Friday, April 18, 2008

Barry channels the Hova and Mick

I love this clip of Barry the Baller brushing off all of the haters. His body motions refer to lyrics made popular by Jay Z(Dirt Off Your Shoulder) and the Rolling Stones (Sweet Virginia). Awesome.

I want to know what shoulder Bush cries on or does he not care that he is the longest, most unpopular sitting president of all time?

In an ideal world, this topic would be discussed relentlessly in the news media. Our current president is more disliked than Nixon was when he resigned!

Instead, there is an absolute press blackout of this ongoing historic embarrassment and more focus is thrust upon bowling scores, haircuts, flag pins and cackles of Democratic presidential nominees.

Our over stressed US soldiers are occupiers of 2 foreign countries, against the will of the local population, with no end in sight. Circular arguments (things are getting better, so we must stay, they might get worse, so we must stay) are provided to keep these troops indefinitely in Iraq.

Only best case scenarios of staying and worst case scenarios of troop with drawl are discussed by military/government leaders even though the situation is way more complex and the majority of the American people want out of Iraq now.

Gas at nearly 4 dollars a gallon is severely hurting middle class Americans. The self inflicted mortgage crisis has yet to bottom out and the government is unwilling to help ordinary citizens from losing their homes but will bail out large firms like Bear Stearns. The US health care system is about as dysfunctional as our airline industry.

Colleges' continue to gauge young people with outrageous higher education costs and then banks saddle them with huge debt long after graduation. The tax code is outdated and needs a major rewriting. The current system of Social Security is not sustainable over the long term and benefits either need cut or more money needs to be put in.

I have yet to meet a teacher who sings the praises of No Child Left Behind and the school systems who need to most aid seem to be the ones shortchanged. An immigration policy of compassion, accountability and enforcement needs to implemented.

The US spends almost a trillion dollars every year on the military industrial complex but Osama's head is still not on a stick. In order to "clear" or "smoke out the bad guys" and promote democracy, we drop bombs on villages all over the world, killing innocent civilians, and wonder why the religious fanatics rally their populace to hate us more than ever.

The US birthed the Internet but now our download speeds are being lapped by the rest of the world.

The value of the US dollar is almost as pathetic as our standing in the world. Guantanamo Bay, the CIA's Rendition program, and the illegal use of torture continues to display the worst side of America.

The Bush administration's lip service to climate change sparked condemnation throughout the international community.

All of these issues are virtually ignored by a corporate owned media focused on feeding Americans trivial horse race crap like TMZ cameramen following around Lohan.

Washingtonian media elites, with their kids in rich DC area private schools and dining in posh restaurants, lament that they really know who is elitist or who is in or out of touch for middle class Americans. This is purely laughable.

It is evening in America and we are completely Fd.

HT: Matthew Yglesias

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