Monday, December 15, 2008

America's Hype Team

I can not stand the sports media's obsession with covering the internal dramas of the Dallas Cowboys. Pac Man Jones, TO, Romo, Bill Parcells, Jerry Jones, etc. They always get prime time spots on ESPN's shows.

I understand they are supposedly still America's team or whatever, but this franchise has not won a NFL playoff game in over 12 years. Twelve Fn years!!

This is similar logic to political pundits still labeling America a "center right" country even though the "left" team just kicked the right's ass in the past two electoral contests and the GOP has dwarfed into a predominantly Southern regional party.

Anyway, could you imagine the way ESPN would slam the Cowboys down our throats, if they were, um, actually, um, good? Good God, the horror!

As a Packers and NFL fan, I will still be pissed either way. It is a no win situation and I guess the hollow Cowboys hype is much better than actual substantive promotion based on playoff success.

The Sporting Blog's Romo/Witten napkin creation is comedic gold.

I did not even bring up that Troy Aikman, who I actually enjoy, does color commentary for what it seems like at least 8 Cowboy games every season.


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