Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Breakdown of Barry the Baller

I watched Barack Obama's interview last night on HBO's Real Sports about his love of basketball. They showed highlights of pickup game he played in with troops. (look for the ripped sheman in the game, scary!)

Being a devoted Obama backer since his race for Illinois Senate and an avid hoops enthusiast, I loved it. Dude is pretty scrappy for a 46 year old and he showed some skills out there. Here is a scouting report breakdown of his game, Coach Mac G Style.

Great first step and deceivingly quick. He always goes left (PUN!) and no real right handle. Obama has long wingspan, making him an above average defender and can adeptly play the passing lanes.

His strengths were the willingness to be unselfish and set his teammates up with baskets. The bounce pass through traffic was money. His main weakness was lack of true jumper but he is one of those role players every team needs to be successful.

Here is the first part of the interview which focuses on his background in basketball.

Here is part 2 of the feature with footage of him playing in the basketball pick up game.

If the country voted for a president based on wanting to have a beer with him, why not vote for a guy in order to play some hoops?

Oh, I want in on this White House pick up game too.

Mac Gs World

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