Friday, September 05, 2008

More RAGE Please!!

The police pulled the plug on Rage Against the Machine's "Anti Unjust Wars" concert outside the Republican National Convention on Tuesday. Front man Zack De La Rocha, guitarist Tom Morello & company were not going to give up so they went to the streets for an acapella performance.

Man oh man, do I love this FN BAND!!!

Complete coverage can be found at Above the Fold.
Here is the full 10 minute long video of the 2 songs with the band's comments.

Rage did play a normal concert to a sold out crowd at the Target Center on Wednesday evening. The reviews are just like this band, BAD ASS! Of course, the arrests of a few idiots after the concert will dominate the media's coverage and mar any message of ending perpetual wars/occupations.

Rage Against the Machine came out wearing Guantanamo Bay hoods. Above is lead singer Zack De La Rocha.

Time To Yawn

Here are my thoughts on John McCain's speech last night in video form.

It is a real toss up to which was more boring last night, McCain's predictable "Noun, Verb, POW" speech or the second half of the Skins/Giants.

HT: Skippy the Bush Kangaroo

Thursday, September 04, 2008

2008 Mac Gs NFL Preview

I could spend time writing a long preview to the 2008 NFL season but it would be a waste of pixels. What "expert" picked the Giants/Packers NFC title game last year?

Resources could be better spent scouring the series of tubes for hot cheer poon. My lofty goal for the NFL season is to regularly recap my thoughts on all of the NFL games each week.

Since I am devoted Fudge Packer living in Redskins nation, most of my crackpot post game analysis will be predominantly of their games. However, I am equipped with the NFL package hooked up to 2 TVs in the living room and I have a no commercial policy to go along with an ADD flipping mindset.

Live scoring computers are constantly running so there will be a heavy dosage of fantasy commentary as well.

I am actually excited to listen to Tony Kornheiser tell non funny jokes for 3 1/2 hours and take morning showers while Skins fans are bitching on the sports radio call in shows.
The NFL is finally back!!!

Click on this link for the best song:"Da-da-da-da DAH! Bum-bum bum! Da-da-da-da DAAHH!!!"

It appears that I have a twin living in KC.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

McCain / Gunderson '08


HT: American Blog

GOP Vetting Emporium

Come for the vetting, stay for the tacos. Now with experience check included.

Pigsking Picks Title is Mine

For the 2008 NFL season, I will be participating in a Cuzogle's Pigskin Picks with some fellow sports nerd/perv bloggers. Of course like all of my fantasy leagues, I plan on utter and complete domination.

I have been off the heavy sports betting sauce for almost a decade (Long Story) so I am always looking for a good replacement fix.

Here are the contestants competing for runner up.

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" Hookers and Blow" Play at GOP Lobbyist Party

I had no idea such a band called "Hookers and Blow" existed but I dig the name. However, I am well aware of the rotten DC corporate culture of lobbyists and their cozy relationships with members of Congress.

The Democrats are just as dirty with corporate campaign cash and I actually admire the Republican Cogressional Members for not having any shame in being shills for Corporate interests, unlike some spineless Democrats (Steny Hoyer, Jay Rockafeller, Silvestre Reyes) who talk about the people interests first but then vote for allowing the Telecoms to spy on law abiding Americans.

Blogs Mock Hookers and Blow party at RNC

Back to Pooner School

Videos like this give me faith in a higher being and proves that GOD pisses standing up.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Juneau and John McBleeker

Listen to the this hilarious parody of the call John McCain when deciding to pick Sarah Palin as his running mate.

HT: Mad Props to Flatusyahu for coming out of retirement to deliver this awesome image creation.

Picture of the Day: Alaskan Village Edition

HT:The Edge of the American West

Only a short 18 moths ago, this was the political office of Wasilla Alaska Mayor Sarah Palin.

She is now a a heartbeat away from running the entire United States or should I say, "the lower 48." This is a very likely scenario considering the 72 year old John McCain could legitimately DIE at any moment and no one would be too surprised if his health did fail.

I will grudgingly refrain from listing the 20 plus odd links detailing the Jerry Springeresk episode angle of this VP selection. Palin's far right radical beliefs are scary enough.

For example, she is against all contraception, even for married couples!! Palin is against all sex education and wants public schools to teach kids that God created everything. She was also a member of an Alaskan party that currently wants to succeed from the Union. I know, WTF is going on in Alaska?

McCain met Palin once before trusting her to be his number 2, which is the same number of times Palin has used her passport to leave the country or should I say, Alaska.

You can find more info on the possible US President at this Vet Sarah Palin website by clicking on the main button.

A front A1 article in today's NY Times deftly describes the puzzling VP decision making process of McCain.

His judgement is more hurried and irrational then half the college football QBs that I was witnessed over the weekend trying to get plays off under the new clock rules.

James Carville thinks Wasilla City Hall looks like a Louisiana bait shop.

I think McCain just fell victim to the Cougar poon and her long sexy legs.

The old dirty dawg McCain looks like he way sizing up that pooper.

It is Baaaaaaaaaaack!

College football, tailgating and videos of hot coed poon running around in bikinis. HOT Diggity Damn!

I could have done without the cheesy tecnho house music but the sound can be easily blocked out with other stimulation.