Monday, October 05, 2009

Link Whores

  • The Washington Capitals beat up on the Boston Bruins in their season opener but the real excitement was going on in the Bruins' stands. 2 Girls, zero cups, one boob show. Barstool Sports
  • Aubrey O’Day Is Obviously Still Upset About Those Nude Photos. Don Chavez
  • Orioles manager Dave Trembley still has a job even after the O's players quit during the second half of the season. Bugs and Cranks
  • My comment on this Wizards blog post sums up my pessimistic feelings on Andray Blatche finally becoming a consistent NBA contributor. Truth About It
  • Tyrannical Redskins owner Daniel Snyder is now confiscating brown paper grocery bags from fans entering home games and any fans that got their sacks through and attempted to put them on were swarmed by security immediately. My suggestion would be to stop giving Snyder money but Skins fans are too loyal and Snyder knows it. Washington City Paper
  • "Blind Lawyer Sues Hooker" is my favorite headline of October. Asylum
  • 30 Rock hottie, Katrina Bowden, shows off her bikini bod. The Beer Goggler
  • Milk Industry could be shedding their "Got Milk" campaign and going in this new weird advertising direction.
  • I am totally embarrassed to be associate with this awful rapper because of my Caucasian skin. Blog of Hilarity
  • Kate Beckinsale wins Sexiest woman award. On 205th
  • What non Notre Dame fan is not tired of Lou Holtz's act? It is clear that he provides little analysis and his insights/predictions are demonstrably wrong. The Wiz of Odds
  • The top story line of the 2009 NFL season so far is the high number of god awful teams. Hell, the Lions are not even the worst one either. The Big Picture
  • "The Catch" has earned a lifetime pass with most Husker fans but from my personal experiences with knowing this guy a little bit, he is still a complete Dbag. This commercial makes the case for me. The Wiz of Odds
  • Sparty interrupted a potential Michigan/Iowa undefeated clash this Saturday night by pulling off the thrilling OT upset in East Lansing and Isaac has great pictures of the game. The World of Isaac
  • Doug breaks down a match up between Hooters and Dick's Sporting goods in this clever blog post. Hey Jenny Slater
  • LSU Freak highlights the bitch slap in slow motion art form that Saints put on rookie QB Mark Sanchez yesterday. The Sporting Blog
  • No one gives Kyle Orton, aka Neck Beard, much respect in this league and some of it is justified from his glorified wickey/party persona but NB just keeps winning NFL games. Kissing Suzy Kolber
  • Tigers OF Miguel Cabrera gets tanked with White Sox and wife calls the cops on his drunk ass at 6am. Mouth Piece Sports
  • Rodney Harrison tells Tom Brady to take his skirt off. Awful Announcing
  • This Flutie Magic attire must have propelled the Bears to the offensive explosion over the Lions yesterday. Straight Cash Homey

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