Friday, May 16, 2008

Puschin' it to the Limit

A lil brew ha ha broke out at a high school in Michigan after the Senior class printed Tshirts that read "Puschin' It To The Limit" on the front and "Class of .08 Seniors" on the back, in reference to the legal blood-alcohol level for drivers.

It turns out these type of funny shirts are a long time school tradition and these school Administrators pretty much hate their lives/jobs. These nitwit "educators" are now threatening to ban students from prom and graduation commencement over this incident.

Good God. This shirt idea was pretty clever and High School is so freaking dumb. This principal, who most likely communicates to others the location of his Michigan hometown by pointing to a wrinkle spot on his hand, needs to chillax.

I feel these kids' pain. While in HS, I ran for class president and distributed stickers that read, "If it feels good, Do It, Vote Mac G for Prez." The school Admins did not enjoy my witty slogans and they temporarily suspended my campaign. I ended rolling up a big W in the primary but lost in the general election.

It was the best thing that ever happened to me because the winner now runs my high school reunions forever. Although I will be a GISH Islander until I die, spending my free time tracking down old classmates that I barely talked to in High School sounds as much fun as sitting through 'Sex and the City' movie premier. In other words, it would be simply miserable.

Potential phone conversations would exist of "How many kids do you have? Same Dad? Divorce does suck, Good to see you kicked the Meth habit, those 2 new Walmarts in town sure suck, so I hear Jeremy is still fighting Mexicans?"

Also, the class a year ahead of me voted Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the wall ("We Dont need No Education!)as their class song. The Principal had his own version of thought control by changing the song to another tune.

My advice to these high school kids is take whatever lumps they give you and do not fret as you will never have to put up with this type of silly authoritative crap in college.

Oh, go get crunked at your prom too and since you are well aware of the legal limit, do not drive hammered.

Stevenson High School Class of 08 is Fn Great

HT:CNNSI Campus Clicks

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Welcome to Scranton and I Love You

Here is a scene from last evening's season finale of The Office. I could not locate any other ones on YouTube yet but it was a pretty funny episode. I apologize for the sappy Jim/Pam part at the end of this clip and their "blah" no humor storyline might soon ruin this great show.

These clips are not from the season finale.

Michael Scott tries to get a date with Wendy

Toby gets touchy/feely with Pam

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Link Whores

  • Find out if you mom was one of the 10K notches in Wilt the Stilt's bed post. The World of Isaac
  • The Sports Guy seems to have some beef with the 4 Letter. This is the price you pay when you sign to carry the water for the Corporate Disney Monster. Deadspin
  • Titans QB Vince Young was getting loose Mac G style in these photos, which means he was rolling shirtless. Busted Coverage
  • Here is video of a smoking hot chick trying out to be a Playboy centerfold. I advise putting the volume on mute and get out the KY. Banned in Hollywood
  • I am jealous of Christina Aguilera's newborn for obvious reasons. My Chill Pill
  • I agree with Dr. C that Devin Hester needs his jack, especially if a Kicker is getting mad loot. Chicago Bull
  • In college, I sold women's shoes at a dept store and I spent half my time hitting on the cosmetic counter chicks, boasting about my 4 TDs in a high school football game. You can see the type of girls I was hounding. Hottest Girls of MySpace
  • No one can pull naked chicks out of a hat like the D to the C. He is the Criss Angel of the men's interest sites.
  • The actress Rachel Nichols makes everyone love hot ginger babes. On 205th
  • Manny being Manny sure is entertaining and describes his behavior to a T. Brahsome
  • Ryan Perrilloux's career continues to spiral downward and his next stop is Jax State. Loser With Socks
  • Six videos to check out to see if you like their tunes. Cuzoogle
  • Old gas stations are unable to change their numbers to 4 bucks on their pumps. I read it could be 7 bucks at some point in the next 2 years and 5 dollars. Thank God I do not own a car and commute by bus. Blog of Hilarity
  • This could be the best Radio blog I have seen based around UK sports. They linked to my golf post earlier in the week and my hit meter blew up faster than Chuck Barkley's casino tab. Kentucky Sports Radio
  • I agree with DL that Rolling Stone is not what it used to be at all. I was too busy staring at those Hills chicks to clarify on an earlier post that these fake lame actors of an awful TV show have no reason being on the cover of a prestigious music magazine. I usually just read the cover story and the political article, then skim the rest. Dirty Laundry
  • The Tree Rat needs to lay off the American Idol but he is dead right about the reality music "performer" looking like Wally Szczerbiak. Tree's Trunk

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Anything You Want, For a Fee

Like celebrities who both feed and loathe the paparazzi, I myself have a love/hate opinion of these cameramen. The world needs more pictures of Brittney Spears like the Yankee's organization needs to listen to Hank Steinbrenner for lineup advice.

I can not completely bash the paparazzi when they uncover the whereabouts of America's favorite 4K call girl Kristen, Miss Ashley Dupre.

Dupre has been "roughing" it at her mom's crib in New Jersey.

Hold your head high Ashley because if you play your cards right, you will cash out to a life of luxury and in today's American dream, the call girl wins over the cheating John.

More Dupre Pictures.

HT: New York Post

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Papa Bear Remix

I promise the last Papa Bear post but this remix is tizight and God Bless Youtube.

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Three Cheers for Pabst Blue Ribbon

Regular visitors to this site know that I am eagerly buying what Barry "Ballin" Obama is selling and I love beer. High Life Bottles and PBR are staples into my suds rotation. I can not love this passage from Barry's recent trip into a pub anymore.

At the Raleigh Times bar in downtown Raleigh yesterday, Mr Obama arrived in the late afternoon with his wife Michelle only to find himself momentarily beerless.

"Where's my beer?" he asked, loud enough for the reporters to hear.

He eyed an array of fine micro brews on tap, from the amber Maharaja IPA to the "naturally cloudy" Blanche Bruxelles. He zeroed in on the mass market.

"PBR," he said, choosing Pabst Blue Ribbon, an inexpensive lager, before working the crowd.

If Barry would ordered the micro brew, the mainstream media would have totally wigged out and dilluted the public with millions of parsing paragraphs, detailing why his micro beer selection makes him better than "regular folk."

Just go look at their reaction to Obama sucking at bowling to reference this point.

Lazy and incompetent journalists just repeat this "wine/beer track" type cast over and over. Like middle class to poor people do not enjoy wine (who is buying Boones?) and higher income individuals do not enjoy beer,( what upscale bar does not sell beer?) such a stupid, silly stereotype but it is almost repeated as fact by our chattering pundit class.

I will save you from my budding 1000 word rant on the media and just say, kudos Barry.

I love me some Pib Er.


(The title of the post is reference to lyrics that John Bell, Widespread Panic's front man, ad libbed during a 2002 Red Rocks show. I was there, of course, rocking it.In case you did not know yet, I am dirty hippie/troop hating/yuppie/elitist/commie.

At least that is what Papa Bear O'Reilly and his minions say about my type because only people who favor endless wars support the troops, those against war, who do not want troops to die or get injured, hate them and are unpatriotic, wimps. Awesome logic. Sorry,I will stop now.)

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mac G Endorsement: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

I have been slacking on my endorsements but I saw the movie, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" on Sunday and I highly recommend the flick, even though I know it has been out for awhile. The movie is pretty damn funny and each actor is perfect for their character. The ending was that not stupid or cheesy either.

The only negative part was that it made me think of an ex-girlfriend, who dumped me after dating for 5 years to go screw some other Dbag. Also, it made me want to visit or move to Hawaii. A side bonus is that you get to stare at the lovely sexy Kristin Bell and Mila Kuris in skimpy outfits for 2 hours.

I will refrain from describing the plot because there are plenty other sites out there to acquire that info but instead, I will provide you my favorite quotes from the movie.

" I bet you think strippers like you too?"
"I just went from 6 to midnight"
"I wonder if her carpet matches her pubes"
"You have Christ between your legs!"
"Metaphor for crap movie"
"I was going to listen to that but I just carried on living my life"
"Wedding in Hawaii, Real Original!"
"Dude stopped his ex-girlfriend in mid blow job, do you know how hard that it is for a man?"

I will admit my true intentions of posting about this movie was to provide me an excuse to post steamy pictures of Bell and Kunis. Yes, I am predictable.

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"Peep Set Me Up"

Being a guys, guy, which means I like to watch sports, gawk at hot chicks, and consume large quantities of booze, I do not really understand art. I appreciate and respect good art but I do not really get it because well, it is art.

Last weekend I checked out this big, month long art event called Artomatic in DC. A buddy was showing off some pimp still pictures that he had shot. The show took place in a huge warehouse with art displays on about 8 floors with live music performing and overall, it was a very cool experience.

Anyway, I came across an exhibit focused totally on using Marshmallow Peeps to depict pop culture scenes. Here are my favorite displays that I snapped photos of:

"Peep Set Me Up"
The infamous DC Mayor Marion Barry's crack party arrest.

"Amy Winepeep's Rehab"

"3 Days of Peeps&Music"

"The Peeps Next Door"

"Abbey Road and the Peeposterous Clues"

Dusty Finger Prints


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Colbert Has a Papa Bear Meltdown Moment

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


There are several reasons why I do no like Lebron James and none of them have to do with how unbelievable he is on the basketball court. Regardless of my personal distaste for LeBulldoze James, this sick jam last night provided the "OH SHIT" moment while watching it live.

I feel the Cavs still do not have enough talent around Lebron to win a NBA championship this year but you have to recognize Lebron's amazing ability to make his teammates better.

I will be cheering for Bron, Bron in the Olympics this summer and he better bring his A game.

The thoughts of CP3 at the PG, Bron and Kobe on the wings with DHoward and Amare Stoudamire down low makes me salivate for the Beijing contest to begin already.

Embarrassing losses in 02, 04, 06 international tournaments shook the pride of American basketball fans and the USA needs to reassert itself as the basketball powerhouse in the world.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Link Whores

  • This Cowboy goddess will out the cream in your morning java. Tasty Booze
  • The dumbest and luckiest Price is Right Contestant ever. I miss Bob Barker and someone needs to nuder Drew Carey. Banned in Hollywood
  • Our favorite Cowgirl Jen Sterger is mistakenly hiding her best assets. Her advertisers and male horn balls everywhere are getting the shaft. Busted Coverage
  • Megan Fox is topless, see how easy that is Cowgirl? On 205th
  • My Morning Jacket was on SNL last Saturday and their new album is wicked good. Brahsome
  • This perky cheerleader is putting the Lobos in New Mexico. Don Chavez
  • A Florida safety was using a dead girls credit card for months. If there is a hell, a seat is already saved for him. Loser With Socks.
  • This is the most tricked out ride ever and it must be a fake picture. The Angry T
  • Slick Willie sure lost major credibility in this presidential primary season. I hope he can go "roll some dice" with some whores in AC to recover from losing the grip on the Democratic party. Blog of Hilarity
  • I caught some hotties climbing trees on the Sunday episode of Survivor and it was entertaining because I had the volume muted. Go vote for the Final 4 Survivor Babes. Cuzoogle

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Rest In Perfect Peace, Robert Nesta

Special props to Johnny Utah from Smoking Trees in Belize for pointing out that the honorable Rastafarian,Robert Nesta Marley, died 27 years ago yesterday, May 11, 1981 at the age of 36.

The final words to his son Ziggy before succumbing to cancer, were "Money Can't Buy Life."

To honor of the man who helped put Reggae music eternally on the international stage(Peter Tosh too!) and into the minds of people of all ages for endless future generations, I located some of my favorite Marley tunes and inspirational Marley quotes.

"My music will go on forever. Maybe it's a fool say that, but when me know facts me can say facts. My music will go on forever. "

"Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny."

"Free speech carries with it some freedom to listen."

"Don't gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold."

"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, None but ourselves can free our minds."

Could You Be Loved Video on YouTube.

"The authorities tell you that you mustn't smoke herb because it's bad for you. Yet if they catch you at it they'll carry you off to prison. I think it's better to be smoking herb out here free than being in prison."

"Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living?"

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Fox Prick Alert: Bill O'Reilly

I try not to write much about the blowhards on Fox News or Hate Radio because their daily smears are so ludicrous that I do not want to acknowledge the absurdity of their constant fake moral outrages with a response.

There are plenty of sites out there already, The Daily Howler and Media Matters, that document their lying bull crap quite effectively.

Do I really need point out what a complete hypocritical ahole Bill O'Reilly is a on daily basis?
His tired, divisive, fear mongering schtick speaks for itself.

Check out this video as it is quite obvious Falafel Bill was a prick long before his Fox News show. It is Chris Bermanesk in meltdown vulgarity.

UPDATE: The original video was taken down by CBS already but here is an edited version. I do not condone comparing anyone to Hitler btw, yes, even O'Reilly.

UPDATE II: Gawker still has the initial video and it is a must view.

There was already an Indiana University study last year that found out O'Reilly called “a person or a group a derogatory name once every 6.8 seconds, on average, or nearly nine times every minute during the editorials that open his program each night.”

In true wing nut fashion, O'Reilly never countered the points of the study but just the smeared the report's credibility by falsely indirectly linking it to George Soros.

I have no idea how any woman can watch O'Reilly's show knowing that he sexually harassed a lowly employee to the point that he paid her 10 million dollars to go away and shut up about it.

I could keep going but it just gets repetitive and I am hungry for a Falafel now.

HT:CNNSI Hot Clicks

Bill O'Reilly loves to insult on his show.
O'Reilly's Sexual Harassment Complaint
O'Reilly settles lawsuit for 10 mil
O'Reilly Smears Indiana Report
The Daily Howler
Media Matters

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Charley Hoffman=My Favorite New Golfer

My favorite new golfer is Charley Hoffman after he missed a gimme put on the 13th hole of The Player's Championship on Friday. Check out what transpired next and lets just say that Charley was not a happy camper.

Hoffman used a sand wedge and a hybrid club to putt for the final 5 holes. Hoffman's caddy's quote is classic.

"I had thoughts of diving in front of it,'' caddie Miguel Rivera said. "I did actually think about going in, but the water looked a little funky.'

Hoffman's actions was reminiscent of my own club tossing melt down at the 9th hole of GI(NE)Muni golf course while I was in high school. Not following the teachings of Tin Cup, I hurled my valuable 7 iron into a fareway water fountain. Even I though I still played like crap that day, it felt damn good.

Golf is the most perplexing and frustrating of leisure activities. It is supposed to provide relief to your stressful life but after snap hooking a drive or chunking an iron, my blood pressure will rise to unhealthy levels.

It refreshing to see that pros are not exempt from the weekend pain of sloshing through bad shots and dropping F Bombs like us regular schmucks experience out there on the course.

I know your agent, close members of your inner circle and the PGA probably disagree with your outburst but Mr. Charley Hoffman, you earned a new fan today.

Charley Hoffman Tosses Putter in Water

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Poor Hillary

This SNL skit is viscous but the points are quite valid.

Although I should be jovial that Hillary Clinton's classless campaign kneecapping is being called out, however, I actually feel compassion towards the woman.

Her campaign was horribly mismanaged and she desperately turned into some pro gun, booze chugging, Dixiecrat candidate. I hope she can recover from the huge stain she placed upon her credible record.

Matt Taibbi's Hillary Clinton political article
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