Friday, June 08, 2007

Mac Gs in the Field of Dreams

It has been a helluva ride these past 2 weeks for Mac Gs World. Four of the Top Sports Blogs (Deadspin, The Big Lead, With Leather, Dan Shanoff) and SI's Extra Mustard all have linked to MGsW. Mac G will be in the Hawkeye State the next few days for his cousin's TMac G's wedding. To all my new fans, that has now reached the teens, Mac Gs World has plenty in the cue ready to fire away next week. WORD, Mac G.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

"No. I'm going to break his . . . damn neck.""

"A guy like DeLamielleure says the things he said about me; you think I'm going to invite him to dinner? No. I'm going to break his . . . damn neck."

Do any of the new Mac G's World fans know who said this quote? Tony Soprano? Nope, Dick Cheaney? Par for the course but No, Paulie Walnuts? Close, Alec Baldwin? Sorry. Try Gene Upshaw, NFL Players Union Head. These comments have set off a firestorm. Congress is now intervening.

The NFL retired players have been upset with their pensions and disability payments. NFL generates 7 billion a year of income but former players only receive 13 thousand a year in retirement. The disability system is more of a cluster F%% than current US foreign policy.

Eligibility bureaucracy for disability can take up to two years just to get a decision. Ex-players made little money compared to now. Many can not walk and several have serious brain damage. Instead of attacking the commissioner for not addressing these issues, the head of the players union is publicly threatening them. I thought the Bush Administration was full of incompetent leaders. WOW!

Don Imus's jackass quote set off a week long media frenzy but a direct threat from America's most popular sport labor leader produces a very small out cry. Upshaw should be fired, period. More later

Story with Upshaw's Original Quote
Tension between Union and Retired Players
NFL Commish Praises Upshaw
Congress schedules Hearing

"Get Out Your Fn Checkbook"

This Clip is for my boy, Ern Dawg, you hustling lemon peddler. Of course they finance!! It reminds me of the classic hysterical movie, Used Cars.
If you are listening to this at work, make sure to use headphones. It might scare your cube mate with the Ned Flanders poster.



Last week psychiatrist Carlos Schenck and neurologist Mark Mahowald of the Minnesota Regional Sleep Disorders Center published a review article in the journal Sleep on what they call "sleepsex," or "sexsomnia." Think of it as a more advanced form of sleepwalking. It covers the full gamut of sexual activity, from fondling to intercourse, with one crucial difference. The patients apparently have no conscious awareness of what they're doing and, when wakened, have no recollection of it.

But doctors emphasize that sleepsex can lead to both physical and psychological damage. Bed partners have been known to suffer lacerations. (It's not uncommon, Schenck explains, for male sexsomniacs to display much rougher behavior during sleepsex than waking sex.) One man masturbated in his sleep with such energy that he suffered "repeated bruising of the penis" and avoided sexual intercourse for more than eight years. A man in Singapore masturbated in his sleep every night, leaving his wife feeling "cheated." "People experience real problems in relationships because of it," says Mangan.

This explains so much. I do not even know where to start. My bruises when I wake up half naked on the couch. My dreams that maybe were not dreams. Holes in the Wall. My future Legal defense team. I just wish Wilt the Stilt was alive to read this article.


Lil’ Poison is a Straight Up GAMER!

Kids in America are way overweight, horribly obese. Society puts part of the blame on video games and computers. Not their fat parents (60 percent of adults are obese) who keep revolving their kids through fast food drive-thrus for every meal instead of preparing home cooked healthy meals. These same fat ass parents watch hours of TV every evening and perform very little physical activities with their kids.

The media loves to play the blame game on EVERYTHING. It drives Mac G INSANE in the Membrane. It is rap music's fault, the Hip Hop culture degrades women, Violent Movies erode our kids and the Internet is evil, blah, blah, blah.

Kids are fat because they eat too much sugar and do not exercise, period. Adults are fat because they are lazy and eat like crap. Advertisers do target kids at an early age with their sugar ads but STOP TAKING THEM TO Mc Donald's. Buy Fruit and vegetables. TURN OFF the XBOX and make them go play outside.

Mac G could write infinity number of paragraphs about obesity. Fat ASS Americans skyrocketing health care costs strain the system, which then is paid for by healthier Americans having higher premiums. Mac G eats well and exercises but my premiums are high because 60 percent of America chooses to stuff Cheetos all day. And their only daily strenuous activity is walking to and from their car.

This is just part of the number one issue facing Americans today: Reforming our Health Care System. The other main issues include: the disastrous money/death pit that is the Iraq occupation, the social security system that is about to break unless we either cut benefits or raise taxes, and our awful energy policy that lines the pockets of the same governments we are trying to topple through our "War on Terror."

The burden of employees' high health care costs needs to be lifted off of small businesses and towards the government. The insurance industry needs overhauled and streamlined. We need to find a way to provide cheaper prescriptions drugs (Hello CANADA) and insurance coverage for everyone. I hope the next president has the political courage to take on these essential reforms.

This Mac G rant was originally created by reading this NY Times article on this stud 9 year old gamer player, Lil' Poison. It is a long way from the Atari 2600/5200 systems that I started my youth video game career on. I wish I grew up with these types of graphics and technology.We should embrace video games and not blame them for our societal problems.

Lil Poison''s Dad seems involved and the critics need to back off. If the kid likes it and enjoys it, who are they to judge?

Victor M. De Leon III has been playing video games on the professional circuit for five years now, racking up thousands of dollars in prizes and endorsements at tournaments around the country. He has a national corporate sponsor, a publicist and a Web site, with 531 photos chronicling his career. A documentary filmmaker has been following him for months.

Lil Poison NY Times Article

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hottie Purrrr Kats Hurler Shuts Out Lady Vols for Championship

Mac G's World congratulates the Arizona lady Wildcats on their 5-0 victory over the Tennessee Vols for the 2007 NCAA Softball title. Apologies to Mr Stokke, but I pay more attention to girls sports when the girls are hot, like these purrrrrrrrrrring kats. MEOW!

Star pitcher Tarnye, "N is for Naughty" Mowatt led the PurrrKats to the title, by hurling all 60 innings of the tournament. Taryne, "E is for Entertaining" can compete with former U of A hottie pitcher Jennie Finch on and off the ball diamond.

I believe Tarnye's, "Y is for Yum," championship victory was inspired by the pep talk her sister posted on her myspace comments section.

PLEASE do me a big favor and beat tennesse they are sooo hard to look Monica Abbot belongs on a a horse....haha. and the third basemen...dont even get me started with her hair...haha everytime she goes on the screen i laugh and say DIKE! okay okay...i wont be too
UPDATE: Mowatt goes for ESPY
The Big Lead
Taryne Mowatt's Myspace page
Arizona Wins Title

Mac Gs World

Paris Hilton: Heiress, Socialite, WHORE

Have you heard that Paris Hilton went to Jail? I only found out by turning on my TV at the gym, listening to the radio in the shower, over hearing people on the bus, opening my firefox browser homepage and last but never least, checking out at the super market. This was in a 24-hour period. Today, I find out she has seen her shrink, her jail jumpsuit is already on EBay, and her jail cell has a high rate of staph infection. This is Day 1 of Paris's jail term, DAY 1!

Listen up, I DO NOT CARE!

And Mac G loves celeb gossip. My favorite sites are What Would Tyler Durden Do and The Superficial. I find it amusing to rip on celebrities like everyone else. I understand the awe people have with Hollywood stars and following their lives is far more exciting than paying attention to our own.

Linsey loves coke, Nicole Ritchie hates food, Brittney had lipo, and Paris is a slut. Actually all 4 are definitely sluts and can not drive. Brittney at least WAS a pop superstar, Lohan does act in movies, Angelina and Pitt are Class A movies star but what has Paris HILTON ever really been?

She was just NY tabloid fodder before busting out on the national media scene by having her publicist release a low rate home sex movie on the Internet. Night Vision? Come on. I could make something better with my cell phone right now.

She denied its release, blamed her night vision "Co Star", and then used her new found notoriety to bag a Fox reality show. I am not going to deny being fascinated with her new looks and I did spend some (wink) time squinted up against a computer screen! I even watched some of the first season of the Surreal Life. She was a new sexy, hawt, flavor of the moment but so are 100 playboy bunnies. I was onto another Maxim pinup quicker than Rosie pounds her morning krispy kreme treats.

Paris' accomplishments include a show with Skeletor Ritchie that is horrendous, being killed in an awful wax horror movie, and releasing a music video. I have to include being panned on one of the funniest South park episode's of all time. I guess her other valuable contribution to pop culture would be the phrase, "SO HOT."

She is a heiress, socialite, whore and now, convict. What is her talent? NONE! Well, maybe a few things she does do "well." The video below explains in greater detail and it is a clip from the MTV movie awards. Mac G loves me some Sarah Silverman. Jack Nicholson laughing at the end is classic.
UPDATE2: Rash forced house Arrest
Last Update!!!!!!!!! The story will not DIE!!

A Model Who Makes Sense, SHOCKER!

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen stepped into the debate over birth control and sexual behavior in Brazil on Tuesday, saying Church opposition to condom use was ridiculous and women should have the right to choose on abortion.

"Today no one is a virgin when they get married ... show me someone who's a virgin!"
I can not agree more with Gisele. More young people would have greater respect and affinity towards the Catholic Church if they actually updated their policies to 2007, not 1907. Even though Aids is an enormous worldwide epidemic, their stance is to be AGAINST contraception. How does this help the world become a better place? How is this rationale or moral? How is this "Pro-Life?"Catholics have sexual diseases, Catholics have kids out of wedlock, and Catholics get divorced. So do people of all faiths. This is real everyday life and not a made up utopian society. I do find humor in that the Pope is all about the Raw Dawg.

It reminds me of the billions of dollars the Bush Administration has flushed down the toilet promoting abstinence programs.

Last fall, a congressional report said abstinence-only education fed students false information about pregnancy and birth control, and in the last six months of Horn's tenure, six states announced they would no longer accept federal abstinence funds.

Then a study released in April found no evidence that abstinence-only programs deter sexual activity. Perhaps as a result of these events -- and most certainly due in part to a Democrat-controlled House -- funding for abstinence-only education will run out this summer without assurance of renewal.

Dear Govt and Religious groups,

People are going to have SEX no matter what. Ya know, SCREW! This will happen more often after drinking large quantities of alcohol. It is part of being a human being. Stop labeling these acts as immoral and please stop wasting billions of our tax payer's money on trying to convince them that it is wrong. How about spending money to promote safe sex around the world so people do not get sexual diseases, and I do not know, UM....DIE!

Peace, Love, Happiness, and KY,

Mac G

ps. Oh, I am Catholic too.

Gisele lets the Pope have it

On a lighter note, Gisele's man, Daddy Dreamboat says “I have no complaints about my life, what I’m doing."

America Needs More Don Cherry

Just like the majority of the sports world, I stopped paying attention to hockey after their last work stoppage. The NHL's games are now on the Versus network, further cementing the league into media obscurity. This channel was so far off my Direct TV flipping remote rotation (Ch.608) that by the time I realized hockey was on, the game was over. Instead of playoff hockey, ESPN's prime time coverage included 2005 Poker US Open tournaments, spelling Bees, billiards and figure skating. It was a total kick in the nuts to the NHL! I watched my first 2 complete hockey games of the season, games 3 and 4 of Stanley Cup finals. It had it all: back and forth scoring, exciting offensive styles, and physical play. And yes, even some Fighting.

But by far the biggest highlight was Don Cherry's sound off during the 2nd intermission of Game 4. PURE Comedy! I knew he was funny and was a Canadian legend but I had no idea he was THIS hilarious. I think he forgets that he is on TV and could be more entertaining than my man Chuck Barkley.
My favorites included:

  • His memo to NBC Sports Chairman Dick Ebersol for more fighting
  • Holding up a Buffalo paper that pictured famous fights
  • His Tree Hugger's blast
  • Calling Hull out for his own controversial goal
  • His P.I.M.P. outfit.
MGsW's memo to TV Execs in sports: We need more of Don Cherry in America and less sports writers turned TV blowhards.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Watch This and Wonder Why the World Hates Americans

I love So Cally but I can not fathom my daughter ending up like this tramp in training. Plus, how can a fire crotch like Linsey Lohan have her own tanning name? I am a guy and I know that red heads do not tan well.

Marion Barry's Receptionist Drives Her Car Into a Crowded Festival, While Smoking Crack

Tonya N. Bell, 30, is charged with aggravated assault, and prosecutors say they are considering additional charges. She is accused of driving through a police barricade into the crowd Saturday evening, sending people and strollers flying and injuring at least 40 people. According to charging documents, Bell told police she had been "smoking crack all day."

Bell had until recently worked in the office of Marion Barry, former mayor and a District of Columbia Council member, as a receptionist employed by a temp agency. Barry's office issued a letter terminating its contract with NAI Personnel.

Bell appeared to be laughing as she drove the car with flattened tires and broken windows into the crowd, said Linda Greene, who saw Bell's car from her porch.

"The car just passed so fast, and all of a sudden I just heard people screaming," said Denise Jackson. "I turned around, and it was like bodies falling out of the sky."

This story is horrible and any cheap comments that I have about the Marion Barry crack angle seem juvenile and really low. Luckily, no one was seriously injured.

This does remind me of one of my favorite headlines of all time. Barry won his current city council seat in 2004 and one of the NYC tabloids went with this:
"Barry Gets Another Crack at Politics."

" Can I borrow your Fn Pen?"

Monday, June 04, 2007

"I think we are dead, time is going by really really slow"

This is a few weeks old but still pretty sweet! TV announcers must like brownies too!


New Apple Iphone Looks PIMP!!!

Too bad Cingular/ATT has awful cell phone service or I would be getting one of these IPhones. I LOVE the touch screen capability. I hope the Iphone makes other cell phone companies up their design/services. Europe absolutely crushes USA in vast better technology and service for the hijacked amount that American's are forced to pay every month. In Europe, there is no 2 year locked in BS contracts. Your payment is based on the "Go Phone" model. Money is added to your phone as minutes are used. Their text message plans are unlimited, no extra charges for using your phone during the made up "peak' hours invented by cell phone companies, and users are never charged 40 cents a minute for going over their allotted monthly minutes.

Did I mention their phones are much sleeker/cooler. I could go on and on for the need of true regulation of the wireless industry. As cell phone and wireless internet usage has exploded over the past 5-10 years, the wireless industry has remained virtually unscathed by Congressional regulation, which would benefit consumers over the wireless companies. The main reason is one acronym: CTIA. Cellular Telecommunication and Internet Association. The Wireless Industry's Organization and Political Action Committee(PAC).

CTIA rivals only the Pharmaceutical Industry's PAC, PhRMA on Capitol Hill in political influence. And the drug companies NEVER lose a legislative battle. 60 Minutes had a recent segment on PhRMA's tremendous influence/writing of the horrible drug bill.

CTIA throws the money around to both parties. I am hopeful that the current Democratic Congress will finally originate some policies beneficial towards cell phone users. Of course, I highly doubt it.