Thursday, July 09, 2009

Turmoil for Life

DC Councilman Marion Barry, aka the Mayor for Life, is embroiled in another local scandal after his July 4th arrest for stalking his former girlfriend and part time staffer, Donna Watts-Brighthaupt.

She refuted the charges police made on Barry with this bizarre statement. "He does not stalk," she says. "He does what I allow him to do."

Details emerged later that Watts-Brighthaupt had been paid at least $20,000 of DC money by Barry for consulting services. Barry responded to the arrest by trashing her in the press and saying that he had been betrayed.

The plot thickened when the Washington City Paper obtained audio recordings of conversations and messages that Barry made to and with Watts-Brighthaupt.

There is too much juice involved so I highly recommend reading the details in article by City Paper's DC columnist Loose Lips

The US attorney's office decided to drop the stalking charges but questions remain of the city money paid to Watts-Brighthaupt.

My favorite part on the tapes is from clip 10, of Watts-Brighthaupt talking to Barry and part of her quote inspired this week's City Paper cover that I featured above.(I picked up 3 copies of this collector's edition already.)

Watts-Brighthaupt: All I’m trying to saying is I forgive. You put me out in Denver cause I wouldn’t suck your dick. You put me out in Denver! You made me have to fuck your ass up in the middle of a Las Vegas shoes off. We were like fuckin’ Tina and Ike Turner. And I forgive. Alright you just wastin my damn time?...I can’t believe this….you always… you don’t think about other people’s time. You’re inconsiderate…