Friday, November 16, 2007

Hoya Ugg Poon

I attended the Georgetown/Michigan game last night at the Verizon Center. The game was over before I sat down and took the first sip out of my 7 dollar beer. The greatest perk about college teams playing in pro arenas is the ability to buy beer. Take that NCAA!

Anyway, Gtown smoked them and Michigan could not throw it in the Ocean. The Hoyas have way more polished athletes than the Wolverines. It looks like a long rebuilding season in Ann Arbor for first year coach John Beilen.

The game details are not really that important but what did impress me the most was the abundance of nice Hoya poon. I really underestimated Gtown's coeds.

Also, the new in style thing for girls is to wear these Ugg boots, no matter the outfit. Jeans, Skirt, you name it. Almost all the hot Hoya poon were wearing Uggs and I spotted other pretty ladies girls wearing them as well. I like this phenomenon as much as the short poofy skirts craze from a few years ago.

My cell phone needs a better a zoom and my poon ninja skills were off so I was unable to get any real good full poon shots. I did snap a picture as example of these Ugg boots.

Look around this weekend and tell me how many you spot. I smell they need for a nick name and possible blog for these sightings. Any takers? I have reached my pooner limit.

Happy Friday Fockers.

Mac Gs World

Wacky Wildcat Thursday

(Above Pix Courtesy of Pac Ten Poon)

November 15th turned out to be a crazy sports day with Bonds being indicted, Arod agreeing to terms with Yankees, and Oregon losing its grasp on one of the pole position spots for the BCS title game.

Something just smells fishy with this whole Bonds thing. I know my opinion is a minority one but 4 years for a grand jury on a perjury charge seems quite excessive and a waste of government resources.

Then again this is the US Justice Department that we are discussing and their reputation in 2007 is lower than Bonds’ or the president's approval ratings.

Maybe this indictment came about because Bonds’ trainer Greg Anderson finally decided to spill the beans on shooting Barry up as Anderson was let out of jail yesterday. I have bunch of Selig/MLB/White House conspiracy theories that I will keep to myself for now.

However, the lesson to be learned is DO NOT LIE TO THE FEDS, Period!
Marion Jones, Scooter Libby, and now Bonds could have used that advice.

What does Scott Boras feel like waking up today? I wonder what he is having for breakfast since he has so much egg on his face. ZING!

Granted, dude is loaded and cares less about my lowly opinion. Either this is some genius marketing ploy by Boras/Arod or Arod just publicly served his ass. I am going with the latter.

It’s a win, win for AROD. 275-300 million, longer contract and the ability to break the home run record as a Yankee. Punking Boras was the only way he could attempt to rescue his image from being the face of greed in America. Oh, Arod better keep mashing too.

My boy Scott commented to me that Boras would need Blackwater’s protection on his next visit to Manhattan. I agree and if you want more insight into the world of Super Agent Scott Boras read this fascinating New Yorker article from last month. After reading it, I could not determine if I hated Boras’ guts or if I admired his intelligent tenacity.

(Pix from Oreogonian on Flickr)

Could there have been a worse outcome for the Ducks last night? Lose the game, a shot at the national title, the Pac 10 conference lead, and their Heisman trophy candidate. OUCH!

My favorite part of the game other than the Ryan Leaf sighting was the Arizona students charging onto the field prematurely with 4 minutes left in the game. Thousands of them waited on the sidelines for at least 10-15 minutes.

How does this happen? I have charged a few fields in my day and you wait until the game is almost over.

I could not stop laughing as I was watched this Wildcat student, who was jumping around and had no shoes on, slap a Wildcat player on the shoulder pads “good job” as the player came off the playing field.

It was classic and I am still trying to find pictures/video of the students waiting on the sidelines. Here is the video from Awful Announcing of the students rushing the field as the game ended.

The party could still be raging in Tuscon as cocaine is a helluva drug.

I heart college football.

(Photo, Alan Fullmer, The Arizona Daily Wildcat Newspaper)

Mac Gs World

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Williams College was a Bad Choice

Before I use the writers strike as an excuse to continue my literary procrastination, I wanted to delve into ESPN Gameday's awful decision to air their show at Williams College last Saturday.

I have given Gameday several shout outs on the pages of Mac G’s World this fall and deservedly so. It is one of few things that ESPN continually does very well. Finding a blog who gives ESPN credit is as rare these days as spotting a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker or an authentic FEMA press conference.

Seriously, Williams College? WTF.

In week 11 of the D1 college football season as conference races are being decided and the national title picture is becoming just a tad bit clearer, Gameday chooses to visit a D3 match up of small elitist liberal arts schools in nowhereville Mass? HUH?

Did an ESPN producer or executive attend of one of these 2 schools? The puzzling decision is downright laughable when you say it out loud to a buddy.

Over the years, the Gameday crew have become like rock stars with their tremendous popularity growth. Their show almost becomes as big as the event they are there covering. Students wait in lines forever and come up with clever signs.

The whole college community buzzes at their arrival. It is must see TV before viewing your favorite college team every Saturday.

I thought the whole point of the traveling Gameday crew was to capture the enthusiasm and environment of big time college football. You know, those games that the overwhelming majority of college football fans actually follow and watch!

The Gameday crew did not earn their rise to fame and relevancy in the college football world by telling fans what a great game something was because fans already knew that and their appearance just added to the game day experience.

I understand Williams/Amherst is the longest rivalry game in D3 or some crap. Cool, Neat, Super! Go send Desmond Howard up there during the week to do some 5 minute video package like you did earlier this season of Chadron State’s Danny Woodhead breaking the all time NCAA all divison rushing record.

If ESPN was looking for a sentimental choice ala Va Tech on the opening week then they should have chosen to take their show to the Orange Bowl for its last game ever. Corso, Fowler, and Herbstreet all gushed on air about their first hand experiences at the OB.

Granted Miami was blown out but I think you understand my point. Any one of these games would have been solid picks: Illinois/Ohio St, Auburn/Georgia, Kansas/Okie State, USC/Cal. Anywhere but Williamstown Mass.

It is bad enough that ESPN censors their online content, allows Tony Kornhieser to babble on MNF broadcasts, refuses to link to sports blogs, down plays steroid use by one of their ex-jock radio hosts, provides a constant stream of irrelevant OJ trial updates but now they are attempting to ruin one of the few top notch critically acclaimed things that fans still enjoy on ESPN.

In summary, Williams College was a Bad Choice.

The Gameday crew will be in Ann Arbor for the Mich/Ohio State game and I am fine with that selection. I just do not want to view anymore D3 ESPN football coverage until their national title game pops up at some random time next month on the Deuce.

Here are some pictures from other Gamedays this season, courtesy of my boy Joe, aka Tree, aka dude with the coolest job ever, aka Corso’s mascot bitch.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sexiest Soccer Game Ever

I have no idea how this blog turned in to me just posting videos of hot chicks along with my juvenile banter. I promise to offer more than these shallow lazy topics in the future but dudes, these chicks are smoking! Plus, they are rolling around in mud!

I never thought I would actually regret growing up in the US playing QB rather than spending my formative years being a midfielder or goalkeeper in Europe. This video really makes me want to be a Euro.

I could chain smoke, sip strong java, pound dark beer, listen to House music, loathe GW Bush and rip apart dumb fat Americans. Hell, it sounds like what I do already. Plus, I might be willing to change my mind about wearing those tight HM jeans too.

My man Jimmy over at CNNSI's Extra Mustard Hot Clicks could be right that Mac G's World is doing more to promote the sport of soccer in America than David Beckham ever will be able to accomplish

Well, trust me, if soccer keeps rolling these type of videos out, consider their PR popularity mission to be on a upward SWING!

After watching this, who does not want to go slide tackle in the mud? I know these images and lyrics will be in your head all day.

"Keep on jumpin,
Let your body fly,
Everybody jumpin,
Til you see the sun in the sky,

Keep on jumpin,
Let your body fly,
Everybody jumpin,
Til the morning light"

Mac Gs World

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bitter Shaun Alexander Fan

I usually do not endorse burning things but I can understand the passion of this Seahawks fan.

I once chucked my Seven Iron into a pond and in college I wore a brown paper trash bag over my head to a Hawkeye football game with "Where's Stoops?" written across it.

Any fantasy owner who spent a top pick on Shaun Alexander this season only to watch him gingerly tote the rock before falling down for minimal gains over and over will enjoy this video too.

It is NSFW as FBombs are flying around like Eli Manning getting beat down in the pocket by the Cowboys on Sunday.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Cranked Out

No, I am not kicking a meth habit but I think I am officially done posting videos of the Soulja Boy Dance after this one.

Over at Awful Announcing they just posted this video of the CBS announcer's "dancing" to Soulja Boy during their broadcast of the UGA/Auburn game.

How do older white men get such a bad rap of not being able to dance? Wow.
Here is the video(no sound) of the UGA team cranking their Superman which sparked the horrific Old White Man dance.

Here it is, Mac G World's last Soulja Boy Dance video forever. A hot Hurricane pooner doing the Soulja Boy for the final tailgate at the Orange Bowl. Or the "OB."

Folk, I See You Tryna Do It Like Me
Man That Shit Was Ugly

Mac Gs World

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Colt was CLOCKED

Hawaii QB Colt Brennan, a possible Heisman finalist and potential top pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, tied the All Time NCAA D1 record for career TD passes (121) in the Rainbows' game against Fresno State on Saturday. Brennan was looking to break the record when he was absolutely crushed by Fresno St DB Marcus Riley. He was knocked out with a concussion and his playing status for next week is up in the air.

Brennan has 3 games left to break the record and maybe lead his team to a BCS Bowl berth by running the table. I just hope he remembers that he is living on an Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Thanks to Epic Carnival for the video tip.

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