Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Peep Set Me Up"

Being a guys, guy, which means I like to watch sports, gawk at hot chicks, and consume large quantities of booze, I do not really understand art. I appreciate and respect good art but I do not really get it because well, it is art.

Last weekend I checked out this big, month long art event called Artomatic in DC. A buddy was showing off some pimp still pictures that he had shot. The show took place in a huge warehouse with art displays on about 8 floors with live music performing and overall, it was a very cool experience.

Anyway, I came across an exhibit focused totally on using Marshmallow Peeps to depict pop culture scenes. Here are my favorite displays that I snapped photos of:

"Peep Set Me Up"
The infamous DC Mayor Marion Barry's crack party arrest.

"Amy Winepeep's Rehab"

"3 Days of Peeps&Music"

"The Peeps Next Door"

"Abbey Road and the Peeposterous Clues"

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