Friday, July 25, 2008

"Reggen Please"

Stephen Colbert gives background about the Petition against Fox news, which is led by my favorite MCs of all time, Nas. The popular rap artist has a track out on his new untitled album against Fox called, "slyfox." Colbert's beloved "Papa Bear" O'Reily predictably has ripped on Nas in the past and Nas is calling out Papa Bear's beef.

The Colbert/Nas interview almost made me piss my pants as the Gangsta Host "popped some truth in his ass." The hilarious exchange starts at 13:30.

Nas Interview

Scary Minor League Brawl

A huge Minor League baseball fight broke out in Dayton, Ohio last night between the Dayton Dragons and Peoria Chiefs

I located this video from a fan's vantage point in the stands. There appears to be some serious meat heads attending this minor league baseball game.

"It was a big brawl," said Ben Means, 25, a fan from New Carlisle. "I like that kind of enthusiasm. It was sweet. We're excited. It's cool." No wonder MMA is extremely popular these days.

During the game a Chiefs 2B broke his leg and a Dragons SS suffered a head injury. The brawl put a fan in the hospital. Sweet enthusiasm huh?

Chiefs starting pitcher Julio Castillo was arrested for striking the fan with a baseball and he is still in the pokey.

Another weird angle is how the game continued even though 15 players were initially booted from the contest.

Castillo, both managers as well as 15 players were thrown out of the game. But almost an hour after the brawl, which lasted about 10 minutes, all of the ejections were reversed by the Midwest League.

The reversal came after the Reds and Cubs — parent teams of the Dayton Dragons and Peoria Chiefs — indicated they didn't want pitchers playing in the outfield, which is what each team would have needed in two spots.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Busted Coverage breaks loose a solid pre season prediction, online magazine style by boasting the lovely Lindsay above is the clubhouse leader in their upcoming USC Song Girl of the Year for the 2008 college football season. No argument here and I can not wait to see/perv out the other contestants.

No wonder Carson Palmer hates Columbus when cheer poon like this is roaming the USC sidelines. I understand Suckeye fan is pissed because they line the pockets of their players at the same financial rate as USC but the Trojans still trump them in the hot poon department.

Oh, I just wanted an excuse to kick off posts about college football and poon too. The first Saturday waking up to college Game Day on the tube will be like Christmas morning as a little brat. I must be having serious football junkie withdrawls if I am actually requesting an ESPN program.

Yes So Fast, My Friends!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nothing But Net for Barry O

The first stop on Barack Obama's overseas trip was to an American Military Base in Kuwait. The pressure was on as Barry O lined up to shoot a 3 pointer in front of a packed gym full of US troops.

Nothing but Nylon Baby! Barry is BALLIN! Can you imagine if Barry O had bricked the shot? The Cable TV pundit blowhards would have went bonkers like their silly outrage over his gutter balls earlier in the primary season.

Speaking of air balls, our dear leader GW (remember him?) had his own public hoop skills attempt at a military school in Belfast last month.

It is bad enough that 7 out of 10 Americans think you suck at your job but to get booed by Elementary kids? Ouch that hurts. If Bush ever decides to fall off the wagon and own up to that highly important beer the media told me we would have together since 1999, I will give him some pointers on his follow through.

In related Sports/Campaign news, John McCain and George Bush Sr. went looking for range balls in 41's golf cart. I hear the summer All You Can Eat buffet in Kennebunkport is dynamite. Plus, they will even let you split a plate if you ask nicely or bribe them with afternoon bingo cards.

HT: Blue Tidal Wave

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Best NBA Summer League Player of ALL TIME!!

I keep bitching relentlessly about how awful the TV sports offerings are right now in the summer lull. With DC temps and humidity levels hovering in the 90s, I embarked on a lazy indoor Sunday.

I witnessed a 53 year old Aussie get abused in horrible golf conditions by an Irishman, the Nats/Orioles/Yanks games, an unknown slump bust looking Canadian chick capture a tennis title, MLS soccer match in Spanish, and women's pro beach volleyball final. I am not just scraping the bottom of the sports barrel but damn near licking it.

Oh, I can not forget to mention the local DC media is now in official Redskins propaganda mode. "New coach Jim Zorn is great, everyone is feeling awesome, this is their year, blah, blah, blah." If I was a NFL beat writer, I would just to reuse the same story angles from past years because little changes from the perpetual pre season optimistic tone.

I will bet my life that some Redskins related picture makes A1 of the Washington Post on the Monday morning edition. Who cares about all of the problems of the world when we have the Skins opening up training camp, baby!! Bring on T HO, Tony Homo, Ms. Pac Man and the Cowboys!!

Anyway, my boob tube choices this Sunday evening were the insufferable ESPY's and the glorified pick up Summer League games on the NBA channel. I chose the latter and just when I thought I had seen it all in sports, this halftime event at the TWolves/Knicks contest floored me.

Knicks guard Nate Robinson, who was in street clothes, became the first player to have his jersey retired in the Las Vegas Summer League. Yes, RETIRED!! Robinson is the 2007 Summer League MVP and the only player to participate in 4 straight Las Vegas summer leagues so thus these were his credentials to have this groundbreaking honor bestowed upon him.

Robinson went to half court for the "ceremony" and some black jack dealer looking dude congratulated him. Robinson seem to care more about text messaging.

The best part is when they unveiled his jersey on the wall and they did not even pop for a banner or a glass case for the Knicks number 4 but just tacked it up on this concrete gym slab.

Even though Robinson has a career average of 10.7 points a game and 41% shooting percentage, this honor cements him in NBA history and possibly could redeem his image of just being the short guy with mad ups, who won the dunk contest after missing 22 dunks.

Of course I am joking, and when did they start retiring jerseys for games that consist of mostly D League retreads? The only analogy I could produce about Robinson's "recognition" is it's like a college hooper repeating as the NIT MVP.

I discovered more Robinson jersey pictures which illustrates the hilarity and hopefully, I can locate the video. does not appear to pimping this accomplishment yet on its homepage.

HT: Blazers Edge/Bright Side of the Sun/Fanhouse