Friday, November 09, 2007

"Mute Button Please?"

I should not have posted this video but it is a girl with a football in a bikini. I am that easy. Just mute the sound on this and visualize a bag over the Paula Jones look-alike's head. Trust Me. Have a great weekend. Booze, Bitches, Ball, and Blackouts. In any order. Word, Mac G.

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These Soulja Boy parodies are everywhere but I just watched one of the coolest ones ever, A "Saved By the Bell" version.

2 Saved by the Bell references in one day? Hell YES! As a young boy growing up the heartland of Nebraska, I wanted to be Preppy, talk on his awesome huge cell phone, skip class to hang at "The Max", and make out with Kelly Capowski. It was the American dream. I guess nowadays kids can aspire to be the dude on High School Musical? YIKES!

Make sure to watch the video until the very end. Thanks to my main man Docksquad for the tip.

I agree with Notorious DEK that is time for girls to bring the leotards back in style. HAWT!

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Question of the Day- The Office

(TV Tan Line)

Has NBC's "The Office" lost the heat on its comedic fastball? I am a huge fan, having watched every episode from the beginning but I did not laugh once last night. Overall, this season's episodes have been very depressing.

Michael is either delusional, in a constant state of denial about everything, or financially broken. In the past, some of this was humorous because you still had a sense that he patched things together in his own goofy way. Now, his character is just plain desperate.

The Pam/Jim story line is extremely boring. Dwight's peculiar personality is hard to laugh at because he is so broken down about losing Angela. I feel pity and empathy towards the assistant to the regional manager.

The other Office characters have minor roles and are unable to carry the whole show without funny bits from Michael.

Any Office fans out there, Let me know what you think.

Oh, I have banned myself from using Jump the Shark," so I did not apply it in this analysis. My reasoning is that "Jump the Shark" seems so early 00s like 2003ish and its meaning is highly diluted by people throwing it around all the time just to describe a crappy show that might not have been good in the first place.

Plus, the phrase was originally created in 1997 about a Happy Days episode that took place over 30 years ago. I have not yet came up with a new metaphor yet for its replacement. Being a huge Saved By the Bell fan growing up, I do like the Tori Conundrum. I think it is time for a modern version of a phrase which symbolizes your favorite TV shows' rapid descent into mediocrity.

I banning the use of "Man Crush" too. Too many old sports announcers are throwing it around when they are clueless about pop culture. I am still waiting for someone to make some jabs at Facebook or My Space on air. Who does not want to hear "poking" or "bulletin" wise cracks? I sure do.

Since we are nearing the Xmas holiday season, other items on my wish list include instant replay on home runs in MLB, the elimination of cell phone contracts, and HBO miking up NFL players so we can listen to their likely R rated smack talk.

Oh Santa, for a stocking stuffer, I would like the US occupation of Iraq to end at some point this decade. Sooner rather than later and yes, a boy can dream.

Happy Fryday!

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Bank Robber Needs a Sitter

How did you spend your Wednesday afternoon? Well, Daniel Young could have used your help baby sitting. Young, an apparent Vols fan, robbed the bank inside a Knoxville Kroger grocery store WHILE holding his 2 year old.

He was arrested after being identified by video surveillance. He had a gun on him and outstanding warrants. Awesome.

No word yet on his opinion of Fulmer's job status or the Vol's leaky defense. Also, it is pure speculation to wonder if Young's desperate brazen need of quick cash was inspired by Tennessee Center Josh McNeil's impressive collection of ammo and coeds.

Guy Robs Bank while holding a 2 Year Old
Vols' Center has Guns and 3 Girls in his Room

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Need a Pick Me Up?

Is your morning Java not doing the trick on this Fryday morning? Maybe this video will loosen up the cobwebs.

If that did not help, I know these lovely Mountaineer pooners can get your ATTENTION!
And you thought Slaton and White were the only reasons to pay attention to West Virginia? Think Again.

Happy Fryday Craigs.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Stan to Jay Cutler: "My Dad Says That You Might be Good Some Day"

On last night's episode of South Park, Stan and Kyle start to dominate the video game Guitar Hero. A record executive takes notice and they are signed to a one year contract. The boys are on the their way to fame and fortune or in their words,"life not sucking."

Guitar Hero is game where you score points by playing along with songs and you have to push the correct buttons in order for the music to sound well. I have heard nothing but good things about the game.

On South Park, Stan and Kyle get invited to this party with Colorado celebrities. They see Jay Cutler and freak out. Check out this hilarious exchange that I transcribed and watch the video clip below.

Record Executive: Everyone this is Stand and Kyle. They just broke 100,00 points on Guitar Hero. (Applause) Please enjoy yourselves, there is lots more coke and sex in the house.

Stan: Dude, Dude, that is Jay Cutler over there, QB for the Denver Broncos

Kyle: Oh My God!

RE: Would you boys like to meet him?

Stan: Are you serious?

RE: I want you to meet Stan and Kyle, they broke 100,000 points in Guitar Hero

Cutler: Wow! Really? Nice to meet you guys

Stan: Nice to meet you, I mean you kinda suck but my dad says that you might be good someday

Cutler: Thanks

On a side note, my buddy told me that he won a BJ out of his wife by beating her in Guitar Hero. I am not married and still would enjoy more hum pieces, what guy would not? Well, I am now sold on Guitar Hero.

Link to 2 more clips of the episode and be sure to check out Heroin Hero.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

She Got Mad Ups

I had to watch this video twice as I could not believe a girl could throw down with such ease and athleticism. Her name is Brittney Griner from Texas and she committed to Baylor over the summer. Griner's measurements are even more eye popping than her skywalking ability.

6-7, 80-inch wingspan, size 17 shoes, just 2 years of organized basketball experience, and ONLY a JUNIOR! She is expected to grow to 6'10 or 6'11 too.

She has the possibility to revolutionize the woman's game. I still will not watch the boring ESPN force fed, NBA propped up WNBA product but I will definitely check Griner out in Waco.

Thanks to Sneakerboxx for the tip.

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Monday, November 05, 2007

I Heart Football Girls

I am not a big soccer fan. I do enjoy the World Cup, national matches with Team USA, and attending DC United games from time to time. I have caught the Champions League finals on ESPN.

It is hard because all of the great world soccer(football)players play in European leagues and the only way to really get into professional soccer in the US is by watching MLS.

I compare viewing MLS matches on TV to showing Arena Ball 2 or DLeague games to prospective American football and basketball fans. Not going to ignite any new sport fandom by checking out lower rung talent playing in near empty arenas.

However, I think I found a way to SPARK American interest in soccer or football or whatever people call it in their particular country. Check out these picture slide show videos. I heart Football Girls.

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Purple Jesus Sets NFL Record

Vikings Rookie RB Adrian Peterson, aka APete/All Day/Purple Jesus set the NFL All time single game rushing record yesterday against the Lightning bolts in just his 8th NFL game. Everyone wants to compare him to Erick Dickerson because of their similar up right running styles but he is more powerful of a runner than Dickerson. To me, A Pete is a sleeker, quicker, Bo Jackson type clone by being able to run over dudes and take it to the house on any carry.

Can you imagine if the Vikings had a legitimate NFL starting caliber QB or a coach who knew how to use Purple Jesus properly? It would be downright scary. Oh, just a reminder that 6 teams passed on him in last April's NFL draft. Here is a video montage of his big day.

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