Friday, November 09, 2007

Bank Robber Needs a Sitter

How did you spend your Wednesday afternoon? Well, Daniel Young could have used your help baby sitting. Young, an apparent Vols fan, robbed the bank inside a Knoxville Kroger grocery store WHILE holding his 2 year old.

He was arrested after being identified by video surveillance. He had a gun on him and outstanding warrants. Awesome.

No word yet on his opinion of Fulmer's job status or the Vol's leaky defense. Also, it is pure speculation to wonder if Young's desperate brazen need of quick cash was inspired by Tennessee Center Josh McNeil's impressive collection of ammo and coeds.

Guy Robs Bank while holding a 2 Year Old
Vols' Center has Guns and 3 Girls in his Room

Mac Gs World


gerry dorsey said...

at least he ought to feel real comfy in his county oranges.

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