Thursday, October 29, 2009

Like Agent Zero, The Basketball Jones is Back

My favorite NBA podcast, The Basketball Jones, is back for another NBA season. Here is a video montage of last year with these hilarious and basketball savvy Canadians.

J.E. Skeets is the editor of Yahoo's dope basketball blog Ball Don't Lie and here is his Twitter feed. Other host is Tas Melas and here is his Twitter feed.
Jason Doyle is the show's producer.

Monday, October 26, 2009

All Day>William Gay

Purple Jesus just made a fool out of Steelers DB William Gay.

HT: You Been Blinded

Stanzi Magic

I was yelling “Stanzi Magic” continually throughout the final drive and stewed anxiously during these final 2 seconds to see if my premonition was about to hit pay dirt.


The exact text message to my Hawkeye boyz: “Stanzi Magic, hawkeyes are destined, its so real that it seems made up.”

When you place this sporting event in a big picture thinking context, it seems silly that a play amongst 19-21 year old males could have such an emotional impact on your daily life. To an irrational and passionate Hawkeye/Husker fan like myself, the Hawkeye victory saved what could have been the worst college football day ever and positively changed the outlook of my life in the Fall of 2009.

After Nebraska suffered another demoralizing home upset defeat at the hands of a gritty undermanned Iowa State Cyclone squad, Iowa’s BCS/Rose Bowl chances going up in flames would have been a double whammy soul crusher. It would have taken me weeks to recover and I am not afraid to admit this flaw of mine. Hell, the Brett Favre Vikings ordeal has scarred me in ways that I am not comfortable in talking about yet. (My cat dying, my fiancĂ© leaving me, and my all time sports hero playing for the hated enemy are almost on the similar level of personal despair.) Yes, I am weird/crazy MoFo.

The Stanzi/McNutt combination will go down as one of the top plays in Hawkeye history and might just be the defining moment of a special season.

On Sunday morning, I woke up from my alcohol-induced slumber and immediately pondered if that play really transpired. These types of things do not happen to us Hawkeye fans and we wait around for bad things to happen for good reason, which is based on past repetitive disappointments. (Distinct losses that I witnessed in person over and over and over still traumatize me to this day. I was so close for this heartbreaking hoops defeat that you can almost see me in St. Patty’s Day gear) This devastation has bred quite a severe case of pessimistic cynicism in myself and some of my fellow Hawkeye brahs/brahettes.

However, this play did happen, Iowa is 8-0 for the first time ever, Hawkeyes has won 12 in a row dating back to last season, computers really do have them ranked number one, their BCS ranking is 4 and a Rose Bowl berth seems in reach. The national media is finally taking notice that Iowa is now a legitimate national championship contender.

My initial mass text on Sunday summarizes the feelings of gradual but bewildered acceptance of what is transpiring to Hawkeye nation.

“Did the sports gods really shine on the Hawkeyes? 5 wins from a national title? Holy Fucking Shit!”

Stanzi Magic, Believe It.

McNutt It.

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