Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Liar, Liar, Pants on FIRE

I would expect a better performance from the top law official in our country. Actually, I would settle for Attorney General Gonzo to actually TELL THE TRUTH!! He is either incompetent, an idiot or both. "Executive Privilege, Pleading the 5th, Partisan Politics, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH."

Would someone in the Justice Department or the White House PLEASE just answer these questions.

  • Who put the 8 US attorney's on the fired list?
  • Why were they put on this list?
  • Was the White House directly involved?
  • If so, who in the White House made the final decision and why?
Over the past 2 years the White House has argued that their secret domestic illegal spying program on law abiding systems was OKAY on the basis that only the terrorists should have something to hide. CIVIL RIGHTS BE DAMNED!!

Now, the same Administration will not let their aides answer questions or provide pertinent direct information into a Congressional investigation into why 8 US attorney's were fired. If they have nothing to hide or were not involved, why not provide proof that you are innocent? This contradicts the same rationale provided to back up their spying programs.

I know this administration favorite words other than terror or Al Queda, is "Cherry Pick."

Do not forget it was the White House, who created this mess and investigation by firing these attorneys in the first place. The main GOP talking point of "Clinton did it," is total misleading BS. President Clinton did replace all of his US attorneys in 1993 but ALL Presidents pick their own US Attorneys at the start of their terms. However, no President had ever fired this many in the middle of their terms of service before and it is totally unprecedented.

Do not forget it was the White House who changed their rationale for the firings over and over. It almost worked as the national press fell asleep and stellar blog Talking Points Memo kept the story alive by its top notch reader driven investigation.

Do not forget it was the White House who publicly smeared these life long Republican appointed lawyers, causing them to speak out repeatedly. They came up with Loyal Bushie Rating system, not Congress.

It is up to the White House to prove to Congress and the American people that they were not directly involved in these firings on pure political grounds. Not the other way around. Instead, their staffs hide behind convenient lost emails and bunker down over executive privilege. Their shady behavior fuels the belief that something wrong and unethical happened.

I wish the truth would come out and this story would be over. I highly doubt it. I predict that the Bush team will run the clock out in the Courts and we will only find out the real truth in the future by reading one of the bazillion books to come out about this corrupt administration.

This video hurts too much to watch. Our Fd up Govt at work. No wonder we can not end a horrendous occupation in Iraq, fix social security or provide cheaper health care to everyone.

US Attorneys Time Line
UPDATE: Not Only is Gonzo a moron, He straight up perjured himself, which is lying on the stand!

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