Thursday, September 06, 2007

ITouch Myself

Steve Jobs must have been reading Mac Gs World. Since the release of the Iphones 2 months ago, I swore not to get one for 2 reasons. One was ATT Service sucks balls and 600 bones was WAY too much money to shell out for a phone, especially after paying the hostage charges to get out of your Bullshit Wireless contracts.

Apple sort of solved this problem yesterday by slashing their Iphone prices by 200 dollars across the board and releasing a brand new product called, The IPod Touch.

The Touch is basically the same thing as the IPhone, with no calling capability. The Touch would allow me the luxury to surf the web, listen to music, check out my photos and watch different types of shows. And I would not have to give up my current cell phone plan. BRILLIANT!

The Ipod Touch will retail for $299 for a 8GB and $399 for 16 GB.

The only negatives so far will being able to locate a WiFi networks. However, Touch owners will be able to use the WiFi systems of Starbucks free of charge. You will not be able to use firefox as your web browser and will be stuck with Apple's Safari.

Also, Apple unveiled an updated version of the Ipod Nano that has a new screen.

The 4GB version will come in silver, the 8GB will come in all the colors. The 4GB will be priced at just $149. The 8GB version will be just $199.

Unfortunately the screen is not touch screen and you will still have to use the wheel to operate the Nano.

The Ipod Shuffle has added red to its choices of color and you can buy the 1Gb model for $79.

The Classic Ipod can be bought at $250 for 80GB model and $350 for the 160GB.

Obviously, Apple is gearing up to dominate another holiday season.

I will purchase one if not several of these products. I just hope they hold up better than my Ipod mini which is toast after less than 2 years or my buddy's Ipod 60Gb original which no longer works after having for 10 months.

Or I just might say screw Apple and wait for Google's GPhone to come out this winter.

Article about New Products
NY Times Article
Live Blog of Jobs' Announcement

Mac Gs World


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