Saturday, December 08, 2007

Live Blog: Mayweather vs Hatton

If you do not want to shell out the money for the big fight or need a recap of what took place round by round, check out the Live Blog at Epic Carnival by "The Prophet."

Hatton will not be able to land a clean punch on Floyd as he is just too quick. I like Mayweather in a split decision.

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Friday, December 07, 2007

The New Helen of Troy: Amy of England

For some reason I just can not get enough of Amy Winehouse and I find her life fascinating. She has an amazing voice and a very whacked husband.

She likes to cut herself and Winehouse's body might be running on some drug other than oxygen. She can not stay out of the news either or more so, the UK paparazzi are relentless about her whereabouts.

At least the UK paparazzi follow a public figure with legitimate artistic ability unlike their US counterparts, who obsess over a fat washed up Brittney or no talents Paris Hilton/Jessica Simpson/Nicole Ritchie. Lohan's movies suck too.

Check out the latest with Winehouse:

Her husband is in the slammer.
Drug addict Pete Doherty is recording songs with her at 4am.
Her dad allegedly punched Doherty.
She was photographed with white powder substance and denied it was drugs.
Winehouse went on stage Wednesday at a rock club and sang songs, while blitzed.
Last week she was pictured roaming outside at 5:45 am in just a bra.
She just received 6 Grammy nominations.

I feel like that I am in the middle of watching a real life Greek tragedy.

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Google Image of Dick Cheney's War Hard On

Cool Prank. Randall Pink Floyd would be impressed.

View Larger Map

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Reggie's Prayer

Before my detailed rave about firing everyone, from the top down, who works at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I found this amazingly funny movie clip of the 3 of the 4 main people responsible for turning the Packers franchise around in the early 90s.

Reggie White, Brett Favre, and Mike Holmgren. (Ex-GM Ron Wolf would be the other one.)

It is from the movie, "Reggie's Prayer."

Favre and Holmgren are both janitors. Favre's character is named Bert and he is a little on the slow side.

White is the football coach and Holmgren gives him a play to run called the "Left Coast Special."

I am a Packers fan and this had me rolling. Enjoy and Happy FRYDAY!

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bruins Knocked Out

USC crushed UCLA's Rose Bowl hopes and head coach Karl Dorrell was canned shortly afterwards. This video sums up the state of Bruin football.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Link Whores

(These girls are not sluts at all)

Lately, I have been slacking in my linking ability. I blame the writers strike, TSA's obsessive searches every time I pass through an airport metal detector and cheap red wine.

I plan on getting back to my pop culture, music, and political roots in the upcoming posts as well. In the meantime, my poon fastball is blistering and these great sites only add more miles poon hour.

My man at Hottest Girls of My Space profiles the original Go Daddy hot chick. Candy?

The Hottie Hunter bring his A game with this earth shattering soccer post. GOOOOAAALLLL! Sorry I had to.

If there ever is a blog similar to what I set out to create when I typed in Mac G's World, it is the guys at Brahsome. I love to use the word brah cause it makes me think that I live on the ocean in SoCal and not in an old swamp. Dudes have an internet radio show and their new web design is killer, brah. I could use some tips from this new golf hottie.

My Dawg at Big Ten Tailgate got shut down by the Big 10 lawyers. I plan on writing MUCH more on this development at a later date. His new site is Busted Coverage.

Loser with Socks is a sweet blog about college football with a pooner twist. Jabar Gaffney's first controversial TD bobble did not happen on Monday Night football but in college at Florida.

One of my favorite pastimes on the series of tubes is admiring the creativity of blog titles. Tasty Booze works for me. Check out their post about naked girls playing the Wii. This definitely gives Wii elbow a whole new meaning.

I write a post for Epic Carnival every week. My post on fans using flight tracking was picked up by CNNSI Hot Clicks. (Thanks Brah) I railed on the National Greed League on Wednesday.
I have wondered for years how 76ers GM Billy King has kept his job and he was finally axed. Great top 10 list of his "legacy."

Check out this site, Pointless Banter. The creator was one of the top bloggers on My Space. and before you rip on that statement, let him do it for ya.

I was just introduced to the Put Down and I like what I see so far. He clears up the identity of the hot girl with huge jugs pictured with soon to be named Heisman winner, Tim Teabow.

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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2007

Let us say that you dating one of these models, what type of conversation starters do you come up with?

"Want to do some more blow?"
"Did you allow the expensive dinner to digest fully this time?"
"Giselle's a selfish, fat bitch, huh?"
"Seal must be carrying a fire hose to end up with Heidi, right?"
"I am sorry about my continual pre-ejaculation problem in the bedroom. I am getting someone to look at it."

I think our stammering interaction would go more like this:

"Um, ah, um, mmm, Oh, you are hot, mmm, need a drink? No? I need 2, mmm, you are pretty."

Clips from last night's show. I heart Angel Wings.


Victoria Secret Blog

CBS Coverage of VS Fashion Show

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I heart Soccer

Check out this sexy video with the Liverpool FC anthem. Sorry, I still can not call it football.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My Hump, My Hump, My Hump

I usually pass out AFTER tailgating. Actually, I lied.
I rock it out all night, Hawkeye style.

Thanks to Big Ten Tailgate for the video find.

Belichick Leads his Team by AHOLE Example

Here are some quick recap thoughts of last night's crazy NFL game.

  • The Pats seem to have more lives than the 2006 LSU Tigers.
  • Three 4th down conversions for Pats on the last go ahead drive. Insane.
  • Ravens DC Rex Ryan needs to take his timeouts to the tread mill.
  • Gaffney seemed to bobble his game winning TD catch but Pats would have first in goal at the 2 anyway after Ravens LB Bart Scott melted down by throwing a flag into the stands. How does someone get 2 personal foul penalties on the same play?
  • Scott's brain fart allowed the Pats to kick off from the 35
  • Ravens dominated the whole game up front and ran it down the Pats throats. McGahee was a man possessed. The Pats LBs showed their age last night
  • The Pats only real success moving the ball was by running it themselves or short dump off passes to their RBs.
  • The footage of ex-Hurricane players: Reed, Lewis, McGahee huddling up and talking about their dawg Sean Taylor gave me goose bumps. RIP, 21.
  • The current great white hope at WR, Wes Welker, was held in check and cost me a fantasy win. Just call my fantasy squad the Detroit Lions.
  • Ex-Dolphins RB Mercury Morris caught some grief in the sports blog world a few months ago but I find the dude hilarious. He needs Emmitt Smith's job as he was awesome on the ESPN pre game show.Check out the video
  • I loved the Led Zeppelin music that ESPN played throughout the night. I wonder if Disney has a cut of their new upcoming tour.
  • Do not play a drinking game in the coming weeks that revolves around the phrase, "blueprint to beat the Patriots." Your liver will not be able to stand the alcohol consumption after every sports pundit repeats this line over and over.
  • The Ravens lost this game not as a result of bad calls by the refs but by conservative play calling on their last 2 drives that could have put the game away.
On the last questionable holding call on 4th down, I mean maybe it was or maybe it was not but in that situation the WR better be tackled for the ref to make that call. At the end of basketball games, very rarely do refs make the calls unless it is a blatant foul. Most good refs want the game to be decided by the players and not them.

I wanted to see more replays of the last 4th down holding call and god forbid they would actually show them on the Monday Football broadcast so I sat through the post game interviews until ESPN or NFL network would analyze the penalty.

I knew Belichick did not have a good reputation with treating the media and after watching his interview session, things have not improved at all.

He is short, rude, talks down to them, and overall just a DICK to everyone asking a simple question like, "how often did you run the 4-3 last night?"

The range of vocabulary in Belichick's answers would earn him the scorn of most middle school teachers. "Great Job, Good player, Nice job. Good team."

Memo to Bill:

You are paid millions of dollars and part of your job description is to talk to the media. I know in your eyes, the press is the enemy and you successfully feed off this "Pats against the world," crap after you were busted for stealing signals from other teams but at least show SOME personality to the fans. We do financially support the existence of your profession.

I think you are the best coach in football and I admire your aggressive style of play. It makes me always ask, "What would Bill Belichick Do?" in a football coaching situation.

I just do not understand why you have to be such an Ahole or portray this hostile image to the media/NFL consumers. This is not my memory of Bill Walsh or Jimmy Johnson.

My biggest problem is how your cankerous attitude has seeped into the behavior of your players. Last week, Welker cut off a live interview by using you as an excuse. (Video has been taking down)

Brady was similarly smug and acrimonious in his post game interview last night. He bolted the interview by running off the podium and muttered, "he said only 2 questions."

Aikman, Marino or Montana never talked/acted this way. Other current star QBs like Favre, Manning, and Romo always exemplify the up most class in their interviews or at least in the ones that I watch.

I expect more from one of the best players and coaches in the league.

Column on game last night.
Football Outsiders

(Thanks to Baltimore Sun for the Pictures)

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Monday, December 03, 2007

All Day Puts on a Show

Purple Jesus is SICK!

I posted the following list down below in case you want to remember the 6 teams that passed on AP in last April's NFL draft. Most of them did not need a back but I think they might rethink their selection after these moves by Purple Jesus.

The best description that I have heard of AP is that he has Barry Sanders' change of direction moves with Bo Jackson's speed and power. Simply Awesome.

1 Oakland Raiders-JaMarcus Russell
2 Detroit Lions-Calvin Johnson
3 Cleveland Browns-Joe Thomas
4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Gaines Adams
5 Arizona Cardinals-Levi Brown
6 Washington Redskins-LaRon Landry
7 Minnesota Vikings-Adrian Peterson

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BCS Sucks

I can ramble on for 10 paragraphs on this topic but I see no need to continually highlight the obvious. BCS sucks as much the 30 minute drawn out FOX selection show that they had last night announcing the pairings for the BCS bowl games.

I am related to a college president in one of the major BCS conferences and I think it is time to fire him off an email to explain the rationale behind these college presidents continually endorsing such a crappy, inefficient way to determine a national champion.

I already know the reason the system continues to exist is to hoard the big pot of money for the Big 6 BCS conferences and protect the financial interests of the bowl CEOs/sponsors. As in most decisions or issues in our country, it is ALWAYS about the money.

Ohio State beat 2 average teams in Michigan and Penn State. As a Big 10 guy, I do not want to hear about how bad the Big 10 sucks for 8 months in case Ohio State gets rolled again. I watch the games every week and I know the conference sucks.

Mizzou should be playing in a BCS bowl game over KU, a team they just beat 2 weeks ago.

Georgia got screwed by the system because according to the rankings they should have been bumped up and instead they were penalized by not playing in conference title game. There needs to be a rule added that only conference champions can play in the national title game. My man at Hey Jenny Slater breaks this down quite well.

I love Colt Brennan and Hawaii but they would have 3 or 4 losses if it played in one of the BCS conferences. They did win all of their games and no big schools will play them so I guess they deserve a BCS shot. Boise State's win over OU last year helped their cause. However, no way they are one of the best 10 teams in the college football.

I keep hearing buzz about a SEC bias and I understand some of the logic for the argument. LSU, UF, UGA can play with any teams in America. I think it drops down a level after that to Auburn, Arkansas, Tennessee. The SEC definitely has more quality depth than most conferences but I do not think their tops teams are head and above everyone else.

The only way to settle the best conference argument is by bowl records and until then, they jury is still out.

LSU has 2 losses and gets to play in national title game. How are LSU's 2 losses more impressive than Va Tech, OU or USC? I know LSU smoked Va Tech way back in September and that seemed to propel them over the Hokies.

I think LSU is one of the most talented teams in America but if they get credit for 2 close OT losses then I feel they should get deducted for 3 of their other last second wins.(UF,Auburn,Bama)

I think LSU/OU is probably the match up for the national title game but honestly, does it even matter anymore?

I am not even making sense and my head is spinning from reneging on my promises not to ramble on.

Oh, only 35 days of hype until the BCS title game. I can not wait! UGH

I am sure ESPN will make us hate both teams by the 2nd week of December. DOUBLE UGH!

This hit should wake everyone up on a Munday morning.

Bowl Match Ups at Awful Announcing

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