Friday, March 14, 2008

It Was Only a Matter of Time

Before Ashley Dupree Cashed In. God Bless America. CHA CHING!

NY Post Pictures HT: The Big Lead

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Picture of the Day: Clemens Dog is Named Rocket

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Link Whores

  • Don Chavez finds more hot cheerleaders and his server imploded. Busted Coverage
  • Ryan Seacrest is dating Holly from the Olly Girls? Some people just win a the lotto ticket of life for no good reason or talent. On 205th
  • Ex Wolverine and current D Leaguer Brent Petway puts on a sick cramming display doing all the drunks of the NBA contest and even a few others. I wonder if it his family in the background clapping wearing Tshirts with Petway's picture like last year's college dunk contest. The World of Isaac
  • Billy Crystal struck out in his Spring Training AB for the Spankees and Sally faked excitement. Intentional Foul
  • Former Hawkeye Donnie Nelson will be back roaming the sidelines for the Warriors and here is a list of 12 reasons why Nelly Ball is still flying high in Oaktown. Epic Carnival
  • The Sonics appear a virtual lock to be moving to Oklahoma City and now I know why Obama was beat by HRC handily in the Sooner state. Fan IQ
  • A run down of number the worst number one starters in MLB. I will have to be a homer that Guthrie is one of the bright spots on the Orioles from last season and he has good stuff. Legend of Cecilio Guante
  • Check out the Hottest Ladies of the 80's bracket contest and Lacy Underhill is my pick to win it all. "Can I tie you up with some of your ties Ty?" The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes
  • Mary Ann likes to smoke spliffs and I always thought it was just the professor that she sucked on. Brahsome
  • Please check out this crazy police complaint as it probably deserves a whole post. Dude reports getting robbed while whacking it and then the intruder killed his dog by feeding him boomers. WTF? Tasty Booze
  • Icey hot patches are being recalled for causing rashes and this could be a sign to Phoenix already on the final outcome of the Marion/Shaq trade. Cuzoogle
  • Spain's newscasters look like this smoking hot babe. I hate America's main stream TV media even more now. Bright Black Internet
  • Picture Slideshow of Spring Break 2008. "Damn, I miss college" is the line of 2008 so far, which could be applicable in every year but sometimes oldies are still solid picks. CO-ED Magazine

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Global Warming

Who wants to doubt global warming now?

HT: The Disciples of Kaleb Krump

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What Client 9 Wanted

I strongly feel there is some shady stuff with the behavior of the feds in their investigation of Eliot Spitzer. This time line and article did not dose those witch hunt partisan flames.

The Feds hardly ever use wire taps on prostitution cases and these "crimes" in some states are not even felonies. Most would see this as a waste of federal resources.

The Feds had a wire tap on run out on Feb.7th and at that time they already had enough financial evidence to bring the whole Emperor's club down, including Spitzer and the other Johns.

Instead, the government investigators renewed the wiretaps again on February 11th and just in time to get Spitzer on record, talking about bringing a call girl down to DC from NY. This is a felony under some 80 year Mann Act statue.

Spitzer was only referred on the wire tap documentation as Client #9 and has yet to be charged for any crimes so his name was obviously leaked to the New York times by the federal agents for political reasons.

Why would I ever doubt the government or the fairness of the George W Bush Justice department? I just don't recall.

However, it does seem some fitting that the overzealous prosecutor who ruined people's lives for his own political gain would get busted and politically destroyed by overzealous investigators.

Spitzer still is a total dumbass and should have paid for these things in cash or from a handler's account.

The identity of Kristen was revealed and she is an aspiring 22 year old "singer" named Ashley Alexandra Dupre, age 22. She has a MySpace account and a music artist page.

Id still hit it but 4K worth? No way. A hooker needs to clean my korn hole and swallow 3 times a day along with some freaky sweaty animal sex to earn that kind of coin. Regardless of the high bedroom performance, those are some expensive man bullets to be shooting.

This commenter posting on Ashley Alexandra Dupre's music site cracked me up.

an angel and a devil with the sultry voice of a high class woman from the streets, ashley brings out the uncivilized man in you as she rides you to ever higher moments for an intense ecstatic release.

sensual and satisfying she earns diamonds in accolades. highly recommended and worth every penny.

Time Line

Spitzer Targeted?
Ashley Alexandra Dupre's MySpace
Her Music Single:"What We Want"

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College Crushed

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mac G's Exclusive: No Clothes in the Emperor's Club

I am early for a meeting on Tuesday morning in DC and blocks away from the historic hotel splashed on the front pages of every major newspaper in the country, if not the world. What do you think I would do?

If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you already know the answer. Here is a hint.

871 times 5 equals 4355 or about what it takes to get an hour in the boom boom room 871.

If I felt kind of creepy taking these undercover pictures, I wonder what Mr hypocritical ethical crusader felt like waking up on Valentines Day after blowing 4K on a paid whore?

Governor Spitzer had tuns of haters and the Wall St. types flat out loathed him. Obviously, the investigation and the leak to the media was politically motivated by Spitzer's enemies. He still is a dumb ass that should have had a handler hook him up with hookers. Rookie mistake.

Here are few perspectives the mainstream media will give faint attention to because of their catnip sex addictions.

When did banks start contacting the IRS over 10,000 dollar bank transactions from millionaires? Considering their track record, I have little faith in the Bush appointed Justice department.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Super High Me

The Super High Me Movie Trailer made me think of this funny blog post on stuff white people like.

HT on Movie Trailer: CO-ED Magazine

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Link Whores

  • Brett Favre tribute via a video game. On 205th
  • A scooter cooler could be my favorite new invention. Tasty Booze
  • NY Gov Spitzer drops serious coin on hookers. I might go to this hotel and snap a picture of the infamous romp room today. Brahsome
  • Elijah Dukes is pumped to be playing for the Nationals this year. I just hope he stays out of jail. Epic Carnival
  • Hilarious picture collage of Tim Tebow and Danny from American Idol. Danny was voted off the lame show and Tebow appears crushed. Loser With Socks
  • Like I needed more reasons to drink Guinness, especially in March but this hot bar maid can build me one anytime. Bright Black Internet
  • I went to Disney World with my young nephew and family in 2005. It happened to be Gay Days. One of the funniest stories ever and probably deserves a full post because of course I snapped plenty of pictures. Let's just say I can never hear the name Papa Bear the same ever again. It looks like Mickey Mouse is looking to cash in on the popular park visits of gays. Blog of Hilarity
  • The next James Bond flick is having weather problems filming in Machu Picchu. Cuzoogle

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Picture of the Day: Governor Spitzer's Easter Display

Thanks to the Notorious DEK for the amazing image.

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Shaq Diesel reminds everyone who the original Superman was in the NBA. I have not seen this much effort out of him in years.

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Area Codes of Luda's Hoes

A blog mapped out the locations of the hoes referred to in the video of Ludacris' song, "Area Codes." My home state of Nebraska is represented well but I am sure this is only because the state only has 2 area codes and Luda had himself a taste of the 402 while visiting Omaha.

Check out the video

(HT:StrangeMaps via Matthew Yglesias)

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