Thursday, September 06, 2007

Roddick Brings A Game, Loses to Super Fed Man, AGAIN!

Poor Andy Roddick. He arguably is in the top 5-10 Men's world tennis player of his era but none of that seems to matter since he is unable to beat Superman Roger Federer, aka, "Fed." Roddick got bounced out of the US Open last night in straight sets to Super Fedman, moving his record to 1-14 all time vs Roger.

The most frustrating part is that Roddick was neck and neck with Roger the first 2 sets, losing barely in both tie breaks. Roddick was playing some of the best tennis that I have ever seen from him. Solid Backhands, Untouchable first serves, Decent net play and it still it did not matter!

Super Fedman has absolutely zero flaws and only one player left in the tourney, Serbia's Novak Djokovic, has the ability to beat Super Fedman. Darko proved this week that you do not want to F with the Serbs! I have not seen one player dominate an individual sport like Roger has over the past 4 years and that includes Tiger.

The most memorable part of the evening was not the amazing tennis on the court but this haphazard, painful interview of Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld by USA's Michael Barkan during Venus Williams' victory. This blog has a good recap of some of the low lights.

This blog contains the transcript.

Both Comedians seemed very bothered by his questions, especially Seinfeld. There was some funny banter between Seinfeld and David about being quiet at tennis matches and it was cool to learn that John McEnroe will be in an episode of this Season's Curb Your Enthusiasm. Johnny Mac's episode will air in late October and Curb's season premier is this Sunday night at 10pm est on HBO.

Barkan asked a few dumb questions about the Kramer ball boy episode and Larry shrugged them off. My smart ass crack would have been, "Is Michael Richard's favorite player, Leyton Hewitt?"

Barkan insulted Seinfeld by mistakenly calling his upcoming movie about Bees and "B" rated movie. An annoyed Seinfeld would have the last cheap laugh at the expense of Barkan.

After Barkan asked them what the funniest thing they had ever seen on a tennis court, Seinfeld cracked, "Not You."


Seinfeld's low blow ended the awful interview. I am searching once again on You Tube for this exchange. Email

I am feeling pretty, Pretty Good about this new Curb season and Thank GOD this crappy Entourage season has been put out to pasture. I would rather watch continuous Oprah reruns than any more scenes with E (Kevin Connolly) and Anna Faris together. AWFUL. I plan on dedicating a full post on the show's comedic demise later.

Check out these scenes from Curb to get ya AMPED for Sunday night. Awesome.

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