Thursday, December 18, 2008

More GP and CWeb, Please

Nene delivers a nasty facial cram on Yao.

GP and CWeb get loose in studio.

These 2 crack me up every time I watch them on NBA TV. GP needs his own reality show as he is one man walking entertainment.

HT: Skeets at Yahoo Sports Blogs

Favre for Senator?

Some Viqueen fan really wanted Favre to be their QB and could not let go of that idea even in the voting booth. The above image is of a real ballot during the ongoing Al Franken/ Norm Coleman recount. Oh, F U Ted Thompson. Whew, I feel much better.

HT: Five Thirty Eight

Congrats CP3

Hornets guard Chris Paul set a NBA record last night by grabbing at least one steal in 106 straight consecutive games. I love me some CP3 and every young guard should model their game after him.

Props to Yahoo and Getty Images for Photos

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Barry the Freshman Baller

Since this article and this link put me in serious depression, I needed a pick me up.
These pictures of Barry O chillin as a 19 year old lifted my spirits slightly. His hat is pretty P.I.M.P.

If anyone out there wants to know how our economy imploded and is on a fixed path of utter misery that none of us have ever experienced in our lifetimes, read this insightful article.

It is authored by respected Economist Joseph E. Stiglitz.

He was one of the few wise smart people not blinded by ideology and engaged in only wishful thinking for analysis. Stiglitz predicted in real time that our housing bubble would pop and the US financial markets would collapse, sending the world into a financial free for all of epic proportions.

For a nation that loves winners, I am amazed the number of people that still have credibility in our public media discourse after being WRONG about the two biggest issues of this current generation, the Economy and the Iraq War. Before any of my GOP friends jump all over this statement, it includes several pro war and Corporate owned Democrats as well. Complicit Democrats were guilty in these destructive policies too.

I wish that I could be more cheerful around Christmas and post more funny stuff because it sucks dealing with reality and we all need our release from the BS of life but I am genuinely scared for the financial well beings of my friends and family, along with all struggling Americans, who are losing their homes and jobs every single day in droves.

( A good friend with a wife and 2 small boys just lost his job last week. He is a big Republican too but now is not the time for me to score political cheap shots at his beliefs. I empathize with his troubles and think about the stress that he is going through quite often.)

I just hope we understand what caused this meltdown and see the genuine failure of this 30 year free market ideology run amok so that it never happens again. I have my doubts because of the strangle hold of Corporate owned media and the perpetual propaganda campaign of disinformation by the Fox "News" channel.

Our citizen's small attention spans and thirst for simple answers, propelled by an idiotic sound bite driven cable news culture, only hinders us from realizing the truth in complex situations.

Anyway, I will get back to bitching about sports, life, and highlighting hot poon in future posts. word, Mac G.

Here are several links to items that have given me a serious case of the blues.

  • Goldman Sachs Group Inc., which got $10 billion and debt guarantees from the U.S. government in October, expects to pay $14 million in taxes worldwide for 2008 compared with $6 billion in 2007. Bloomberg
  • The news media is happily parroting the official government pronouncements and those of its minions while ignoring my tragic story of love lost, and so they all join together to report that unemployment is 6.7%, while just up the street, the McKinsey Global Institute says that it estimates that the unemployment rate in the United States is actually 16.25%, and here's John Williams at putting it at 16.5%! Booman Tribune
  • 60 Minutes report: Second wave of mortgage meltdown coming in wake of "real-estate orgy." Cajun Boy in the City
  • Sean Hannity: Media Matters' 2008 Misinformer of the Year. Media Matters

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Picture of the Day: Iron Mike is Eating More Than Children

I will give Mike kudos for still being alive. I always have proposed the question to friends, "Who kicks it first, John Daly or Tyson?" It was always a toss up but these days, the odds seem to favor Iron Mike to outlive Daly.

HT: The Will Leitch Experience

Monday, December 15, 2008

War Chizik? War Hawkeye State

Auburn fans are pissed Gene Chizik was selected over my man, former Husker great, current Buffalo coach Turner Gill. Iowa State fans are happy to cut an overwhelmed Chizik loose from their lowly program and this guy brings out the knife to Chizik's Cyclown tenure in Lames USA.

Hey Cyclown AD, Jamie Pollard, let me give you a few tips. Iowa will forever be the Hawkeye State, know your place in the pecking order and do not mess with karma by forcing Hawkeye fans to buy Iowa State season tickets so they can watch the Hawks at your crap stadium.

I am not fooled by your crocodile tears either and stop lying about other school's wanting to employ you. Iowa State is the best gig you could get right now with your recent dismal track record. A major school president hiring you would be dumber than firing a 85-40 coach to hire a 5-19 one.

Your only success, Polesmoker, is putting the snake oil salesman hat on and hitting up ISU alumni for money by promising them this winning tradition. You have raised by more money but it just appears to be one big marketing scam and Wall Streetesk Ponzi scheme.

Iowa State football still sucks and now Iowa State basketball is in the dumps.

I will give you credit for only screwing people out of millions and not billions like Bernie Madoff.

Luckily, Chizik will be a good scapegoat to save your hide for a few more seasons and blame your own inefficiencies on others.

Never forget Pollarcock, Iowa is the HAWKEYE State. Welch Ave will ALWAYS suck compared to the Ped Mall. The Cyclown study body has come to grips with these facts, time for you to deal with it too, Dbag.

Black Heart Gold Pants breaks down the candidates for the Iowa State job and I think body paint dbag could win at least 6 games in 2 seasons at Lames College. No question he could out maneuver Hawkeye OC Ken O'Keefe for an upset victory, which usually marks the climax of the Cyclown football fan's existence.

America's Hype Team

I can not stand the sports media's obsession with covering the internal dramas of the Dallas Cowboys. Pac Man Jones, TO, Romo, Bill Parcells, Jerry Jones, etc. They always get prime time spots on ESPN's shows.

I understand they are supposedly still America's team or whatever, but this franchise has not won a NFL playoff game in over 12 years. Twelve Fn years!!

This is similar logic to political pundits still labeling America a "center right" country even though the "left" team just kicked the right's ass in the past two electoral contests and the GOP has dwarfed into a predominantly Southern regional party.

Anyway, could you imagine the way ESPN would slam the Cowboys down our throats, if they were, um, actually, um, good? Good God, the horror!

As a Packers and NFL fan, I will still be pissed either way. It is a no win situation and I guess the hollow Cowboys hype is much better than actual substantive promotion based on playoff success.

The Sporting Blog's Romo/Witten napkin creation is comedic gold.

I did not even bring up that Troy Aikman, who I actually enjoy, does color commentary for what it seems like at least 8 Cowboy games every season.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Flippin Da Shoes

During yesterday's press conference, an Iraqi journalist launched his shoes at President Bush. Throwing shoes at someone is an tremendous insult in Middle Eastern culture and the act seems similar to flipping someone off. We love to toss the bird in America and it is the universal hand sign for millions of road ragers.

Here is the shoe video:

Is Bush America over yet?

More Screen shots of the shoe toss can be found at America Blog.