Thursday, June 07, 2007

Lil’ Poison is a Straight Up GAMER!

Kids in America are way overweight, horribly obese. Society puts part of the blame on video games and computers. Not their fat parents (60 percent of adults are obese) who keep revolving their kids through fast food drive-thrus for every meal instead of preparing home cooked healthy meals. These same fat ass parents watch hours of TV every evening and perform very little physical activities with their kids.

The media loves to play the blame game on EVERYTHING. It drives Mac G INSANE in the Membrane. It is rap music's fault, the Hip Hop culture degrades women, Violent Movies erode our kids and the Internet is evil, blah, blah, blah.

Kids are fat because they eat too much sugar and do not exercise, period. Adults are fat because they are lazy and eat like crap. Advertisers do target kids at an early age with their sugar ads but STOP TAKING THEM TO Mc Donald's. Buy Fruit and vegetables. TURN OFF the XBOX and make them go play outside.

Mac G could write infinity number of paragraphs about obesity. Fat ASS Americans skyrocketing health care costs strain the system, which then is paid for by healthier Americans having higher premiums. Mac G eats well and exercises but my premiums are high because 60 percent of America chooses to stuff Cheetos all day. And their only daily strenuous activity is walking to and from their car.

This is just part of the number one issue facing Americans today: Reforming our Health Care System. The other main issues include: the disastrous money/death pit that is the Iraq occupation, the social security system that is about to break unless we either cut benefits or raise taxes, and our awful energy policy that lines the pockets of the same governments we are trying to topple through our "War on Terror."

The burden of employees' high health care costs needs to be lifted off of small businesses and towards the government. The insurance industry needs overhauled and streamlined. We need to find a way to provide cheaper prescriptions drugs (Hello CANADA) and insurance coverage for everyone. I hope the next president has the political courage to take on these essential reforms.

This Mac G rant was originally created by reading this NY Times article on this stud 9 year old gamer player, Lil' Poison. It is a long way from the Atari 2600/5200 systems that I started my youth video game career on. I wish I grew up with these types of graphics and technology.We should embrace video games and not blame them for our societal problems.

Lil Poison''s Dad seems involved and the critics need to back off. If the kid likes it and enjoys it, who are they to judge?

Victor M. De Leon III has been playing video games on the professional circuit for five years now, racking up thousands of dollars in prizes and endorsements at tournaments around the country. He has a national corporate sponsor, a publicist and a Web site, with 531 photos chronicling his career. A documentary filmmaker has been following him for months.

Lil Poison NY Times Article

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The U.K new Government Accountability Office (GAO) literature review of 53 articles on childhood obesity and factors affecting levels of physical activity reinforces the need for schools to have Coordinated School Health Programs (CSHP) to help decrease obesity among children and youth.