Friday, September 07, 2007

Djokovich the Comedian

Novak Djokovic of Serbia is quickly becoming one of my favorite tennis players. The 20 year old is currently ranked 3rd in the world and remains the only formidable opponent standing in the way of 4th straight US Open championship for Super FedMan.

Djokovic reached the semifinals at both the French Open and Wimbledon this season. However, his true coming out party was winning the tournament in Montreal last month. He defeated the top 3 players in the world, Roddick, Nadal and Federer, in 3 consecutive matches. This feat had not happened at the same tournament in over 13 years.

Djokovic will face off in the US Open semifinals against David Ferrer, who upset Nadal earlier in the tournament. A Federer/Djokovic final looms and it could be a classic.

Aside from his dazzling display of shot making ability, I am really starting to enjoy Djokovic's personality. He is one of the biggest joker's on tour. After his match last night, he did 2 hilarious impersonations of Sharapova and Nadal. Check Out the Video Below.

I went a little You Tube Crazy but these videos are so freaking funny.

Here are his impersonations in the locker room. Awesome!

Just watch the beginning of the video below to see how good he has the Sharapova bit down.

Djokovic will Survive!

Djokovic's fellow Serbian and my new favorite tennis hottie crush Ana Ivanovic. She just made actually admit to enjoying Karaoke for a good 45 seconds!

The Serbs love their Tennis! They could be the one country in the world that does not still hate us. Those giddy watch loving Albanians still love America too.

This Clip is pretty random of Johnny Mac. He could be getting warmed up for his performance on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Happy Friday Fockers. Time to Blow some steam off and its a double header football weekend! My Couch Misses Me. WORD! Mac G

Mister Irrevelant shares a fondness of Djokovich and has more funny videos

Thursday, September 06, 2007

ITouch Myself

Steve Jobs must have been reading Mac Gs World. Since the release of the Iphones 2 months ago, I swore not to get one for 2 reasons. One was ATT Service sucks balls and 600 bones was WAY too much money to shell out for a phone, especially after paying the hostage charges to get out of your Bullshit Wireless contracts.

Apple sort of solved this problem yesterday by slashing their Iphone prices by 200 dollars across the board and releasing a brand new product called, The IPod Touch.

The Touch is basically the same thing as the IPhone, with no calling capability. The Touch would allow me the luxury to surf the web, listen to music, check out my photos and watch different types of shows. And I would not have to give up my current cell phone plan. BRILLIANT!

The Ipod Touch will retail for $299 for a 8GB and $399 for 16 GB.

The only negatives so far will being able to locate a WiFi networks. However, Touch owners will be able to use the WiFi systems of Starbucks free of charge. You will not be able to use firefox as your web browser and will be stuck with Apple's Safari.

Also, Apple unveiled an updated version of the Ipod Nano that has a new screen.

The 4GB version will come in silver, the 8GB will come in all the colors. The 4GB will be priced at just $149. The 8GB version will be just $199.

Unfortunately the screen is not touch screen and you will still have to use the wheel to operate the Nano.

The Ipod Shuffle has added red to its choices of color and you can buy the 1Gb model for $79.

The Classic Ipod can be bought at $250 for 80GB model and $350 for the 160GB.

Obviously, Apple is gearing up to dominate another holiday season.

I will purchase one if not several of these products. I just hope they hold up better than my Ipod mini which is toast after less than 2 years or my buddy's Ipod 60Gb original which no longer works after having for 10 months.

Or I just might say screw Apple and wait for Google's GPhone to come out this winter.

Article about New Products
NY Times Article
Live Blog of Jobs' Announcement

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SEC Poon meet ACC Poon

It was only matter of time before another Poon site was born on theses sets of tubes with the creation of ACC Poon. The ACC Poon site struggles in their poon posts debut and their author acknowledges the pressing need to raise the talent level to the high bar that SEC Poon has set so far. I could not even post a picture from the ACC Poon site. I have spent some lovely time with sexy ladies from the Carolinas and I expect things to pick up rather quickly.

Not to be outdone, USC, with their smoking hot song girls, has started their own poon type of guerrilla Heisman marketing campaign for their QB, Josh Booty. Booties-4-Booty.

My buddy, Mr. Big Corn Oil, said it best yesterday, "I am sending my son to USC." No arguments here.

OH, My Big 10/Big 12 Poon site is coming. Here are a few samples.

It is only week 2 of college football and it is a full on POON WAR! I am more than willing to the let the South win this one. Please send POON pictures to


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Roddick Brings A Game, Loses to Super Fed Man, AGAIN!

Poor Andy Roddick. He arguably is in the top 5-10 Men's world tennis player of his era but none of that seems to matter since he is unable to beat Superman Roger Federer, aka, "Fed." Roddick got bounced out of the US Open last night in straight sets to Super Fedman, moving his record to 1-14 all time vs Roger.

The most frustrating part is that Roddick was neck and neck with Roger the first 2 sets, losing barely in both tie breaks. Roddick was playing some of the best tennis that I have ever seen from him. Solid Backhands, Untouchable first serves, Decent net play and it still it did not matter!

Super Fedman has absolutely zero flaws and only one player left in the tourney, Serbia's Novak Djokovic, has the ability to beat Super Fedman. Darko proved this week that you do not want to F with the Serbs! I have not seen one player dominate an individual sport like Roger has over the past 4 years and that includes Tiger.

The most memorable part of the evening was not the amazing tennis on the court but this haphazard, painful interview of Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld by USA's Michael Barkan during Venus Williams' victory. This blog has a good recap of some of the low lights.

This blog contains the transcript.

Both Comedians seemed very bothered by his questions, especially Seinfeld. There was some funny banter between Seinfeld and David about being quiet at tennis matches and it was cool to learn that John McEnroe will be in an episode of this Season's Curb Your Enthusiasm. Johnny Mac's episode will air in late October and Curb's season premier is this Sunday night at 10pm est on HBO.

Barkan asked a few dumb questions about the Kramer ball boy episode and Larry shrugged them off. My smart ass crack would have been, "Is Michael Richard's favorite player, Leyton Hewitt?"

Barkan insulted Seinfeld by mistakenly calling his upcoming movie about Bees and "B" rated movie. An annoyed Seinfeld would have the last cheap laugh at the expense of Barkan.

After Barkan asked them what the funniest thing they had ever seen on a tennis court, Seinfeld cracked, "Not You."


Seinfeld's low blow ended the awful interview. I am searching once again on You Tube for this exchange. Email

I am feeling pretty, Pretty Good about this new Curb season and Thank GOD this crappy Entourage season has been put out to pasture. I would rather watch continuous Oprah reruns than any more scenes with E (Kevin Connolly) and Anna Faris together. AWFUL. I plan on dedicating a full post on the show's comedic demise later.

Check out these scenes from Curb to get ya AMPED for Sunday night. Awesome.

Kramer loves Hewitt
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Amazing Tennis
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Transcript of painful interview
Darko is a BAD BAD man

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I do not like USC and I hope the Skers crush them next Saturday in Lincoln. However, how can you not like the Song Girls? These TSFW (Totally Safe For Work) pictures just made my afternoon and could be the best non nude wet pictures of all time.

Thanks to Mister Irrelevant for the tip.

10 points to the shirtless lurker dude in the back of the money picture throwing up some gang bang sign, Nice Work. ODB's across America are proud of your efforts.

Song Girls getting WET in Tahoe
Mac Gs World

Our Kids Need Maps

Aug 26th-September 3rd will be officially known as the week of Miss Teen South Carolina. Caitlin Upton's bizarre answer to why kids have no clue where America is on a map sparked feverish coverage. The You tube video that I posted last Monday now has 2.3 million hits.

Poor Caitlin the Cartographer has been mocked all over TV, the punch line on late night TV shows and a popular dartboard on the Blogosphere. She made an appearance on Today Show to try a rehearsed answer to the same strenuous map question.

Being an Official ODB, I located her Miss Teen Page and she is VERY easy on the eyes. I am sure Hugh Heffner and Larry Flynt have already lined up proposal offers as an 18th Birthday present. Those RICH Old Dirty Bastards.

I love good funny Tshirts and My favorite one over the weekend was boy Stew representing in a Maurice Clarett mug shot T. I told him that he needed a Grey Goose bottle in there.

Caitlin the Cartographer has inspired this great T Shirt. Get it while she and it are still hawt. Happy Humpday.

The Answer on TV that started it all
Today Show Make Up Attempt
Miss South Carolina's Web Page
New T Shirt
Mac G is Old an Ole Dirty Bastard

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Case of the Tuesday After the Holiday

I just returned from the Windy City. Liver is soaked with brain firing on barely one cylinder. Chicago is just an awesome place to be in the summer. It seems I did not miss much in the news over the weekend.

Wide Stance Craig's political career was flushed down the toilet by his GOP colleagues, My girl Maria Sharapova(they call her Masha in Russia) lost to some no name Polish chick and College Football kicked off. Michigan and Notre Dame both had embarrassing home defeats. Michigan's colossal loss crushes early season Big 10 respectability.

My Orioles were no hit by a chowder head rookie. 30-3 and now this, please pull the cord on this season! Team USA dominated and the swagger is back in American Hoops. Kobe, Kidd and Michael Redd are just what this teams needs to reclaim the gold medal in 08. The Competition in Bejing will be much tougher than it was in Vegas.

Bush rolled into a Iraq for another surprise visit! Que the "cloak and dagger, secret trip, reclaim the spotlight" journalistic story lines. I remember his last trip with Tony Snow in an airplane and things have really changed since that PR offensive. YEAH, Right!

I currently have no energy to shred how insignificant these visits by him or any US politician really are in the Iraqi ClusterFuk. I have an serious itch that is ready to scratch and a rant is coming. I know my 5 readers can not wait! Here is a good recap of the last week in Iraq.

I keep hearing great things about the movie Superbad and I keep finding Penis drawings all over the place. The Notorious DEK provided me with this HILARIOUS video to help everyone power through this Tuesday after a holiday. Fall is here and Football is BACK BABY!

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