Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Link Whores

  • A Florida State fan site is searching for the next FSU Cowgirl and my money is on the hottie pictured above. Bar Stool Sports
  • Tax Day is here and Cosmo Kramer wants you to write everything off. Tasty Booze
  • The Knicks city dancers need work and they do not like being called a bitches or hos. Don Chavez
  • Anna Kournikova inspires me to focus on my triathlon training and where are the swimming pictures? On 205th
  • I was starting to like this Brandt Snedeker kid until I noticed that he wept after Sunday's final round. I understand being emotional but I will have to agree with Brinson's point. Dude played like crap and getting 4th in the Masters is not really a good enough reason to bawl on national TV. Brahsome
  • Jai his the nail on the head with ESPN's Flordia Spring Infomerical on Saturday. Loser With Socks
  • My interest in all these online brackets is rapidly fading but these hot Survivor babes are worth mentioning. Cuzoogle
  • Some hack TV "critic" thinks Pam Ward should be hired as lead announcer on the NFL network. Even though Bryant Gumbell needs an IV during his NFL network TV performances, this is a horrible idea. Ward already sucks enough joy out of Big Ten football games in the fall. Every time she announces a Hawkeye game, which has been quite frequently since the Iowa football is stuck in mediocrity and she gets the crappy Big 10 matchups, I get bombarded with texts from buddies who can not stand her. Brian does a great job of pointing out that it is not that she is a woman but she does not know the rules of the game and constantly mixes up names. Awful Announcing
  • The Big Unit is back pitching with his mullet and flying birds who want to live should pay attention. Rumors and Rants
  • Hate monger blowhard Sean Hannity is always looking for someone to blame, a straw man argument to "win" or his own self defined moral outrage crisis to hype up. He turned his energy towards ripping on MMA. Intentional Foul
  • Bryant Reeves' Vancouver Grizzlies jerseys are still in circulation. Awesome. Straight Cash Homey
  • The Sports Guy used to be a writer that I looked up to and read religiously. Then his schtick got old as he went all Hollywood and became insufferable to read when his teams became successful. His name causes Bob Knight type of emotional reactions in the sports blog world, with opinions all over the place. Somehow he is more liked than I imagined. The Grand National Championships
  • I have tried my best not to refer to Red Sox jersey excavation story because well, the world needs more attention on the Sox/Yanks series like it needs more years of George W Bush calling the shots. Shysterball

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gerry dorsey said...

dude i couldn't agree more about snedeker. that dude grew on me all week and then he pulled that shit on sunday. i'll even let you blubber if you WIN the masters...but not doing what you did. take your $400k check and go home.