. I am tackling some major personal issues that have left me with a serious case of bloggers block.

In June, my loyal pet of 10 years became tragically ill and I had to put him down after months of futilely (And Expensively!) searching for the cause of his health complications. Then the following month, my beloved fiancĂ© Miss So Belle abandoned me to move far away and live with her parents in an attempt to chase some other life without me. 

To rub in the salt deep, my favorite sports player of all time, Brett Favre, decided to spit in the face of my 16 years of fan loyalty to play for the hated enemy, Viqueens. 

I never want to bore anyone with the mundane details of my life but I felt the need to address my sucky blogging. I have seriously contemplated just erasing my whole Mac G online presence from the series of tubes and maybe someday I will just say fuk it all.

My old man asked me recently how many fantasy football teams that I planned on having this year and my answer of 5 stirred a stern response from him. He lectured me that I should focus my energies on other productive things and I countered that I need the squads to deal with life’s shitty poker hands.

So for now, I will continue to use this blog as a creative outlet and I hope in the meantime continue to entertain a few peeps with my rants, humorous vids/pix and of course, mad poon. 

Word, Mac G

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

George Brett Comedy Gold Mashup

Videos like this one reaffirm my love of YouTube/technology because life seems so unnatural with out them. George Brett is killing my Chesapeake Bay crab cravings. 

Mad Props HT: TV Tan Line

WTF, I mean really, WTF?

For the Love of Breasting Feeding Doll...........

HT: The Daily What

Monday, August 03, 2009

Did Tiger Rip One?

Did Tiger Woods fart of was it someone else in the crowd? Regardless of who was the guilty party, Tiger and his caddy sure got a laugh out of it.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Picture of the Day

Check out the map of Tokyo's subway transit system. Wowsers.

HT: Twitter/Matt Yglesias

Friday, July 24, 2009

Don Chavez Creams Media in Erin Andrews Peephole Video Drama

For those of you looking for the best coverage of the Erin Andrews Peephole saga on the series of tubes, it should come to no surprise that my man Donnie C is all over the story and creaming the mainstream outlets.

Don Chavez blasts through the several implausible media narratives and exposes that ESPN was the initial one that confirmed the grainy video was actually Erin Andrews. Don Chavez is even trying to track down the ass wipe perv that loaded the vid on the internet.
I highly recommend bookmarking or subscribing to his RSS because it is the dog days of sports and this story is not going away for awhile.

Donnie C has a long illustrious list of poon sleuthing web achievements so he is well immersed in pounding the internet for scoops. The EA story is in good hands and I am sure DC will be in full throttle mode until he tracks the peeping perv and/or the crime scene hotie room down.

Oh DC, you are welcome for my full Mac G slobbering endorsement of your work.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Media Love Letters to Sanford

Due to the current lack of quality journalism from major networks, it was fitting that Walter Cronkite's death came on the heels of today's big time journalists looking like complete groveling asses in the Mark Sanford scandal. Jon Stewart can not wait to elaborate further. 

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
To Sir, With Love
Daily Show
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Political HumorJoke of the Day

Monday, July 20, 2009

Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up

I echo the sentiments of Will Leitch that I was memorized by this Rick Astley and Nirvana mashup video.

HT: The Will Leitch Experience

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Link Whores

  • Video of President Obama throwing out first pitch of the All Star game in a White Sox Jacket and joking about no money for bailing out the National League. The Political Carnival

  • Even President Obama is cracking on the 2009 Washington Nationals. Sigh. NBC Washington

  • Wing nut Obama haters are making up thunderous All Star boos, ripping his choice of jeans, Joe Scaraborough mocked Prez's pitch for being "dainty", and Rush Limbaugh crazily huffed that Obama was raised by communists because Obama pronounced White Sox stadium, "Comminsky Park." 

  • The Nats do not appear to be hosting an All Star game at their park any time soon. WaPo

  • The Lerner family, owners of the Nationals, were AWOL for the presser dealing with firing of Manny Acta. Typical performance by shit hole Mall Rats. The Nationals Enquirer

  • This pathetic letter was sent to Nats ticket holders by the franchise and it justifiably irked a Nats blogger. The Nats Blog

  • My favorite Nats online pundit, Chris Neddham, agrees with myself that it was way past time for Nats/Acta to part ways. Both will be better off as the team can not play any worse under him and Acta should feel relieved to not have to deal with the daily misery. NBC Washington.Follow Needham on Twitter. 

  • Two Red heads look ready to party. The Beer Goggler

  • Who needs a pool when you can just lay out in a parking lot on the asphalt? The trailer park must have been full. Tasty Booze

  • Brooke Burke is looking cougarlicious at the ESPY awards. Don Chavez

  • Fat man journalist Jason Whitlock pokes fun at Serena's big bootie. What is the saying about Kettle or Pot or something? Graney and the Pig's Blog

  • This Sandra Lee mash up vid is pretty sick. Next
This headline from the Slog with the Ichiro/Obama picture above cracked me up: The Photo That's Confusing Straight Men Across Seattle

My boy Tree presents a solid case for Ichiro being the best MLB hitter of the Aughts. Tree's Trunk