Friday, October 09, 2009

The House of Suh

Nebraska DL Ndamukong Suh completely dominated in the Huskers' 27-12 huge road victory over Missouri last night. I will have much more on Suh and strongly arguing how it is complete bullshit that being one of if not the best defensive college football player in the country somehow does not guarantee him any real shot at winning the Heisman trophy.

This is my new favorite hash tag on Twitter. #suhforheisman

I have been blowing up on Twitter today and tweeting some dope smak to deserving peeps associated with the Missouri Tigers. I provided a slight rat a tat tat to Chase Daniel.

The infamous blogger Huskerh8er and his now defunct blog ripping the Nebraska football program got his Mac G beat down over and over and over and over.

Huskerh8er spent years running a Missouri centric site dedicated solely to tearing apart Husker nation. I actually agreed with some of his assessments and enjoyed his writing style but if you are going to play that game, expect some serious blow back when your team craps the bed like it did last night. This is how sports fandom works and I am not going to let up until he publicly eats crow.

Huskerh8er's "Missouri sucks so does Nebraksa crap" or calling Nebraska fans gomers or hicks is not going to fly. When Chase Daniel sliced up Nebraska's D the past few years, I swallowed the painful Tigers syrup and never played the easy "Rednecks in Ozarks card." Man up Huskerh8er, I am awaiting a real response.

Mizzou's starting QB Blaine "I see Suh people" Gabbert has been a tweet target of mine as well (here and here) for his piss poor play against the Skers. Go give Gabbert your tweet condolences for sucking on national TV more than Nebraska's subpar QB and he is lucky that he did not have at least 5 picks.

I am not bitter over Gabbert decommitting to Nebraksa because teenagers are apt and allowed to change their minds but karma is still kind of a bitch.

My boy Matt at Sportscrack has a new dope "House of Spears" Suh Tshirt.

Go Get Yourself a T Shirt.



A J said...

He got hurt you fucking idiot.


A J said...

PS - Hope I can find my comment with all these other readers flooding your comment section with replies.

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