Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Dream Last Night

People that know me personally could say I have a sports addiction. They might think that following 5 fantasy football teams with 2 laptops running with Live Scoring and 3 TVs in my living room hooked up with every football package is a tad bit extreme. Most dudes think it is a form of weekend heaven.

Maybe the addiction part is true but it sure is better a vice than smoking meth or popping Hill Billy Heroin.

Plus, it is not my fault that I have dreams like this every night.

If I am not able to post again before I fly back to the square flat states to get fat and drunk, have a great Tday. GOBBLE GOBBLE!

Mac Gs World

Pac 10 Poon Fight

I was recently labeled my man at Big Ten Tailgate to be the Godfather of Tail with a PHD in Poon. How can a poon lover argue with this type of genuine flattery? It did turn my face red but this was due to me spitting up my Cabernet all over myself in joyous bewilderment.

I know, wine, "Mac G, you yuppy, $^&! " 3 Buck Chuck at Trader Joe's will make you appreciate wine like you never have before, or just have you guzzle a bottle every night.

My pooner responsibilities have been taking away from Mac G's World. I know my readership, now sputtered upward in to the teens, feels the ramifications of these developments.

Well, I have found a way to display the sweet spot between the two by showing one of the best You Tube videos that I have ever found. A Pac 10 Pooner Cat fight.

The production of this video with its music, captions, slow mo is simply amazing. The breakdown of the flying pooner elbows made my side hurt in laughter. Bravo, Poon Fight Video Man, Brav FN O! Enjoy.

Mac Gs World

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Picture of the Day

Today, I am tossing blanks like Phillip Rivers or Alex Smith in the pocket so here is your picture of the day. "Who's got my extra?" might be her first words. or "Jesus will save you."
I guess Lemonade stands are a thing of the past.

Mac Gs World

Monday, November 19, 2007


This picture just piqued my thirst and made my mouth water. That is all I have, Carry on.

Mac Gs World

Motor Boats with Nikki

I promised weeks ago not to post any more about the Nebraska football team this year until a new coach was hired.

Well, if president Bush can give speeches last week arguing for fiscal restraint while the national debt has nearly doubled to 9 trillion under his watch, I can rescind my little Nebraska Cornhusker moratorium.

The 2007 college football season has been a downright debacle for Husker nation and unless you have been volunteering in the Peace Corps, most sports fans are well aware of Nebraska's current grid iron troubles.

The following video highlights everything that is wrong and right with Husker fans.

Bear with me on this video after 2 minutes as Nikki's free motorboats are totally worth enduring the annoying Katy girl in the beginning.

I think I have been watching too much Dexter recently as I had negative thoughts of duck tapping Katy's mouth until Nikki's motorboats soothed my soul.

If only Nikki could distract the opponents Oline, while the Huskers rushed the passer and the D might be able to actually touch the QB on a consistent basis. Damn, I tried to get through this whole post without breaking down any husker football.

More Motorboats please? Whew, much better. Check them out for yourself.

Props to Ike Stranathan at for this well needed Husker medication.

Notorious DEK hooked me up with this video and I had him provide me with some great one word adjectives to describe these passionate husker chicks.

Katy: irrational, bi-polar, psychotic tendencies, unmedicated, a few sandwiches short of a picnic, nuttier than squirrel shit, manson follower, makes mike gundy/jim mora/howard dean seem rational and calm...

Nikki- voluptuous,caring,giving,supple,angelic, the Mother Teresa of the husker nation

Mother Teresa of Motorboats. Awesome.

Mac Gs World