Monday, June 04, 2007

New Apple Iphone Looks PIMP!!!

Too bad Cingular/ATT has awful cell phone service or I would be getting one of these IPhones. I LOVE the touch screen capability. I hope the Iphone makes other cell phone companies up their design/services. Europe absolutely crushes USA in vast better technology and service for the hijacked amount that American's are forced to pay every month. In Europe, there is no 2 year locked in BS contracts. Your payment is based on the "Go Phone" model. Money is added to your phone as minutes are used. Their text message plans are unlimited, no extra charges for using your phone during the made up "peak' hours invented by cell phone companies, and users are never charged 40 cents a minute for going over their allotted monthly minutes.

Did I mention their phones are much sleeker/cooler. I could go on and on for the need of true regulation of the wireless industry. As cell phone and wireless internet usage has exploded over the past 5-10 years, the wireless industry has remained virtually unscathed by Congressional regulation, which would benefit consumers over the wireless companies. The main reason is one acronym: CTIA. Cellular Telecommunication and Internet Association. The Wireless Industry's Organization and Political Action Committee(PAC).

CTIA rivals only the Pharmaceutical Industry's PAC, PhRMA on Capitol Hill in political influence. And the drug companies NEVER lose a legislative battle. 60 Minutes had a recent segment on PhRMA's tremendous influence/writing of the horrible drug bill.

CTIA throws the money around to both parties. I am hopeful that the current Democratic Congress will finally originate some policies beneficial towards cell phone users. Of course, I highly doubt it.