Friday, June 20, 2008

John McCreep if Frightening

I thought my buddy Francis could creep chicks out with the best of them. It appears he needs lessons from John McCain. It is terrifying how good he really is at this acting role.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pictures of the Day- Dubbya's America

On the day the good ole US Congress is about to approve another 180 billion with no strings attached to burn in more occupational war games in the middle east and add to our country's massive foreign debt bill, I thought this picture was fitting for the current state of lives IN America.

Here is an update of the current state of oil in Iraq, which was predicted by pro invade pols to pay for all of our military costs.

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The Bush Administration's awful long term trade and weak dollar policy has crushed the value of our currency. I mean just go ask Fifty/ .337.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Get Well Javon Walker

When WR Javon Walker bitched his way out of Green Bay, I loathed the dude with the same fandom scorn I still possess for Saints CB Mike McKenzie, who pulled a similar stunt.

Walker had a monster pro bowl season in 04 and wanted a new contract. Unfortunately, he was blew out his knee early in 2005 against the Lions and without his deep ball play making ability, the Packers bottomed out to a 4-12 season.

Walker sill demanded a new deal, which seemed tenuous giving his knee injury, so he ripped the organization to pieces and the Packers finally shipped him out to Denver.

I started having compassion for Walker after his Broncos teammate Darrent Williams was shot in a limo they were riding in together and Williams died in Walker's arms. The HBO special of Walker showing up to the Broncos training facility the next morning after the shooting still in his blood stained shirt was gut wrenching. I truly felt Javon's pain and grief.

The recent news of Walker getting mugged and knocked out in Vegas is crazy. Here are pictures for Walker partying it up at a club with Pretty Boy Floyd before he was robbed.

I will not rip on Walker like the tasteless Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk does because the man is lucky to be alive. Maybe his story is shaky because he just got knocked the F out! What do you expect? I agree there is something very weird to this story when Nik from the dirty is clearing athlete's names.

what is next, a GW Bush lecture tour on the need for butter diplomacy? A Travis Henry talk on abstinence? An Eliot Spitzer speech on being a faithful hubby?

Here is the Vegas slide show picture tour.

Walker Gets Knocked the F Out
Mike Florio is a great football writer but a smug ahole.
Nik from the Dirty tries to dose rumors. Yes, you read that headline correct.
Walker's Vegas partying night in pictures.


( I will forever have a soft spot for my man Miggy as he returned to Camden Yards last night.)

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fit Your Wii

I love new trends and none could be better than hot girls playing Wii fitness games in their underwear.

Thank You Laura Bernat for sparking this phenomenon with your 2 million views plus original You Tube video smash hit. I hope this wave continues going and going.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

College World Series MILF

I flipped on the College World Series game between Stanford/Georgia Monday night and suddenly a group of hot Georgia fans flashed across my screen. Since a very wise ESPN TV crew kept showing these hot UGA pooners, I took the volume off mute long enough to find out the brunette was the wife of UGA catcher, Bryce Massanari.

Well, Well, Time to fire up the google in 3...2...1...

I immediately found her name was Lauren Massanari and she just had a baby with Bryce. A cute story and Lauren looks smoking for having a baby 6 weeks ago but not the type of juice I was trying to dig up. After rummaging through the predictable lead of how fatherhood has changed Bryce, I came across this doozie.

Lauren's job was put on hold once she was pregnant. She was Miss Nevada in 2006 and finished in the top 15 of the Miss USA Pageant that same year. As a model, she's done several runway shows and some print work.

She also appeared as an extra in the newly-released blockbuster, "Iron Man." In the movie, Lauren is standing beside Robert Downey Jr. and Terrence Howard in a casino at a craps table.

CHA CHING! Jackpot and it is time to overheat the google. Her maiden name is Lauren Paige Scyphers and she is looking silky smooth in this video.

Lauren's picture compilation is pretty damn sexy and I want her hubby to make the bigs so I can see her get more pub. UGA is now my pick to win this year's CWS and ESPN truck guy, take note.

Here is Lauren making the top 15 of the 2006 Miss America contest.

Here is video of the swimsuit competition.

I know by now you are dying to know who won the 2006 contest and the champion is infamous in the super duper scandalous way.

Good Ole Miss Tara Conner, who almost lost her crown because she loved blow, raging all night and licking Miss Teen USA.

Lauren is indirectly linked to another party girl as she handed her crown off to Miss Nevada 2007, Katie Rees, who was stripped of her crown after naughty pictures of her showed up online.

Lauren is available to be hired as a model and GO BULLDOGS!

A Catcher, a Model and a Baby

Massanari takes on new responsibilities with birth of daughter
Miss USA and Miss Teen USA loved PDA with each other
Former Miss USA Nevada Katie Rees Nude Flashing 'Nothing New'
Lauren Massanari's model page

Uncle Rico noticed the same CWS beautiful babies last night as great minds/pervs think alike. I forget to mention how smoking the girls sitting next to Mrs Massanari were, Hot Diggity Damn.

Mac Gs World

US Open Playoff, Rocco vs Tiger

UPDATE: Live Streaming Video at NBC: ROCK O! ROCK O! ROCK O!

Tiger rolled in a super clutch putt on the 2008 US Open's final hole to force a 18 hole Monday playoff against career journeyman, Rocco Mediate

Rocco is a real life version of Tin Cup, who was able to enter the US Open by winning a qualifier playoff in which he was wearing shorts and smoking a stogie. He is a colorful, likable guy that is trying to become the oldest male to ever win an Open.

Tiger Woods is well, Tiger Woods, the chiseled god of golf, who is limping around the course and still the best player in the world. Tiger is the steady stoic corporation looking to pile up major wins like profits.

There is serious potential for an epic battle today at Torrey Pines golf course in So Cal.

If you can not make it out to a pub for a 2 hour lunch or get ESPN's video to work, check out the live blogs of today's playoff:

Lakers Salvage Game 5

Before my analysis, I want to bitch about every NBA Finals game ending at past midnight in the eastern time zone and every single one was on a school/work night too. BOO David Stern and I hope the ratings suck like your refs.

Twice the NBA has waited from Thursday to Sunday night to play the next game while teams were in the SAME city but when the location changes and teams are forced to travel across country, they play the next game on a Tuesday night after a Sunday night game.

It makes absolutely zero sense for the players, coaches, and fans but we know their interests always are behind those of TV honchos counting up their ad dollars.

After a monumental choke job in Game 4, the Lakers scrapped out a Game 5 victory. I want to publicly eat some crow and be held accountable for my Finals prediction of the Lakers winning in 5. The Celtics simply are a better team and they will easily close this series out at home in one of the two remaining games.

The Lakers have no answer for Paul Pierce and even Kobe is having hard time checking him. The crisp offensive execution and lock down defense that I saw out of the Lakers in series wins over Jazz/Spurs has been non existent.

Shockingly the Zen master is getting out coach by a 500 career coach in Doc Rivers, who seems more like a cheerleader than a coaching tactician. Rivers still puzzles me with his subbing patterns but sitting Rondo for long stretches helped win game 4 and the same decision almost pulled out game 5 too.

Surrounding KG and Pierce with shooters is a key coaching move by Rivers. Posey and House have been instrumental in hitting big shots and making Kobe stay on his man, which prevents him from playing roaming help D that he does while guarding Rondo.

Phil has not found a great subbing mix and Vlad Radmanovic should be ridding pine, not playing matador defense on the Celtics best player. The Lakers seem unwilling to take a charge and that is a direct reflection of coaching.

The Lakers rode their big 3 to save themselves from the brink of elimination. Although the Mamba will not go down without a fight, I see the Celtics big 3 feeding off the energy of their home building to win the championship.

BTW, Crow tastes the same as how Kendrick Perkink's untucked dress shirt looked, awful.

Props to Getty Images/Yahoo Sports for the pictures.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hawkeye Campus in Peril

( This view is on Dubuque Street on the way out of Iowa City towards I80 interstate.)

I am unable to generate the words to deftly describe how devastating the current flood situation is throughout Eastern Iowa. I spent my 5 memorable years of my life residing in this community and it was essential in my development as a human being.

I met some of the my best life long friends in the Iowa City area and I will love this place until I kick it. Please reference the picture in right hand corner of this blog for any doubts to my Hawkeye tailgating credentials.

Here is google map of where the flooding is taking place in Iowa City.

View Larger Map

Here is a good video of the situation in Johnson county.

There was some good news on Sunday for Iowa City as the Coralville reservoir,located upstream from the city, reached its high point and the water level is slowly decreasing. This does not necessarily mean the Iowa river has crested as other flooded streams run into the river and there is still high chance of of levees breaking because of the massive water flow pressure.(I just knocked on wood 3 times!)

At least 16 University of Iowa campus buildings have taken in water and another seven are at severe risk. The arts/theater related departments are taking the brunt of the flood with Hancher Auditorium and the newly built Museum of Art submerged deep in water.

Two million square feet of campus is affected by the flood, and half of that space has already taken on water, officials said. For perspective, the entire campus is 16 million square feet, meaning one-eighth of campus is at risk for flooding.

There is a steep incline starting about one block to the east of the Iowa Memorial Union so not all buildings in these maps are in danger but those close to the river are likely in peril.

For anyone who has ever attended, visited or most likely partied in Iowa City, these pictures will blow you away.

The above picture is the Art Museum.

Hancher Auditorium and water is estimated to be above the main performance stage
A look over the Iowa River on campus
An aerial picture of the Iowa River, the make shift sandbags wall, and the student union called IMU on the right
A view towards the east side of the river and campus.

This is an entrance into the IMU and this picture really is shocking. I actually studied at this place and maybe spent more time here than the bars up the street. Well, maybe not more but enough to get a degree!

Danforth Chappel is in serious trouble.
If the water gets above this sandbag wall, the main library might be ruined.

Volunteers trying to save Lindquist Center

The Iowa City water plant has been shut down.
Burlington Street is slowly covered in water. I can not figure out what this dude in the background is doing or wearing on his head. Weird.

The above pictures are the University's softball fields.

All these trees on both sides of the river could be under water by Monday evening.

The University of Iowa has set up a flood relief fund and you can make a donation at this website.

I will have more information on Cedar Rapids and Coralville flood catashpories and Iowa City updates.

The Rez reaches high point in water
Hancher is ruined and more UI buildings in trouble
Iowans battling deadly flood waters

The Iowa student newspaper, the Daily Iowan, posted some impressive picture galleries. \
Here is the DI's latest video report.
Thanks to Gazette Online and the Des Moines Register for the pictures/links.