Monday, November 30, 2009

VY Resurrected

Sunday's NFL games were pretty blah but the most riveting finish was watching Vince Young leading the Titans on a 99 yard game winning drive over the Cardinals. Here is a video recap of the clutch drive.

I ran into Young at a casino in New Orleans last April while there for my buddies bachelor party over Jazz Fest Musical festival. I was wearing Iowa Hawkeye beads that I just purchased on Bourbon Street and I yelled "Sup VY." Young instantly noticed my Hawkeyes paraphernalia and told me that his boy is former Iowa QB Drew Tate. They both hail from Texas.

I asked if I could get my picture with him and VY was ready to pose when one of his entourage boys said no. I had totally forgotten that I was in the middle of a Casino lobby and no photograph evidence was probably a wise move.

VY was very engaging to some random drunk white guy like myself when he really did not not need to be at all. I came away with a positive experience in our brief encounter and I hate the Texas Longhorns too.

It seems silly but as a believer in karma, I feel VY is getting his just due now.

HT: Josh Q. Public