Thursday, May 15, 2008

Anything You Want, For a Fee

Like celebrities who both feed and loathe the paparazzi, I myself have a love/hate opinion of these cameramen. The world needs more pictures of Brittney Spears like the Yankee's organization needs to listen to Hank Steinbrenner for lineup advice.

I can not completely bash the paparazzi when they uncover the whereabouts of America's favorite 4K call girl Kristen, Miss Ashley Dupre.

Dupre has been "roughing" it at her mom's crib in New Jersey.

Hold your head high Ashley because if you play your cards right, you will cash out to a life of luxury and in today's American dream, the call girl wins over the cheating John.

More Dupre Pictures.

HT: New York Post

Mac Gs World

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