Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Case of the Tuesday After the Holiday

I just returned from the Windy City. Liver is soaked with brain firing on barely one cylinder. Chicago is just an awesome place to be in the summer. It seems I did not miss much in the news over the weekend.

Wide Stance Craig's political career was flushed down the toilet by his GOP colleagues, My girl Maria Sharapova(they call her Masha in Russia) lost to some no name Polish chick and College Football kicked off. Michigan and Notre Dame both had embarrassing home defeats. Michigan's colossal loss crushes early season Big 10 respectability.

My Orioles were no hit by a chowder head rookie. 30-3 and now this, please pull the cord on this season! Team USA dominated and the swagger is back in American Hoops. Kobe, Kidd and Michael Redd are just what this teams needs to reclaim the gold medal in 08. The Competition in Bejing will be much tougher than it was in Vegas.

Bush rolled into a Iraq for another surprise visit! Que the "cloak and dagger, secret trip, reclaim the spotlight" journalistic story lines. I remember his last trip with Tony Snow in an airplane and things have really changed since that PR offensive. YEAH, Right!

I currently have no energy to shred how insignificant these visits by him or any US politician really are in the Iraqi ClusterFuk. I have an serious itch that is ready to scratch and a rant is coming. I know my 5 readers can not wait! Here is a good recap of the last week in Iraq.

I keep hearing great things about the movie Superbad and I keep finding Penis drawings all over the place. The Notorious DEK provided me with this HILARIOUS video to help everyone power through this Tuesday after a holiday. Fall is here and Football is BACK BABY!

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