Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Link Whores

  • Agent Zero updates his injury rehab and rates the NBA trading deadline. He might provide more insight than all 1o of the blow hards covering the NBA for ESPN. Agent Zero: The Blog File
  • Here is a 2008 moment for ya, a site where college students posts juicy rumors about other students,For example, " Witch Bitch of ASU" or Biggest Tits on campus." All the details can be found at the Brahsome.
  • The ACC has the most players in the NBA, with the Big East a close second. Simon on Sports
  • UK fans tracked down Patrick Patterson's facebook to find out if he was really going pro. Intentional Foul
  • One time I was arrested at an Iowa football game. Total BS. MD 20/20 was being passed around the student section, cop said it was mine, wrote me up a fine. On my way out of Kinnick, I mumbled ass hole under my breath, one pig heard me, and I ended up in the stadium holding cell next to some uber drunk dude acting like a chimp climbing the walls. My final destiny was an escort to the county slammer and an orange jumper. I wish I made this story up and it is not as cool as these drunk fan escapades. Busted Coverage
  • Check out my latest post on Just Say No Sports videos. Epic Carnival
  • Kneck Beard is back competing with Sex Cannon for the Bears QB job. Fan IQ
  • Great breakdown of all time comedy cinematic greats. Caddyshack in my number one. Hey, Wang, LET's DANCE! Dirty Laundry
  • Tree was in Memphis, working the big game and he provides a picture gallery. Tree's Trunk
  • It appears Super Recruit QB Terrelle Pryor is a major Dbag. Bleacher Report
  • Bridget Moynahan puts her Baby Daddy in place. On 205th
  • Who could forget Antonella Barba? Miss 07 American Idol contestant loved to show skin and kiss girls. Hottest Girls of MySpace
  • Starfuks shut down for 3 hours and Americans probably had with drawls. Holy Taco
  • I can never look at Raptors player Jorge Garbajosa the same again. Cuzoogle
  • Jennifer Love Hewit is fat and ugly, proving my theory that there are hotter girls in your supermarket than the celebs on the magazine covers in them. Blog of Hilarity
  • All time sexy teachers that like to bang young boys. Coed Magazine
  • Kevin Faulk got busted with 4 joints in his pocket going in to a Lil Wayne concert. Rookie Mistake, put those is your sock or cigarette pack.Construda

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