Friday, February 15, 2008

Movie Trailer: Pineapple Express Red Band

Looks like another pop culture hit and for some reason, all of sudden I have the munchies even though I just ate lunch. Hmmmmmm.

Where is the bubbler?

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Her Boots are Made for Stalking

Alright, I keep writing that I am not going to turn this blog into some Erin Andrews Shrine. However, when I get pictures like this sent to me, what is a red blooded male supposed to do with them?

Does a booze hound pass up a free cocktail? Does a stoner skip a free hit of Mary Jane? Does a good wing man not jump on the grenade so his buddy can score with her friend? No, Never, and Hell No.

Keeping these pictures to myself would violate every unspoken man law imaginable.

It is my duty to provide them to Andrews stalkers everywhere. You are all welcome.

Happy Friday.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Link Whores

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Cougar Speed Dating

My boy BC sent me this video link of a Speed Dating Club in NYC for super rich Rolls Royce Cougars only. Every Coug was vetted to have assets of at least 4 million and earn 500k a year.

5 thousand men under 35 competed for the 25 slots to meet these rolls royces and be lucky enough to be potential prey someday.

Here is my favorite Cougar website, the grand daddy of them all, Urban Cougar.

Check out this sign up form to win the opportunity to be a Cougar Snack.

CNN has another video of the event and even promotes the word, "Cougar."

Mac Gs World

DC's Most Famous Felon

I just got back from retrieving my third cup of java for the day when I noticed a man on the other side of the crosswalk who looked eerily familiar in the vampire sort of way. I am on day 2 of my new phone and I was too slow on the camera draw to snap a photo of DC's most famous felon:Mr. Scooter Libby.

This typical DC encounter was blocks away from the White House so maybe Scooter and Big Dick were reminiscing of old battle stories of evading accountability and the truth. Lord knows Dick could use some extra warm blood on Valentine's Day.

It got me thinking. Scooter Libby avoided any punishment from his felony conviction of lying to the FBI and the courts about his involvement covering up an illegal smear campaign of revealing the identity of undercover CIA agent in order to protect his work superior's pro-war policies.

Libby got out of time in pokey because President Bush commuted his sentence. If Bush can erase prison time so easily for people that broke the law while working for him, he sure can pardon or commute Roger Clemens someday.

I was half kidding in my brain and then Notorious DEK blasts me this article of trainer/HGH injector, Brian McNamee's lawyer predicting a Bush pardon of Clemens.

Crazy but not out of the question.

I am not going to waste anyone's time on the whole congressional steroid hearing yesterday. ESPN and pandering members of Congress are doing plenty on that topic already. 2 words summed up the feelings from fans of all stripes who contacted me yesterday: WHO CARES?

Anyway, DC's well known moniker is Hollywood for ugly people. I could rattle off 2000 words on that topic alone, for another time but it is true.

In LA, you can see Brittney and Paris up close. 2 hos that ruin their reputation and "career's" on a daily basis.

In DC, you come across Scooter Libby and Donald Rumsfeld, 2 guys who helped ruin our country and the world.


Mac Gs World

Stratt Heart Attack on Valentines Day

Happy Vday! Yes, this holiday is total BS for dudes and it puts every guy with a girl in his life in a no win position. Do you give a girl too much and scare her away? Do you not give her enough and risk having her coworkers/friends start to make her feel bad, calling you a chump?

For the guys who have just started to date a girl, this day forces you to up the ante, even though you might not be ready for that next step yet.

Or say you are juggling a few girls and have not committed to one, how do you work this day? Who do you chose?

There are many pitfalls to this day for dudes, however, I tend to look at this bs Hallmark/Flower/Candy company creation day as more of a positive for males.

If you are in a relationship, unless you really, really F up, you are going to get some action tonight. Hell, maybe even a BJ if you are lucky and that has to be considered a win.

How many days out of the year can dudes tied down point to as the day they are certainly getting some? Very Few.

This was my favorite holiday to go out on as a single guy. If a girl is out at a bar on Vday, this means she is single, lonely, and more prone to spread em.

My favorite pick up line was just open up with, "This day sucks, such an BS holiday." The broken down girl's face would instantly light up and agree with your half ass line. You were in. Cupid's Devil has struck a target with his crooked arrow.

A few or 10 drinks later, your jokes are funnier and she now thinks she is having more fun those lame Valentine couples.

You end up talking your way back to her place with the indirect quip, "you have any drinks at your spot?" Oh she does? Over. Ballgame.

You wake up the next morning half dressed on the floor in the burbs, banging headache, hurriedly looking for your other shoe, rushing to work in your same clothes, with the dirty snatch smell on your hands. You know, the scent of victory.

Of course this is all made up! ;)

This video of a University of Delaware coed should get your hearts beating on Vday. It makes me rethink all things Delaware.

stratt attack :)

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Grammys and Crack

Amy Winehouse recently won 5 Grammys which proves you can be a crackhead and still be successful in life.

Take that John P. Walters.

Bravo Amy. Brav Fn OOHH!

I have some savvy marketing ideas for Winehouse to cash in on her increased main stream exposure. I could not think of a better spokesperson to promote baking soda, light bulbs and tin foil.

Mac Gs World

Part II: No Country for Old McCain

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Federica Ridolfi: Spank Bankalicious

Obamamania has buoyed my spirits so I have decided to generate a good mood out of my readers. Hottie Hunter via Tasty Booze turned me on to this Italian beauty, Federica Ridolfi. I did some searching on YouTube and here are my Spank Bankalicious results.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pundits Confused with Naming Primary

Today Maryland, DC and Virginia all cast their ballots in the presidential primaries. I already scribbled my pencil marking line for the Obamamania train.

The Political media pundits are confused on to what to call the area's election and Jon Stewart pokes his usual fun. (the whole clip is hilarious but the part about today's primary starts at 1:42)

Mac Gs World

POD: Michigan Basketball in the Gutter

The bar on Michigan basketball has just been thrown into the gutter with the clever sign in this picture. When I watched the "2 girls, one cup" video, it instantly gave me a gag reflex. I refuse to link it so use your google skills to locate the graphic footage.

(H/T: The World of Isaac & CNNSI)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Link Whores

Mac Gs World

Piquing Political Interest: "Making it Rain"

Obamamania is turning out record numbers of new voters to the political process and his electoral success reflects this enthusiasm.

Here is a video that could excite those apathetic males out there still disinterested in voting. It would definitely make those boring debates more exciting.

(The show starts at 0:43.)

Mac Gs World

She Wears Tight Pants

A spy at the Georgetown/Louisville game on Saturday night sent me this picture via text message. Although it is blurry, those tight pants still do the trick and needed to be posted. I know this blog is turning into an Erin Andrews fashion exhibit but I have yet to hear any complaints.

God save us all from Andrew's Spandex. Happy Munday!

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