Friday, September 07, 2007

Djokovich the Comedian

Novak Djokovic of Serbia is quickly becoming one of my favorite tennis players. The 20 year old is currently ranked 3rd in the world and remains the only formidable opponent standing in the way of 4th straight US Open championship for Super FedMan.

Djokovic reached the semifinals at both the French Open and Wimbledon this season. However, his true coming out party was winning the tournament in Montreal last month. He defeated the top 3 players in the world, Roddick, Nadal and Federer, in 3 consecutive matches. This feat had not happened at the same tournament in over 13 years.

Djokovic will face off in the US Open semifinals against David Ferrer, who upset Nadal earlier in the tournament. A Federer/Djokovic final looms and it could be a classic.

Aside from his dazzling display of shot making ability, I am really starting to enjoy Djokovic's personality. He is one of the biggest joker's on tour. After his match last night, he did 2 hilarious impersonations of Sharapova and Nadal. Check Out the Video Below.

I went a little You Tube Crazy but these videos are so freaking funny.

Here are his impersonations in the locker room. Awesome!

Just watch the beginning of the video below to see how good he has the Sharapova bit down.

Djokovic will Survive!

Djokovic's fellow Serbian and my new favorite tennis hottie crush Ana Ivanovic. She just made actually admit to enjoying Karaoke for a good 45 seconds!

The Serbs love their Tennis! They could be the one country in the world that does not still hate us. Those giddy watch loving Albanians still love America too.

This Clip is pretty random of Johnny Mac. He could be getting warmed up for his performance on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Happy Friday Fockers. Time to Blow some steam off and its a double header football weekend! My Couch Misses Me. WORD! Mac G

Mister Irrevelant shares a fondness of Djokovich and has more funny videos


Anonymous said...

a TOTAL ASS. Want to be #1 in the world? Be a #1 HUMAN BEING...not a stupid joker...djokovich (small cap. intended) is an amazingly small human....mean spirited, needed of attention, not lacking in tallent...but a FOOL....FOOLISH...discrediting all his hard work by his fear of not being a he gay and cannot accept or acknowlege it? Sad, sad person.

Maki said...

Novak Djokovic not only makes good impressions of Nadal, Sharapova, Hewitt and Sampras but also knows how to hit a target. In this video (2007 Rogers Cup in Montreal) a little girl from the stands wished to win a tennis racket and Djokovic delivered.

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