Friday, April 18, 2008

Barry channels the Hova and Mick

I love this clip of Barry the Baller brushing off all of the haters. His body motions refer to lyrics made popular by Jay Z(Dirt Off Your Shoulder) and the Rolling Stones (Sweet Virginia). Awesome.

I want to know what shoulder Bush cries on or does he not care that he is the longest, most unpopular sitting president of all time?

In an ideal world, this topic would be discussed relentlessly in the news media. Our current president is more disliked than Nixon was when he resigned!

Instead, there is an absolute press blackout of this ongoing historic embarrassment and more focus is thrust upon bowling scores, haircuts, flag pins and cackles of Democratic presidential nominees.

Our over stressed US soldiers are occupiers of 2 foreign countries, against the will of the local population, with no end in sight. Circular arguments (things are getting better, so we must stay, they might get worse, so we must stay) are provided to keep these troops indefinitely in Iraq.

Only best case scenarios of staying and worst case scenarios of troop with drawl are discussed by military/government leaders even though the situation is way more complex and the majority of the American people want out of Iraq now.

Gas at nearly 4 dollars a gallon is severely hurting middle class Americans. The self inflicted mortgage crisis has yet to bottom out and the government is unwilling to help ordinary citizens from losing their homes but will bail out large firms like Bear Stearns. The US health care system is about as dysfunctional as our airline industry.

Colleges' continue to gauge young people with outrageous higher education costs and then banks saddle them with huge debt long after graduation. The tax code is outdated and needs a major rewriting. The current system of Social Security is not sustainable over the long term and benefits either need cut or more money needs to be put in.

I have yet to meet a teacher who sings the praises of No Child Left Behind and the school systems who need to most aid seem to be the ones shortchanged. An immigration policy of compassion, accountability and enforcement needs to implemented.

The US spends almost a trillion dollars every year on the military industrial complex but Osama's head is still not on a stick. In order to "clear" or "smoke out the bad guys" and promote democracy, we drop bombs on villages all over the world, killing innocent civilians, and wonder why the religious fanatics rally their populace to hate us more than ever.

The US birthed the Internet but now our download speeds are being lapped by the rest of the world.

The value of the US dollar is almost as pathetic as our standing in the world. Guantanamo Bay, the CIA's Rendition program, and the illegal use of torture continues to display the worst side of America.

The Bush administration's lip service to climate change sparked condemnation throughout the international community.

All of these issues are virtually ignored by a corporate owned media focused on feeding Americans trivial horse race crap like TMZ cameramen following around Lohan.

Washingtonian media elites, with their kids in rich DC area private schools and dining in posh restaurants, lament that they really know who is elitist or who is in or out of touch for middle class Americans. This is purely laughable.

It is evening in America and we are completely Fd.

HT: Matthew Yglesias

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Sane Idea for Mary Jane

In the spirit of the upcoming 4/20 holiday, members of Congress are actually attempting to do something progressively productive.

Congressman Barney Frank today introduced bi-partisan legislation aimed at removing federal restrictions on the individual use of marijuana.

One bill would remove federal penalties for the personal use of marijuana, and the other – versions of which Frank has filed in several preceding sessions of Congress – would allow the medical use of marijuana in states that have chosen to make its use for medical purposes legal with a doctor’s recommendation.

It is dumbfounding the amount of money our government wastes on prosecuting marijuana possessions and crimes. Even more deplorable is the federal government's intrusion into the doctor/patient relationship by outlawing their ability to prescribe marijuana to relieve the pain of cancer patients.

Somehow a doctor is allowed to provide addicting drugs like Oxycontin, which ruins countless of lives, but not THC, which causes people to load up on Doritos. What kind of society do we live where this is the case?

Major themes of the Republican party used to be for advocating state's rights and limited government. The incredulous power grab of the Bush administration over the past 7 years and the complete alienation shown their once mighty libertarian base illustrates that this is no longer the case.

(The GOP professed itself to be the party of fiscal discipline and ethical leadership but the near doubling of our national debt and the high number of corrupt scandals under recent Republican rule proves that this is a hollow farce as well.)

Rep. Frank hits it out of the park with his refreshing perspective on the federal government's role in regulating Mary Jane.

"When doctors recommend the use of marijuana for their patients and states are willing to permit it, I think it’s wrong for the federal government to subject either the doctors or the patients to criminal prosecution. More broadly speaking, the norm in America is for the states to decide whether particular behaviors should be made criminal.

To make the smoking of marijuana, whether for medical purposes or not, one of those extremely rare instances of federal crime – literally, to make a ‘federal case’ out of it – is wholly disproportionate to the activity involved.

We do not have federal criminal prohibitions against drinking alcoholic beverages, and there are generally no criminal penalties for the use of tobacco at the state and federal levels for adults. There is no rational argument for treating marijuana so differently from these other substances.”

I could go on and on about the failed policies of the War on Drugs.

I highly recommend checking out this fascinating Rolling Stone article from last year, which describes the US government's sham approach in great detail from Pablo Escobar to the rise of Meth and the drug cartels of Tijuana. Print it out and read it from beginning to end. I plan on posting about the article at some point.

This decriminalization bill will probably have a tough time because all of the out of touch members of Congress who love to incorrectly demonize mary jane as some gateway drug or lump it in with hard narcotics then spout the "we have to protect the kids" crapola.

Even the dumbest person understands that hitting a joint does not make you want to shoot up heroin or snort crank. The government's own study concluded that the "gateway theory" had no scientific merit.

A 32 year friend of mine with a good job, a wife, and kids summed it up best to me about the arcane laws against marijuana.

"After a long work of week, I enjoy smoking weed in the privacy of my own home to alleviate stress. Why does the government make me and others like myself out to be criminals?"


Update: When toking up this weekend to celebrate 4/20, be sure to acknowledge the sponsors of this potential ground breaking legislation and the possibility of sparking a sane political discussion on revising our drug laws.

Barney Frank D-MA), Ron Paul (R-TX), Maurice Hinchey (D-NY), Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), and Sam Farr (D-CA).


Rolling Stone Article on How America Lost the War on Drugs.

Civil Libertarians Fed Up With Bush Administration

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Link Whores

  • The Boss supports Obama and writes his endorsement up quite eloquently. Tasty Booze
  • Miggy is my man so I will always defend him even though he does not wear an Os jersey anymore. This gotcha hit job by some ESPN dbag was despicable and him being 33 instead of 31 is not really even a big story. Awful Announcing
  • Reds announcer hates the bleacher bums in Wrigley. Unless he swings the other way, he would have loved the hot girls I met in center last Labor Day and the Cubs thong song should make everyone root for the Cubbies. Sports By Brooks
  • Mets pitcher John Maine sounds like a school boy when talking about his lust for Jennifer Aniston. On 205th
  • Tennessee Vols' students are forced to pay for games this fall. Loser With Socks
  • NBA playoffs are here(YES) and here is a preview. Cuzoogle.
  • Chuck Berry admits to heisting Johnny B. Goode. Brahsome
  • Those holier than though Casino owning Maloof hypocrites can stick it if they are going rip on these Sacramento Kings dancers again for having fun. NBA dancers make jack shit or prolly what the Maloofs profit in 5 seconds at their casino. Save the lectures for the whores in your Playboy suite.Don Chavez

Randy Wants to be a Ghost Hunter

HT: The World of Isaac

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Mac G's World Exclusive

Here is an actual picture of the Popemobile from a buddy working today's papal mass.

I hope during his visit that the Pope asks President Bush about having a low level govt hack suspend our 4th amendment with some memo and subsuqently breaking international law of the Genevea convention by approving torture.

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Picture of the Day

This picture is from aftermath of the twisters that hit Atlanta during the SEC basketball tournament. Someone was pissed about not being able to cope with the tragedy by getting their freak on.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The World Needs HR on HHR

Ex ESPN broadcaster Harold Reynolds hugged it out with the suits in Bristol, reaching a settlement in the lawsuit over his firing.

Hugging Harold Reynolds
has a job offer for HR. The pay is 75 bones and endless street cred/love from the sports blogosphere.

I will skip buying my next 12 of High Life Bottles and pack of Pfunks, throwing a total of 13 bucks into the HR blogger kitty. The pay is now $88.54 AND infinite amount of kudos from sports fans.

Make it happen, HR.

HT: The Sporting Blog/Hugging Harold Reynolds.

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Breakdown of Barry the Baller

I watched Barack Obama's interview last night on HBO's Real Sports about his love of basketball. They showed highlights of pickup game he played in with troops. (look for the ripped sheman in the game, scary!)

Being a devoted Obama backer since his race for Illinois Senate and an avid hoops enthusiast, I loved it. Dude is pretty scrappy for a 46 year old and he showed some skills out there. Here is a scouting report breakdown of his game, Coach Mac G Style.

Great first step and deceivingly quick. He always goes left (PUN!) and no real right handle. Obama has long wingspan, making him an above average defender and can adeptly play the passing lanes.

His strengths were the willingness to be unselfish and set his teammates up with baskets. The bounce pass through traffic was money. His main weakness was lack of true jumper but he is one of those role players every team needs to be successful.

Here is the first part of the interview which focuses on his background in basketball.

Here is part 2 of the feature with footage of him playing in the basketball pick up game.

If the country voted for a president based on wanting to have a beer with him, why not vote for a guy in order to play some hoops?

Oh, I want in on this White House pick up game too.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The McLovin Fund

HT:CO-ED Magazine

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Annie Oakley Loves Crown Royal

Good Ole Annie Oakley had a tough day of hunting in rural Indiana and needed to blow off some steam by tossing back a shot of crown.

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Soulja Boy Up in Dis Hoe

Washington's Deshawn Stevenson called LeBulldoze James "overrated" after the Wizards beat the Cavs last month and LeBulldoze bricked a potential game winner. Deshawn had been trash talking all game, possibly resulting in Lebulldoze's poor performance.

Lebulldoze used a hip hop analogy incorrectly to dis Deshawn's remarks.

“With DeShawn Stevenson it is kind of funny. It’s almost like Jay-Z saying something bad about Soulja Boy. There’s no comparison. Enough said.”


Obviously, a college English course could have benefited LeTravel James in his empty pursuit of a witty literary comeback.

Deshawn is not backing down at all and he is ready rip some more smack talk on LeTravel for the upcoming Wiz/Cavs first round playoff series. He is even adding a special guest to the mix.

He also said that he's serious about getting Soulja Boy a courtside seat for games against Cleveland at Verizon Center in the first round. And, he said he's serious about putting Soulja Boy in one of his game jerseys.

"Oh, he's going to be there, watch," Stevenson said though he said it with a smirk that made it hard for me to tell if he was serious. I guess we'll have to wait and see. He also said that he'll have some "good stuff" for us after the game. My read: he's going to call LeBron James out some more.

I would love to see LeTravel get into a pissing match with DeShawn while the Wizards big 3 regain their unity in an upset series W for the Wiz.

This whole "rivalry" is pretty entertaining and I am still bitter from the BS 06 series where LeTravel was allowed 4 steps on his 2 game winners.

Time To Crank and Watch the Wiz ROLL!.

Thanks to DC Sports Bog and Mister Irrelevant for the fly 80' pictures.

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Link Whores

  • A Florida State fan site is searching for the next FSU Cowgirl and my money is on the hottie pictured above. Bar Stool Sports
  • Tax Day is here and Cosmo Kramer wants you to write everything off. Tasty Booze
  • The Knicks city dancers need work and they do not like being called a bitches or hos. Don Chavez
  • Anna Kournikova inspires me to focus on my triathlon training and where are the swimming pictures? On 205th
  • I was starting to like this Brandt Snedeker kid until I noticed that he wept after Sunday's final round. I understand being emotional but I will have to agree with Brinson's point. Dude played like crap and getting 4th in the Masters is not really a good enough reason to bawl on national TV. Brahsome
  • Jai his the nail on the head with ESPN's Flordia Spring Infomerical on Saturday. Loser With Socks
  • My interest in all these online brackets is rapidly fading but these hot Survivor babes are worth mentioning. Cuzoogle
  • Some hack TV "critic" thinks Pam Ward should be hired as lead announcer on the NFL network. Even though Bryant Gumbell needs an IV during his NFL network TV performances, this is a horrible idea. Ward already sucks enough joy out of Big Ten football games in the fall. Every time she announces a Hawkeye game, which has been quite frequently since the Iowa football is stuck in mediocrity and she gets the crappy Big 10 matchups, I get bombarded with texts from buddies who can not stand her. Brian does a great job of pointing out that it is not that she is a woman but she does not know the rules of the game and constantly mixes up names. Awful Announcing
  • The Big Unit is back pitching with his mullet and flying birds who want to live should pay attention. Rumors and Rants
  • Hate monger blowhard Sean Hannity is always looking for someone to blame, a straw man argument to "win" or his own self defined moral outrage crisis to hype up. He turned his energy towards ripping on MMA. Intentional Foul
  • Bryant Reeves' Vancouver Grizzlies jerseys are still in circulation. Awesome. Straight Cash Homey
  • The Sports Guy used to be a writer that I looked up to and read religiously. Then his schtick got old as he went all Hollywood and became insufferable to read when his teams became successful. His name causes Bob Knight type of emotional reactions in the sports blog world, with opinions all over the place. Somehow he is more liked than I imagined. The Grand National Championships
  • I have tried my best not to refer to Red Sox jersey excavation story because well, the world needs more attention on the Sox/Yanks series like it needs more years of George W Bush calling the shots. Shysterball

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Monday, April 14, 2008

My Favorite New Wrestler

Ax and Smash of Demolition, Koko B Ware and Junk Yard Dog will always be my favorite wrestlers of all time. This Takuya Sugi dude looks Samurai sick.

HT:On 205th