Friday, September 28, 2007

Headed to the Husker State

Mac G will be headed back this weekend to see the fam in the Husker State. I will be on the prowl for some Big 12 poon at the Husker/Iowa State game.

Check out this link. It turns out JJ Reddick's brother has been threatening his ex girlfriend by text messages and phone calls. Another reason to hate Dook.

Oh one more Link. My Favorite new website thanks to my boy, WCK from 100% Injury Rate.
A Blog to keep you up to date on stripper news. EXCELLENT!

Sorry for the lack of posts. I have tuns more saved but thought I would ride the Aussie Bikini Wave for a few days. MMMMM GOOD! Happy Friday Fockers.

Have a grrrrrrrrrrrreat weekend.
Word, Mac G.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Best Guinness Record of ALL TIME

Breaking Guinness records are just dumb, specifically the large group ones.

Well, Australia's latest record setting performance suddenly has changed my mind and it should go down in history as the best Guinness group record of all time. It even blows away the entertainment value of the funny Simpson fattest town episode too.

Over one thousand women in bikinis gathered on Bondi Beach in Sydney on Wednesday in an attempt to win a spot in the Guinness World Book of Records. They were a mixture of models and local volunteers, and the number exceeded that which organizers had hoped for.

Many wore matching bikinis as they gathered to pose for the world's biggest swimsuit shoot. A total of 1,010 women smashed the previous record of 300.

The shoot will appear in the January issue of Cosmopolitan, on sale Monday December 3, and will also feature in the next edition of the Guinness World Records book, out in September 2008.

Do you wanna read the understatement of 2007? It is not even close.

Guinness World Records representative, Chris Sheedy said the shoot was ''one of the more spectacular world records'' he had been invited to adjudicate.


Checking out 1000 foreign ladies in 2 piece swim suits on a beach SURELY topples the judging experience at the upcoming Guinness record breaking events scheduled in the US for Marbles, Finger Painting, and largest Kazoo band.

Maybe Andrew Bogut was on to something about bashing US culture. And their summer is just beginning.

I would rather be down under too.

Most of the 1010 ladies did not even know what the record was they were trying to beat.

It is OK, you look hot.

Check out the video and enjoy the pictures.
UPDATE:SI Link to a Photo Gallery of the Event

SI Extra Mustard

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Frisbee is not Just for Stoners

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Polly Want a Cartoon?

No political rants needed as these solid Cartoons depict my mood quite well.

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Does Your Roommate Suck?

The Notorious DEK has been rolling lately with some great finds and his latest, My Roommate is Such a Dick is a Bookmark keeper. It details bad roommate stories in letter form, along with funny pictures. HILARIOUS.

Everyone has good stories of an awful roommate. I could mention some college ones about dudes puking, being downright filthy or stealing my condoms. However, the story of my post college housemate's Rottweiler trying to kill me by viciously biting me several times is probably the winner.

I had to sue him so he would pay for my medical bills that he originally promised to cover and we shared the same bathroom at this time still. The dog continued to live in the house, locked up in his room all day and it was 2 months after the attack until he finally moved out.

I could write a short story about this biggest DICK Head in the history of mankind. Oh, the dog had attacked the ahole a year before and bit half of his bicep off! AND HE KEPT THE DOG! Anyway enough of my past canine mental trauma, back to the hilarious web site.

You can submit a roommate story and here is the sample from the site.

Dear Roommate,

I'm sick of you leaving your shit all over the place, and not paying me back when I pay your electric bill. And drinking my beer. And hitting on my girlfriend when you're drunk. I've had enough. I'm taking a stand. This site is dedicated to you and the millions of other dick roommates around the world.


Your Roommate

Here are couple of my favorites but check out the whole site.

Dear Roomate,

You go out 5 nights a week, get drunk and call the same ugly fat girl to get your dick wet. So you leave me two options: cry myself to sleep to the sound of you porking that bitch. OR sleeping in the lounge on a tinyass ikea furniture. F-you, you chubby chasing son of a bitch

The guy you share mailbox with

Dear Roommate,

Puh-lease stop flexing everytime you take a photo with our crew. We get it. You go to the gym. We're all really impressed. I'm gonna start photoshopping you out if you don't stop.

Dear Roomate,
I am really starting to think that you're gay because you will not man up and get with chicks. I wish you would locate your balls and get the nerve to close the deal on some serious ass.

Sincerely, The guy who is trying to get you laid but is dealing with a homo

Dear Roommate,
Hey, thanks for the surprise you left for me when I brought my parents home during graduation weekend. I've never been happier to move out of the apartment.

P.S. you can keep the couch.

P.S.S. and where did you find that scrappy looking white boy???

My Roommate is a dick!

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Cocktail of Death

Amy Winehouse has finally admitted her drug addcition and entered rehab in the US with her druggie hubby, Blake. It is a sad story but famous people with a drug problem is more common than watching fat people ordering Haggen Dazs.

I could on and on about how this Dbag hubby of hers is a bad influence and ruining her career. However, I do not care that much and they are BOTH straight up addicts. They would rather do drugs together all day, every day, no matter what. Check this out.

"She(Amy) told me she was addicted to heroin and cocaine and admitted 'It's silly, but you just get carried away'.

Carried away and it is silly? I could find several harsher words to describe this type of idiotic behavior. It is bad enough to be addicted to blow or H but to do both? That is a death wish. Speaking of ODing:

Amy, 23, made her confession just days after she collapsed after bingeing on a cocktail of heroin, ecstasy, cocaine and the horse tranquilliser ketamine. She was rushed to hospital to have her stomach pumped.

This girl needs her brain checked too. If you feel the need and want to get high, pick ONE drug and do it up! Heroin, E, Coke, and Special K? You might as well drink draino and antifreeze.

I would like to see the word "cocktail" stop being used to describe people mixing drugs. When I think cocktail, I do not want images of addicts shooting H in their veins and coming down by chasing special K. YUCK.

My cocktail is a mixed alcohol drink made by a hottie bartendress or a Brian Flanagan wannabee. It is poured stiff, with ice and a straw. No needles necessary.

I love this girls voice but with this type of heavy addiction and enablers around her, I highly doubt she will live to age 30.

Oh, you are welcome for this cheery story early in the morning.
Happy Humpday.
word, Mac G.

Article on Amy going to Rehab
I cut Myself Winehouse Post

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Best Tackle Ever

My appreciation for mascots has been raised after watching this great video. The Lions could have used the KC wolf in their secondary on Sunday.

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Nothing plus Nada equals Zippo

It is Munday. I am seriously brain dead. My liver and lungs both hate me from this past weekend. I am starting to get the Monday afternoon shakes. Addiction is a Bitch. Mac G is on straight empty.

Aside from the 3-0 Packers, my favorite teams completely suck. Wake Me when the Alamo/Independence Bowls are over. Ronnie Brown tore an Ahole in all of my fantasy teams yesterday. Yes, Ronnie Fn BROWN!

Even great looking Poon here and here can not rescue me today. More Iraq policy blunders and contiunal political incompetence have not been able to fire me up on any rants either.

The highlight of my day was finding out the White Stripes Meg White has a sex tape and might have been the real reason for the band pulling out of dates on their last tour. You can download the footage and see pictures here. All right, maybe it is a lowlight and it might not really be her. Who really knows or cares? This girl has a nice rack.

I digress, Saints and the Overs.

word, Mac G.

Tip to TV Tan Line for the Silas photo from "Weeds." I think watching Mary Kate Olson's boney ass dry humping in last week's Weeds' episode sent me on a downward spiral. I can not believe the Olson twins were ever widely known as the hottest jail bate for several years running in the early 00's. Did that really exist?

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