Friday, June 01, 2007

"That's GOLD, Jerry! GOLD!"

Who wants to talk about Lebron's Cape or Kobes' Bib, when you can unveil another angle to the Stray-Rod tabloid stripper frenzy storyline? As Cosmo Kramer would scream, "Giddy UP!"

It has been brought to Mac Gs World's attention that the blue jeans Stray-Rod is wearing in the infamous NYPost cover story picture are the brand True Religion. Since I do not live in LA or NYC and feel spending a day's pay on simple blue jeans is a little too exorbitant for my taste, I was unaware of this high priced apparel company. Not Anymore.

Axlerod' is photographed wearing a pair of True Religion (TRLG) jeans and the stock explodes 20%. You think it’s the first time he’s worn the jeans?

True Religion Apparel, Inc. stock is up 4.6 points (30%) ever since the Stray-Rod NY Post story broke on Wednesday morning. Analysts did upgrade the stock's earnings forecast that same morning, which is why the stock increased on Wednesday. However, the stock has continued to rise each day and even CNBC had a segment on Stray-Rod's jeans, zooming in on the True Religion brand.

MGsW concludes that everything Stray-Rod touches turns indirectly into GOLD. Both the Mariners and Rangers had tremendously successful seasons after trading ARod. The Red Sox won their first title in a BAZILLION years after a pinstriped Stray-Rod bitch slapped Bronson Arroyo. Now, Stray-Rod has made several parties mad loot with this week's stripper incident. He is a marketing genius.

Winners Include:
  • True Religion- $4.60 times # of shares= Sick profit's(and rising!) for Shareholders
  • Jocelyn Noel Morse- Her rates for private dances have at least tripled. What rich guy would not want Stray-Rod's leftovers? This does not count the $ Stray-Rod has already stuffed in her G string.
  • Scores Vegas and Manhattan Strip Clubs- Scores does not need any more notoriety or money but Stray-Rod's "hobby" has done just that.(No comment on the number of "Scores" and "Strippers" and "clubs" Google searches MGsW has made today.)
  • NY Media Outlets- I have personally been to NYPost's website more times this week than in the past year combined. The Tabloid War is ON in New York and thus, correlates to higher web traffic/ sales/ad revenue.
  • ESPN, Yanks/Red Sox- Is it really possible for this exhausting rivalry to get any MORE coverage? Unfortunately, Yes. ESPN has an angle to promote over the Yanks actual dismal 22-29 record. ESPN has been all over Stray-Rod's likeness for strippers.
  • Cynthia Rodriguez and daughter, Natasha

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bob, I bid Seventeen Hundred Thousand Dollars, One, Seven, Zero, Zero, Zero

I have not seen Bob Barker this confused since Happy Gilmore. I think Benjamin likes to dominate taquitos late night at 7-Eleven, Brah!

Do you know your local stripper?

I always wanted to be a bookie and write my dissertation about the experience. University of Nebraska-Omaha master's student Jenny Heinman plain CRUSHES my idea. She wrote her graduate thesis about being an exotic dancer. You know: Stripper.

Jenny or should I say, "Saphire" or from the looks of her curtains "SaFIRE" breaks down her time in the industry. I would block quotes some of her final thesis but I must admit, I was looking more for the pole dancing ability in the video than a sociology explanation. I already can conclude that Daddy did not love her.

I must give a shout out to Mac G's World Contributor, The Notorius DEK for the tip.

Academic Stripping Video


Full disclosure: The Notorious DEK is a loyal customer of The 20's club.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mexicans Boo Miss USA

My guess is that they are not big fans of the new immigration bill?

Also, I was unaware of America's competition with Mexico.

Smith was booed during her interview and several audience members chanted "Mexico! Mexico!" until she spoke in Spanish, saying "Buenas noches Mexico. Muchas gracias!" which earned her applause. Mexico has a fierce rivalry with its northern neighbor.

It was a rough night for Miss USA. She laid a Rampage like smackdown during her nightgown stroll. Unfortunately, replace Lidell with the floor. Poor Girl.

Hopefully, Cowboys QB and Miss Universe Judge, Tony "Tin Cup" Romo gave her a shoulder to cry on later. He can relate to awkwardly committing an infamous blooper in a prime time television spot. Tin Cup Romo loves to assists hot chicks, who he calls his "friends." Well at least he is helping former Idol star Carrie Underwood with her accessories and not feeding Kelly Clarkson more hot dogs.

Miss Japan took home the crown over my 2 latina favorites, Brazil and Venezuela.